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    This is My poem


    Joy to the world Saddam is almost dead

    He grew an ugly beard on his head

    He was hiding under the ground

    But then on december 13th he was found

    What happened to his body

    We put him in the custydy

    Everyone has a destiny

    Everyones gonna get wealthy

    There will be no killing

    For the people in Iraq will be chilling

    Round and round he goes

    Round and round he goes

  2. Without even shooting Saddam, Americans put this hobo into custudy. Saddam was found in a underground hideout where air comes in and out in Iraq with a loaded pistol but didnt shoot anyone or anything because he was too scared to. Hours before the capture a suspected suiside bomber launched which killed at least 17 people and wounded about 33 people. Saddam will be in a trial to see if guilty or nonguilty. There will be no more killing from Saddam anymore. Saddam killed over 1,000,000 people including 2 of my uncles esspesially my uncles grandfather and his father. :angry:


    Many people are missing out school because of the stomach flu. For example 311 students out of 410 students did not make it to school here in America. Many people are missing out special holidays such as Christmas and Thanksgiving.People are eating expired candy from Halloween

    others are throwing up in their house/classroom.








    E=1]My opinion is that I think people should get lots of rest and eat healthy

  4. Hi my name is Sadok Hasan I am 9 years old I live in America but I am Iraqi. I want to dedicate this article to my family and cousins especially my cousin Nabeel Abus.



    There is a new Play Station 3 which does not only have games to play on but also has a DVD player, a VCR and is a regular playstation :lol: . :huh: The only weird thing is that I wonder how it has all those stuff oh well.) But it is also really cool to have however, the new Play Station 3 costs $400. :unsure: .But still it's worth it. :rolleyes:



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