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السستاني ..حياته وثقافتهAlsystani ..

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#1 salim


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Posted 16 January 2004 - 01:16 AM

مقال مهم حول السستاني .. بالعربيه
كاتبه من المؤيدين لخطه ولكن قيمته المقال في القائه بعض الضوء على حياه هذا العالم المتميز الذي بدأ نجمه السياسي الاجتماعي بالضهور كرجل اعتدال وسياسه من الطراز الاول.

An important article about Alsystani.. In arabic though.
The writer is one of his fellowers, but it high light some about life and teachings of this popular religious figure who is now a sample for moderation and political struggle to reach democratic Iraq

#2 Guest_Guest_*

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Posted 18 January 2004 - 08:05 PM

مقال مهم للكاتب العراقي الشيعي الاسلامي حمزه الجواهري.. حول مضاهرات البصره ومطالبه السستانس بالانتخابات.. في الوقت الذي يؤكد الكاتب اهميه مضاهرات البصره فانه يطالب المرجعيه بالكف عن التدخل في مسار العمليه السياسيه خوفا من استشاره العملاق الامريكي وبشكل لايخدم مصلحه الشيعه او العراق الحر القادم.. مطلوب مناقشه هذا الرأي


Important article by the Iraqi shia Islamist Hamza Aljawahree.. While he is considering the Basrah demostration as a good sign of Shia public envolvement in current evenets and a show of power,at the same time he is asking the religious leaders to stop interfering in the political procees , warrning from what could this bring as a change to the current plan by US for democratic Iraq.. In arabic though

#3 tajer


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Posted 19 January 2004 - 08:55 AM

بيان من مكتب السستاني ينفي نسبه اي من التصريحات المتداوله لدى بعض وكالات الانباء حول التحريض على الاضراب. كما ينفي ان يكون ماقصده "بالاتيين من الخارج" قاصدا به العراقيين المقيمين في الخارج


A clarification from Al sysytani office , denying that he ask for public demostration or bycouts.. He also denys that he mean Iraqis by his last statement about those who came from abroad.. In arabic

#4 salim


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Posted 21 January 2004 - 11:34 PM

Alsistani Web site .. english


Copying from the web link
His Methodology in Researching & Teaching :
Ayatullah Uzma Sistani has his own method of teaching which differs from other teachers and scholars. For example, his method in teaching
Usoul distinguishes with the following features:
a :. He speaks about the history of the research he is discussing, to know its fundamental sources which might be philosophical, like the issue of the simplicity of "mushtaqq" and its constructions. Or, they might be concerned with beliefs and policy, like the research of "ta`aadul and taraajeeh", in which he had explained that the difference of hadiths returns to intellectual clashes and the political circumstances of that time during which the Imams(a.s.) had lived.
b :. Ayatullah Sistani always connects between the thought of Hawzah and the contemporary civilizations. In his discussing the literal meaning and distinguishing between it and the highest meaning, and whether this difference is subjective or not; Ayatullah Sistani chooses the thought of al-Kifaya's author, who believes that the said difference is external. However, he himself builds his opinion on the a modern philosophical theory. And when he discusses the name of TIME, he deals with this subject according to a Western modern philosophical theory, which declares that TIME must be taken from PLACE, having the consequence of light and darkness. As to the form of imperative, Ayatullah Sistani discusses this matter depending on some sociologists' theories, which say that the reason behind dividing the REQUEST into: Order, Begging, and Asking, is the intercession of the requester in his Request, as whether it is of higher, equal or lower than the normal level.
c :. Ayatullah Sistani always looks after the principles in relation with Fiqh. He thinks that the hawzah students became bored because most of scholars are dealing with subjects on Usoul exaggeratedly, by repeating the others researches, instead of innovating new researches of their own. Thus, the students cannot be enticed with such unuseful and boring repetition.But fortunately, we do not find this situation in the lectures or lessons that are being held by Ayatullah sistani. He rather, discusses the subject from all its sides until he reaches a final logical conclusion.
d :. The Marriage to the Infidel: This is one of the disputatious rules about which the scholars have different opinions. They believe that it is a mere intellectual rule. But Ayatullah Sistani regards it as a part of the rule called "Idhtiraar" (obligation) which is a legal rule confirmed by many historical texts like "Anything which Allah has prohibited is lawful for whoever is driven to necessity". Or sometimes, he amplifies a rule by emphasizing what is seems to be important.
e :. His Social View About the Text: There are many Faqihs who deal literally with historical texts and remain stable upon their mere words and meanings, and do not try to move even one step forward. For instance, such faqihs depend on the apparent meaning of the prophetic hadith in which the Holy Prophet(s.a.) had prohibited the Muslims from eating the meat of domestic asses during the time of the battle of Khaybar, and believe that the asses' meat is prohibited, without objection. But, from the Ayatullah Sistani's point of view, faqihs must penetrate into the real meaning behind the text's words. He says that the Holy Prophet, and for sure, wanted to utilize the few number of asses the Muslims have in the best and most useful ways. One of those ways is that these asses must be kept alive to convey the arms and other important provision to the Muslim army, since they were the only means available for transportation. Thus, Ayatullah Sistani believes that the prohibition must have been temporary and must not be understood as absolute permanent one.
f :. Experience & Acquaintance: Ayatullah Uzma Sistani believes strongly that a faqih must be acquainted with Arabic literature, civilization, orations, poems, grammar,...etc., otherwise he wouldn't have enough ability to deal with any text, and so, he cannot distinguish this meaning from that. And, also a faqih must have enough knowledge about historical biographies and dignities, in order to be able to recognize any text in relation to that personality. Moreover, it is amazing to mention here, that Ayatullah Sistani, and in many occasions, disagrees with rules that are unanimously agreed by most of scholars. As an example, the ulama do not accept ibn al-Fadha'iri's criticism book in regard to some personalities, either, as they believe, because of the huge number of criticism he had against those personalities, or because they doubt his being the author of the book. While Ayatullah Sistani believes that ibn al-Fadha'iri is the real author of that book, and that he must be regarded more reliable than even Najjaashi, al-Shaykh, and others, for his criticism. Ayatullah Sistani always encourages the scholars to study the different copies of hadith, and distinguish between them to fetch the differences, and also study the biography of the narrators. He does agree with those who regard al-Sadouq more reliable (in narrating traditions) than al-Shaykh. He rather believes that al-Shaykh is trustworthy enough. However, Ayatullah Sistani and martyr Sadr both try to give a new formation to the subject.
Now, when Ayatullah Sistani discusses the rule of "ta`aadul and taraajeeh", he refers to the secret concealed inside this rule, which is the reason of the hadiths' difference. So, if the scholars attempt to point the reasons of the difference behind the legal texts, there will no problem at all. The same subject had been discussed by martyr Sadr, but he had dealt with it according to the absolute intellection, while Ayatullah Sistani gave many temporary and historical evidences, until he got important rules through which many disputes have been solved and removed. It is said that Ayatullah Sistani is using this method in the Fiqh lessons he is holding.
g :. Comparing between different schools: Commonly, many scholars try to constrict their researches to this religious school or that, but Ayatullah Sistani differs. He always compares his research or discussion with the two main centers of knowledge, namely the hawzah of Mashhad and the hawzah of Qum on the one hand, and the hawzah of Najaf on the other hand. For instance, he conveys the opinions of Mirza Mahdi Isfahani (one of the scholars of Mashhad), Boroujerdi (an `alim from Qum), and the opinions of the three researchers, Ayatullah Khou'i, and Shaykh Hasan Hilli (as scholars from Najaf).
The Sistani's method in Fiqh has a particular feature, some of which are related herebelow:
1) Comparing between the Fiqh of Shia and other Islamic sects' Fiqh.
2) Benefitting from the modern laws (like the Iraqi, Egyptian, and French laws) in some Fiqh subjects, especially when he discusses the subjects such as the Sale and the Choices.
3) Renewal in Discussing some Fiqh rules and according to this era's circumstances, contrary to some scholars who deal with the historical texts as they are without attempting to change any part of it as the conditions may request that.

#5 salim


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Posted 21 January 2004 - 11:57 PM

Very interesting article by Christian Sience monitor.. Translation to Arabic in AlsharqAlawsat

Here is the english version

While the reporter seems trying his best to send a realistic picture of what is going on in some Shia cities from a forgien reporter's view, those locals whom I contacted might not agree with some aspects..
Shikh A. Alkarbalaee is not the top senior clergy in Kerbala, as the writer might thought. He didn't get the first degree in religious studies " Huja".. He is an engineer that ran into the social affairs by claiming the representation of Alysistani in Kerbala.. The real representative is another Shiekh that , as the case with his master, keeps a very low profile, Shikh Mohamed Altabatabai..

After the talks of Shiekh Alkerbalai, to many news agancies , Alsystani office declared that the only official statements is from his office in Najaf.

This would give idea about how complex the issue is !

#6 tajer


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Posted 26 January 2004 - 03:03 AM

مقال مهم للسيد عزيز الحاج , الشيوعي البعثي السابق..
ينتقد فيه دعوه السستاني للانتخابات ويعتبرها محاوله لعرقله انتقال السلطه ومدفوعه بدوافع مصلحيه ضيقه..

In arabic, article by The Iraqi writer, Aziz Alhaj, the old Communist then Baathist..
He critisize the call by Al systani, considering it as a ab absticle to the power transition.. He think s that the call was for ellection is a narrow minded..

#7 Guest_Guest_*

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Posted 27 January 2004 - 02:42 AM


In arabic.. About Alsistani, by AP

#8 Guest_Guest_*

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Posted 29 January 2004 - 10:14 AM

Articles about sistani in arabic

#9 Guest_Guest_tajer_*

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Posted 31 January 2004 - 12:53 AM

Interesting article about the reaction to Systani's call. In arabic


#10 baghda


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Posted 31 January 2004 - 07:36 PM

Have a look to this.. In arabic










#11 Guest_Guest_Mutergem_*

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Posted 06 February 2004 - 07:52 PM


Arabic article.. About the denying of of al sistani assassination atempt.. The reporter , based on resources in Najaf, wrote that what had happen was just a clash between two groups near to the Imam Ali shrine, where his house is located. And nothing to do with the Alsistani him self..


#12 bahlol


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Posted 10 February 2004 - 11:02 PM

السيستاني العراق الى اين؟

عندما وجهه الامام علي (ع) مالك الاشتر (رض) الى مصر اوصاه بان يختار من عماله ومساعديه ممن هو غير طامع في منصب او جاه وذلك كي يضمن عدم استغلالهم ذلك المنصب لشؤونهم الخاصه .
ان هذه الرؤيه الذكيه والحاذقه غير مستغربه لشخص مثل امير المؤمنين (ع) في معرفته لحقائق الامور وكذلك لنفسيات المواطنين من كونهم يميلون ويثقون دائما لمن يعتقدون انه ممن لا يريد استغلالهم لمآربهم الخاصه او الصعود على اكتافهم.
فمنذ الف واربعمائه سنه وما زالت هذه النصيحه قائمه ليومنا هذا , فلو نظرنا الى عراق اليوم وبعد خروجه من قمقمه الذي الذي بات فيه لفتره لاتقل عن خمسه وثلاثون عاما من الاضطهاد وبعد ان اكتسب خبره واسعه في المجال (السياسي الفطري) والذي هو من اقوى انواع الفكر الانساني نجده قد وصل الى نتيجه مؤداها ان لا فائده من الاحزاب السياسيه الا بما يدخل جيوبهم ولا قيمه للمباديء الدنيويه اذ لم تصاحبها مصلحه ما ؟
ولذلك فاني اشك بان كل من هذه الاحزاب المشكله حاليا في مجلس الحكم او خارجه بان يكون لها تاثيرا على المواطن بغير الطريقه التي ذكرت , فالانسان العراقي لم يكن ساذجا في عهد الطاغيه ليطيعه وينفذ اوامره بل انه كان (مشروع استشهاد ) كما عبر عنه (القائد الملهم) أي انه دائما في حاله ارهاب تذكره بالموت الجماعي او الانفرادي وماعليه الا ان يختار.
واليوم وبعد ان تحرر المواطن من ذلك الكابوس وجد نفسه مخيرا لاتخاذ ما يناسبه من افكارتتراوح ما بين اقصى اليمين واقصى اليسار ولذلك صار هناك اكثر من 117 حزبا كما تقول الاحصاءات وبالتاكيد فانها مدعومه من جهه ما داخليه كانت او خارجيه ولكني اشك من أن ايا منها قادرعلى كسب الساحه العراقيه بشكل كاسح.
عند زيارتي للعراق مؤخرا وجدت في العراقي (المواطن) انه مازال ذلك الشخص الذي يحاول الرجوع للجذور بالرغم من كثره التشويهات التي اجراها النظام السابق على جسده الشاحب .
الشخص الوحيد الذي يتمتع باحترام العراقيين هي السيد السيستاني الذي لا مطمع له في منصب او تجاره , حيث انه مازال يعيش في بيت متواضع لايليق حتى باحد طلاب طلابه بالرغم من كثره ما يرده من اموال الخمس التي قد تتجاوز المليارات من الدنانير .
فالرجل الذي تعود حياة الكفاف له كلمته التي لايستهان بها فاشاره منه يمكنها ان تحرك مارد الشعب العراقي ولنقل (الشيعي منه) على الاقل وكانه يمتلك مصباح علاء الدين ما ان فركه حتى ظهرت قوه هذا الشعب الذي لايمكن ايقافه كما حدث في ثوره العشرين .
الا انه وكما عرف عنه هادئ ولا يحب الدخول في مأزق لايعرف كيفيه الخروج منه لاهو ولامن يثق به او يتبعه , فهو يتقيد تماما بتعاليم ائمته من لزوم البيت حتى ظهور المهدي (ع) , فهو لايريد تكرار حاله ايران التي وخلال ربع قرن من تضحيات كبيره عادت لتعانق الشياطين الصغار ليكون عناق الشيطان الاكبر اكثر سهوله لمن يؤمن بولايه الفقيه الذي يحدد مصالح البلاد والعباد متناسيه ارواح الشهداء !! من سقطوا لمقاتله تلك الشياطين وكانهم (بوله بهوره) .
ان الشعب العراقي اليوم كما هو في السابق منهم من يريد الله ومنهم من يريد غيره , والقسم الاول اكثر خطورة على الانظمه السياسيه ايا كانت بما فيها الولايات المتحده ولذلك فان سلطه التحالف تتعامل مع ملف السيستاني بحذر كبير خوفا من مفاجآت قد لاتستطيع مجابهتها .
وقد حاول السفير بريمر عده مرات من ان يحصل على مقابله او لقاء معه الا ان تلك المحاولات لم تنجح لحد الان , فالسيستاني يدرك جيدا من مثل هذا اللقاء او المقابله يمكن ان (تجير) لصالح قوات التحالف وهذا ما يمكن ان يطيل بقاءوها على الاقل يعطيها نوعا من الشرعيه وهذا مما لايرغب به .

بهلول الحكيم

#13 Guest_Guest_*

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Posted 21 February 2004 - 04:41 AM


حوار دير شبيغل اللامانيه مع السيد السستاني

"كثر الجدل فيما يتعلق بحقوق النساء في العراق، فهل تجدون مانعا من مشاركة المرأة العراقية في العملية السياسية وتسلمها للمناصب المختلفة كعضوية البرلمان والوزارة وغير ذلك ؟
....لا ما مانع من ذلك مع توفر الشروط والمؤهلات القانونية ، ومن المؤ ّمل أن يكون للمرأة العراقية دور كبير في تطور العراق ورقيّه ورفعته"

#14 Guest_Guest_tajer_*

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Posted 24 February 2004 - 06:19 AM

مقال ممتع عن اسلوب حياه السستاني وادارته للمرجعيه

#15 salim


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Posted 10 March 2004 - 12:46 AM


In english.. About Alsistani

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