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  1. Soul: My information comes from an email from a person present at the dining hall where Mr. Bush served mashed potatoes. The emailer said Mr. Bush served for about 40 minutes. I also saw the reports by the press of 10 minutes of serving potatoes. I trust the person who emailed the information more than the press coverage.
  2. Mr. George B. misrepresents American intentions in Iraq. George B. says This statement is false. No American administration would ever want an "Empire" or Iraq as a cornerstone of such an "Empire". Mr. Bush is a plain speaking man who says what he means and means what he says. Here is a quotation from an article about Mr. Bush's intentions for Iraq: "Empire" implies permanent control. The United States has a history returing local control to any country defeated in war for the last 100 years. We have no appetite or desire to control Iraq. We do desire a free Iraq that joins the community of peaceful, democratic nations. The United State returned control of Japan and Germany to their peoples after ridding both countries of their authoritarian and malicious governments. We defeated Saddam in major combat and we continue fighting the Baathist remnants. We will continue to enlist the courage and determination of the Iraqi people to defeat the remaining Baathist terrorists. When Iraq is stable and free, we will leave Iraq to a free, confident and courageous Iraqi people - the sooner the better.
  3. Thanks for sharing these comments. I have read an email from a person working for the CPA that was present at the dining hall visit. All present were thrilled by the President's visit including, Mr. Talabani, the current President of the Governing Council. It was a total suprise to almost all who were present. During his speech to the troops the email states: After his speech, President Bush served mashed potatoes to the troops for about 40 minutes. Then Mr. Bush met with members of the Governing Council. He left after 2 -1/2 hours. The news of the visit broke here about 10:00am California time on Thanksgiving. My reaction was "That's really cool dude." Most Americans did not know about the visit until the next day beacuse few watch TV news on Thanksgiving - it's a family day. Thanks for the forum, Baghdadee.
  4. Hi Baghdadee. You have an interesting new site. I am updating the link on my blog site to your new site. Keep posting. Your insights and views from Iraq are a great balance against what we see in the news media.
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