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  1. It's people like them that give the terrorists another reason to get out of bed and attack my soldier friends and their Iraqi Brothers.
  2. Hope things turn out OK! Any of you close to the fighting at all?
  3. American media has been pretty alarmist in the headlines "Anarchy!" and "Uprising!" over all of it... Do you guys think the Iranians are that much behind it all?
  4. Well, Mr. Clark has shown himself to have very little credibility, his story changes quite a bit. Iraq is considered part of the war on terror because oppressive regimes like Saddam's creates the enviroment that breeds terror. Quite frankly, the solution to end terror is freedom! The unfortunate thing is, freedom requires personal responsibility and discipline. Many here in America cannot even get that right... But they should not have to bring down the freedom of the good and rightious!
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