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  1. George B, Please stop spamming the boards with news articles. You must understand that for this to work that someone has to take the time to translate the english posts to arabic and the arabic ones to english. Nobody wants to translate your posts.
  2. The buttons need to be translated so that people who speak arabic can see that you press a button to reply and to poll and to such. I would be willing to make the buttons if someone can do the translations.
  3. I can only agree that if I had that source I would probably believe him over the news reports as well.
  4. I am always curious when people throw numbers up. I tend to do research regardless of whether I believe it or not. While I believed Bush did server for 40 minutes based upon your statement I did a quick search. http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&lr=&ie=...G=Google+Search No source I can find shows Bush serving for more than 10 minutes. This in no way deminishes the fact that he did serve them and not them serve him. As they did with Clinton in Afghanistan.
  5. As an american I wish I were rich. The idea of having internet access available for free to the Iraqi people is a very interesting idea. I do not think you can pay people to do the writing. Maybe you can there but it seems that would not work. It would get very tedious if you were required to write something.
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