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  1. Welcome back.... By: Alyaa Majeed March 2020 Recoreded https://soundcloud.com/safaahasan/wellcome-back Not too long ago, people relied on social communication and descriptions to find a place. Then maps made life much easier and more accurate to find destinations. And when technology blast to give birth to iPhones, even drivers like me who could get lost in any given situation, could proudly find a way to find the way. That being said, there is alway the assumptions of a literate user who can provide the input in order to get the output, when the destination is known. So It was really a mind blowing to see someone who does not own an iPhone and can not read a map, yet still very much capable of finding a place with a %100 accuracy. When I first saw them, I could not believe my eyes. It was both excitement and curiosity. They usually come once a year and stay for a while. It was so heart warming to see them roaming around the place one more time. I was so eager to know how far they travel, and where they live, but since they tend to be aloof with people around them, I guess I will never find out. They bring inspiration and joy to whoever hear or notice them. And even after raising two generations of multiple offsprings, they are still beautiful, active, and in a good shape to travel and produce some more cute babies. I am sure they have their own issues to think and worry about, like their safety, and the well being of their young ones. Lucky for them though, they are not going to be placed in any quarantine going back home, not even a self voluntary one, for they don’t use any transportations to travel....as they enjoy the freedom of their flying wings. It never occurred to me that I would be envious of those charming souls. It was always the admiration that came to my mind first when I saw them last year, and contentment came next. This time, being trapped in my own home trying desperately to fulfill my family’s needs, watching them mingle with nature freely ..no fear, no worries, and no anger, I felt different. I felt dull, sad, and helpless. The corona virus did not only take away the happiness, the inspiration, or the freedom. By invading the time, it altered order and logic for chaos and confusion. it replaced all the positive thoughts with negative ones, it captured the soul and befell the reality. We began counting our breaths instead of letting our bodies breathe naturally. We started focusing on tomorrow’s unknown and forgetting today’s existence. As for the destination, we could not rely on our memories, Mapquest, or even I phones any more . For it is more like a cycle .. there is listening, worrying, talking, thinking, stopping, hoping, and then going back to listening and so on and so forth. Something that almost all of us have been doing ever since this nightmare launched. It is more like we fall asleep hoping for it to end, and waking up the next day disappointed and hoping for the same wish to come true. Sometimes I ask myself if all this was real. In the middle of this enormous, dark, full of waves ocean, we all stand together. At this point, finding the harbor seems almost impossible. Our hands are tight, and there are a lot of things we can not do....I wonder if we could break the cycle..or remember similar days that passed...is it possible to hope for a resolved future...find a light to read the letters..even if it is dim.. even when our eyes are trembling, even when an aggressive harsh virus like the corona hit. Can we look at the whole picture; there are plenty of dark spots harming it, but can we notice any portion that is still visible, transparent or worth looking at. We need to believe that this is not the destination! It is not the end! We need to believe in magic, in fate! in a better outcome. We need to believe that this bump in our way is temporary and evacuating. May be then and only then we can live today, embrace yesterday, and enhearten tomorrow.
  2. Guests.... By Alyaa Majeed April 16th, 2018 There were two of them. When they showed up on my porch unexpectedly, a strange feeling aroused into me. Usually when someone knocks at your door, or rings the bell, your first impression is: am I waiting for a guest, or do I have an appointment with somebody? Or it could be a person who is in need, and you do what you feel right to do. Or even the kind where it's a persistent sales person who is not welcomed! But this was a totally new feeling...it was a very pleasant warm and satisfying one. It was more like the feeling of yay horary. They let themselves in through the side door. They picked a spot, tiny, yet visible and strategic in my yard. They seemed hesitant at the beginning about the location, yet determined to overlook my permission to settle in. The conversation felt very serious between the two of them, and the decision eventually was made before my wondering eyes, for them to stay! Surprisingly, it did not bother me at all. On the contrary, I loved it. I enjoyed watching them move their stuff one by one....well, they knew exactly what they were doing; So they were very focused, organized and quietly working. And soon they started building their place, and they were talking about staring a family right away too! It happened on my watch, and I let it gracefully and happily. They chose to stay at my place, I thought. Normally, people are peculiar about their properties. It is not common to let someone intrude and borrow or take something that does not belong to them without asking first. We even teach our young kids to ask before attending anything, let alone strangers. Then why on earth did I felt privileged for this couple to come in, start a family, and settle in my property without questioning them? Funny thing, I even gave them some privacy and asked my own family not to bother them! Can you imagine how special this couple is? I have a feeling anyone would have done the same thing, had been in my shoes. In fact I am certain, a lot of people would have done it happily. I have told a few friends about the whole thing, not to brag about my hospitality or anything. Specifically, I wanted to share how special I feel that those guys chose me to shelter them. They trusted my home with the most precious thing in their lives; they relied on my family to protect theirs! Every morning, I like to carefully approach them to whisper good morning, not to disturb their sleeping babies. It's so amazing to see them slake. We will host them, watch over them, and make sure they know that we got their back, until the day they decide to take off. It is going to be hard to see them leave. From day one, we knew they were going to be with us temporarily. They never said it, but we scene it. Once their kids are strong enough to stand on their own, they will let them go. And they will realize that their mission is accomplished and complete. They will move out soon after that. Flying is what they do best. So they will fly. The nest that those beautiful birds built with sticks, leaves and cotton to keep their youngsters warm and fuzzy, will be empty... we will miss them ..however, that nest witnessed a lot of beautiful memories, care, hope and love. It taught me that big and great achievements are possible, no matter how hard they look, when your goal is known and set. It gave my family as well as theirs, an interesting new prospective look of our lives.
  3. How to love by: Alyaa Majeed March 2018 Recorded Just like everyone is unique in their ways of thinking, behaving or reacting to certain circumstances, we are different when it comes to the way we express our feelings, like love. It also changes shape, taste and color as we mature. So each stage has its own way of expressing it, or so people think. When we are young and delicate, love is so intense, controlling and loud..sometimes it feels like a giant, a gentle one, of course. As we get older and wiser, we learn some techniques to tame that giant and help him exercise so he becomes more resilient and in shape. Ideally, I can be available when my partner in love is; I can laugh at his jokes even if they don't make sense. I know how to make him smile, even when his tears are burning his eyes off; I can look him in the eyes and tell him I love him wether he hears me out or not. I can listen to his heart and he can see it in my eyes..we sooth each other even when we both suffer, or are devastated; we always put each other first and at ease. It is great when both lovers are verbal, expressive, and ready to lend an ear and move those lips. The problem, though, is not every one is able to communicate. And even when we can communicate, sometimes we are just too busy to do it. I love my husband to pieces. There is a tiny problem though! Priorities to me, have a slightly different approach than what they are for him. For me, every task no matter how small is important and needs to be taken in consideration, when thinking of time management. I am a person of routine. Things need to be done every day the same way, otherwise I get uptight and can not function very well. As for my sweet heart, things have no priorities. The only priority is our love..the time we spend together alone, and the way we show love to each other and expect to be reciprocated at any given time. What that means is I am guilty on daily bases. Either for following my routine, which means not complying with my lover spontaneous gestures. Or being on the same page with him, and neglecting the rest of my priorities, only to end up rushing or putting off things and not being at ease with myself. However, at the end of each day, and when our eyes meet with passion, we make sure to tell one another: I love you It takes two willing people to make a relationship works. Unless both are on the same page, one can read the sentence ten times, but the other one still won't see it. We can all agree that there is no perfect couple. There is sometimes a perfect match. Nevertheless, even a perfect match needs nourishment. People change, get tired, become moody, and often give up. Remember that giant! It is ok to allow him to be free and excited. Let him be loud, strong and controlling, once in a while. You will be surprised how content he can make you, if you let him be. Love is like a new born. They both are beautiful, appealing and precious. It's up to us to enjoy them and expand their quality life cycles as long as we could...
  4. رد حنين حنين صفاء كانون الثاني 2018 تسجيل صوتي أضْعَفُ مِنْ عِندِكَ سامِحْني فأنا مِنْ قَبْلِكَ تُمْتُ بِكَ سُلطانٌ أنتَ وتَملُكَني أسكَنتُ ألروحَ، في يَدِكَ إِنْ هَمَكَ إِنَّكَ تَعشَقُني تَالله خُلِقْتُ لأعشَقُكَ ناجَيتُ ألبَحرَ وكَلَمَني ورأيتُ ألنَجمَ يُجاورَكَ تتَطَلَعُ لي لِتُعانقني وأنا تُحييني بَسمَتُكَ يَتَسارعُ نَفَسي يُشاغِلَني وأنا أتوسَمُ مَقدَمَكَ أتُريدُ خَلاصا مِنْ فَتْني وأنا مفتونٌ جُنَ بِكَ أتْعَبَكَ حيناً تَرقَبَني وصَبرتُ دَهراً أرقَبَكَ مَكَثتَ وأنتَ تُخاطِبَني وعَدوتُ أزورُ مَعبَدَكَ إن كانَ شَفائَكَ تَنساني فشفائي يتم بِصُحبَتِكَ أَ حتَرْتَ كَيفَ تُبايعُني وأنا أبصَمْتُ وكُنْتُ لَكَ نَقَشتَ حُروفَكَ في بَدَني تَمحوها الأن ويَحلو لَكَ * القصيده كتبت في معارضه قصيده حنين لصفاء الحكيم
  5. وأنتَ مَعِي حنين صفاء تسجيل صوتي ********* وأنتَ مَعِي أرى البَحْرَ يُكَلِمَني يومِئ لي ويُطالِعَني وتِلكَ النَخْلَةُ شاٍمِخَةٌ بِفَيضْ الوِدِ تُلاطِفَني وأنتَ مَعِي قِطارٌ ضَجَ يُسمِعَني يُغني لي ليطرِبَني وطيورٌ تَعلو مُحَلِقَةً تَتَسابَقُ فَخْراً تُبْهِجَني وأنتَ مَعِي أريجُ الوَردِ يَمْلَئَني صَفاءُ الروحِ يَملُكَني وأحلامٌ مُتتابِعَةٌ جُدْلٌ كالظِلِ تُراوِدَني وأنتَ مَعِي أعْوامُ العُمرِ تُدْهِشَني تُغْني الرأسَ وتُلْهِمَني وتُنيفُ النَفْسَ يافِعَةً بِخُلودِ الصِبا تُشْعِرَني وأنتَ مَعِي مَلْئَ الجَفْنِ تُرقِدَني مِنْ صَردِ البَرْدِ تُعانِقَني وَإِنْ صَحَوتُ خائفَةً بدِفئِ العَينِ تُطَمْئِنَني وأنتَ مَعِي وبأي الكَلِمِ تُحاورَني ألتَمِسُ الزَمَنَ يُناظِرَني ويسوء القَلْبُ مُقاطَعَةً لو أبَدَ الدَهْرِ تُجالِسَني وأنتَ مَعِي بِبَسْمِ الثَغرِ تُحَييني وبومْضِ العَينِ تَرويني فليتَ السَعدَ جامِعَةٌ بِيدِكَ أُحِلُ ويَكْفيني وأنتَ مَعِي أسامِحُ مَنْ يؤاذيني أُصافي من يُعاديني فَمَا في القَلْبِ مِنْ سِعَةٍ لِغَيرِ الصَبوِ تُشْجيني وأنتَ مَعِي عَيناكَ دوما تُلاقيني إِنْ خَفَ عَزمي تُزَوّدَني ولو للنطقِ عاجِزَةٌ تَسمَعُني وَتَوافيني وأنتَ مَعِي مِن جَورِ النَفْسِ تَحفِظَني تُراعيها و تؤانِسَني ومَهما طَرَأتْ ضائقَةٌ تَجلوها وتُسْكِنني وأنتَ مَعِي بكَنَفِ الوالدِ تَحرُسَني بِتَناهي الطِيبَ تُراعيني فَلَعَمري الناس صائبَةٌ حَبيبي ،فيكَ تُهَنيني وأنتَ مَعِي بَعيداً أو تُجاوِرَني في نَفَسي تُقاسِمَني أراني دونك طائفَةٌ أُكَمِلُكَ وتُكَمِلَّني وأنتَ مَعِي تَرجَحُ في الحَتْمِ مَوازِيني تَسمو في الخَلقِ مَنْزِلَتي وأُحِسُ إني سَيدةٌ وتَسُدْ قَلْبي ومياديني ******** شاطئ دلا مار- كاليفورنيا 27/12/2017
  6. اشكر الدكتور نبيل ياسين على مساهمته متفضلا بإبداء رأيه ببدايتي المتواضعة ونصيحته القيمه التي سأعمل بها
  7. صور حنين صفاء تسجيل صوتي تهوى العيونُ سطورًا تكتبُ تأبى الأنامل جَهْرًا ترهب رجف الفؤادُ اولَ نشأهِ وذابتْ النفسُ ولَم تَطِبُ جرت الدموع وندتْ وسادةٌ عجزَ اللسان بَوْحاً يرغب جنت اليمين كأسا عذبا والجمر في شمالها لَهِبُ ماذا دهاك فأوهم صفوك بعد الرضى والحال منقلب ما أصعب العيش ان تك طائرا وليثا تراك تلك الذؤبُ أسفرت وجهك دهرا تـُقَيّدُه تحررت حين ارتديتَ النِقَبُ نصارع الموج كي تسري قواربنا وان رستْ بعدَ التعثر نندب غضِبَ الفَتْيُّ إنْ اصْغَرتَهُ سنهً وعند المشيبْ أعوامهُ يشِبُ نسعى بعيدا للأرزاق مطلبهً وحين الاوان تدعونا وتقترب ما أرغد العيش ان كان كاملا وهل القناعه كنزاً ينضب لغز هي الدنيا تبغي حلها وان وجدت الحل أين المهرب ******** سان هوزيه ت1 2017
  8. منام تسجيل صوتي عجبت لنفسٍ ما بالها حبيب الدهر تلوعه بسأمٍ ترقب غيبتهوعند العودة تردعه تستهوي المكث بمفردهاومعه العيش أروعه ******** وطيبِ ألنَفَسِ تأسرهوجفاء الحس تطاوعه وحتى الكٓلِمِ تخرسهلبعد الفرقه ترجعه وأنس الصحبة تضجرهوفيض الشوق تمنعه متنأي الأذرع ترقدهوتشيع الذنْبٓ تشرعه والاستنكار عازمهولو بالسلم تقمعه *****************وطال الحال أضناهليأتي الفرج أوسعه وكان التحويل مفاجئةًمن شيئ لم تتوقعه كمنامٍ مر توهجهفإذا بالغم تودعه وتشق العتمه بالنورليمضي الفجرُ فيقطعه ********وإذا بالصمت تسكتهوذاك النفس تنزعه وجذر الشوك تقلعهوحلو الثمر تزرعه تنتظر بشغف من كانتبالمنيه تخلي موضعه وبذات اللوعةِ ان غابتروم الزمن تصارعه وذك القيد تكسرهوجور الأسر ترفعه************ وتسير البحر محلقهخليفتها تبايعه وبالسلطان تلَّقبهتسايره فتتبعه وفِي طرب كعصفورتغرد لحنا تسمعه ويبزغ قمرٌ قد غابان لامس جيدها إصبعه ويمسي القلبُ مخدعهترقدها رغدا أذرعه ************* فبالمرصاد أكون لها لو أبدَّ السعدَ تضيّعه ومن الأعماق تهنئهلملاقي الكنز منبعه ********* حنين صفاء الثالث والعشرين من اب ٢٠١٧ سان هوزيه كاليفورنيا
  9. أضداد تسجيل صوتي اِنْ كان مزاجي متقلبفاعذرني انت مُسٓبْبه تشح لرمقي مُعٓذٓبه وسقيتك مائيّ أعذبه تختارُ وظني خُيّرْتُوأنتٓ قراري صاحبه وئاماً جئتٓ أم خٓصْماًفأنت الخير مُعْرِبه مفتونٌ فيك وتملكنيوتُسائِل شوقي تخاطبه****** فٓدٓته جوارحٌ وٓهٓنٓت وفؤادي رقٓ مُرٓحبْه حيّا العنينِ مٌراجٓحٓةً فالجفنُ رد يداعبه واذا بالبسمِ يتوانى أفدٓتْ شفتاي تُغالبه بحياءٍ همسٓ يلاطفني فٓخٓلٓيتُ السمعٓ لأطرِبُه سلوان الطرف ومبهجههعجول الحكم متعبه رشيد الرزءِ مباصرهُمُهٓوّلُه ومُحٓسِبُه اِن شدٓ الحالُ وتعسرْفتراه الوضعٓ مُقٓلِبْه يبلغُ للحُلمِ يُحاورهقد يهفو عٓرٓضٓا يغضبه ريحان الجسد وسؤددهجٓشيمُ الرأسِ مُشٓهِبُهُ مُتيهُ الدربِ وواجدهأٌرقدُهُ ونعسيْ يٓسلِبُهُ يبدأُ بالعتب مكدرهوينافي اللومٓ معاتبه ضؤل ما عزٓ ويجمٓحُهوعزيز العيش لواهبه في حبه شعراً ألهمنيوتشاكى أني اكتبه مٓكٓثْتُ لألقطٓ أنفاسيسلاني وسيّرٓ مركبه ****** يا أسفي يخبو الودٓ معكولعٓمْري أنك مُلْهِبه صدقني لا أتعّمٓدُههمُّ الترحالِ يُصٓعٌِبه فواللهِ أٓعلٓمْ أٓتٓيقنْتتوخى هنائي تٓرْغٓبُهُ عوّلْتُ عليك لا تعبئمن يدِكٓ السُمّٓ لشاربه ناشدتك بالنفس تٓسٓكٓنْاِنْ غٓفِلٓ القلب تؤنبه او لاذٓ إليكٓ يطلبكٓاذْ شغفاً حاطٓ تكذبه ****** وهٓمْتُ الحبٓ في غرة وكبرت ووهمي واصِبُهُ اولجتُ الروح بمهجتهلتطيب به وتطببه********* حنين صفاء الثالث من اب ٢٠١٧ سان هوزيه كاليفورنيا
  10. همسه تسجيل صوتي ************************* يشتاق لحبي أعانقه سهران ناشد رغبته بالطيبة فردت نشأته اروع سيماهُ سريرته مسبوق البذل ويعتقه مرأه تلمع رؤيته بالفِطٓنِ عز مجالسُهُ فالحكمة دامت شيمته ورجائي الْيَوْمَ اناغمه والدهر هويتُ إطالته وتهيم الروحُ مجانسةٌ فوصالٌ قٓصُدٓتْ مهجته مالبثتْ شمسي تغازله واستأنس قمري عذوبته ونجومُ تلهو تلاحقه تتسابق تأمل صحبته كجناح فراش ملمسهُ همسة عشاق خدشته بالأمر ينجز مارده قد تم حسبي إشارته يتخذ مرادي محمله لو اضحى فيه محنته اتوق وعيني تناظرهُ و شفاه تعزف نغمته كوليد أمه ترضعه وتكفكف فرحا دمعته فسرى البيداء مؤمله ضمأن ادرك واحته وتراني شئت أخلده فنقشتُ بصخرٍ صورته وغدوت أفاخر جاراتي فصنيعي بانت جودته وذُهلتْ واحتظرَ القلب فالعقل تلاشت حيلته اذْ صارت تلك تطارده وتريد الشمل تشتته والأخرى تهم تلاطفهُ غايتها حتما فتنته فندمت والحل تعذر وعزمت النقش افتته مابرح الغضب يلازمني وجناني ازدادت لوعته اخطو كالظلِ أتابعه فأنيني تعالت صرخته ام أني بداري احبسهُ ولعلي أُوجِب مسبته لا بل كالكندي أقنعه اذْ حٓجُبٓ وصان وسامته ومكثت أفكر في امري فعرفت حسنه نعمته وابتهجت روحي مهللةٌ أن تخمد ناري مشيئته فأنهملت نفسي تؤالفه وسواي تشح مودته حسدتني النسوة او كادت فخليلي جنبي وسادته وحمدت الله اذْ أعطاني مٓلٓكاً وأراني حبيبته ******* حنين صفاء تموز سنه 2017 سان هوزيه- كاليفورنيا
  11. قصه حب تسجيل صوتي ابصرتها منذ زمن وليدهٌ أحببتُهاحكايتي حين ابتدت بهاتف صاحبَها وهاجسا أصابني فرحت ان حملتُهاتٓبٓسٓمٓتْ في لهفةٍ اذا نظرتُ نحوهاما لبَثَتْ تزورني في النومِ اذ رأيتهااشعر أني راغبٌ دوما سماع ذكرَهايشدني حسٌ لها ناطقهٌ عيونُهاصورَتُها تَجَسَدَتْ في طَرْفي إذ حَفَظتُها**************ان مرْ يوما طارئ يريدُ ان يطلبهاتنم بي مسة شجنْ لا أستطيع وصفَهاأزيدها تساؤلا كأنني أمْلكُهاأعوام عمري قد مضتْ وصِرْتُ أخشى حبَهايافعةٌ ظَنَنْتُها غض صغير عوُدُهاباحتْ ليَّ بسِرِها أو أني قد حسبتُها لقائي بات قصدَها ساهرهٌ عهدتهاوالبعدُ امضى سيفهُ عَرّفَني مقامَها أدرَكْتُ أني عاشقٌ ومسْكَني مسْكَنُهاعادتْ لي مليكتي اذ جار قلبي قلبَها **********طافت سنينُ بيننا صابَ خُمولٌ ودَهاأيامنا تشابهت وزالَ حلوُ طعمُهاتمالكَ القلبُ أسآً والزجرُ صارَ طبعُهاصامتهٌ مرهقهٌ غارقهٌ في كهفِهامؤلِمَهٌ ردودَها حين أودُ قُربَها******وصار شُغلي شاغلي وهي الكتابُ لَهوَهاوأمسَ ليلي صاحبي وتنتَظر نهارهابَغَيتُ لو أمكنني حبيبتي أسْعِفُها**********لكنّ صبري لم يهن حتى استعادتْ حبهاوذاتَ فجرٍ أشرقتْ بعد الأُفولِ شمسُهابجدارةٍ في لحظةٍ تداركتْ أقدارها وحوَطَتْ مزارعي بعد الشحيح ماءُهاتخدرتْ جوارحي غدا الاوان اوانهاوعادَ اذ طوقني حُبا ملى فؤادهاودَدْتُ لو تصلبتْ ارضي كما جبالُها********* ايقَنتُ أن جَنَّتِي في دُنيَتي مَتاعهارجوتُ اذ دامَ الصفا وانا حبيسُ دارهاادركتُ لو متاخرا حكايتي صوابَها نبوئةٌ تحققت فاسعدتْ صاحِبٓها *************** حنين صفاءفي الطائرة الى دنفر - كلورادو٢٩ حزيران ٢٠١٧
  12. أمي الحبيبه، أعطيتني كل ما تملك فأحببت ان أهديك شيئا مما املك قصيده سناء حنين صفاء ٢١ حزيران ٢٠١٧ تسجيل صوني جميلهٌ في شكلها والمحتوى فيها رواء ان جئت يوما تبحث عن طائرٍ من البهاء غنمتَ اذ وجدتها سارعت تطلب الشراء ****** تريث قال واحد لو كنت تنوي الاقتناء اعلمك ميزاتها والحكمُ كان للذكاء تشعرك بطيبها وروحها من النقاء تسعد من جالسها وحولها كل السراء يأسى بعمق جوفِها اذ ابتليت بعزاء تصارع الكون معك ولن تبوح بعياء ****** عصفورهٌ غنت لك لخصمك باتت عداء تحب فيك كلك ولن ترى يوما جفاء آثِرَهٌ في ودكَ صابرهٌ على البلاء ناصحهٌ حين الزلل ظاهرهٌ كل الاخاء ****** مُنيتِكَ امر مطاع وهي تسارع بالثناء تحنو برقٍ لقريب لو غَرُبَ كانت سواء تحملُ من الهمِ جبل ولا تجاهش بالبكاء تهن عليها نفسها فريدة بين النساء تلاطِفَك تلهو معك وجرحها يَنزف دماء ​**** حيَّرتَني في امرها أرجوك كُفْ عن المراء مانوعها ما جنسها وكم تَكُنْ من الغلاء ******* هوِّنْ عليك ياأخي أُنْبِيكَ عن سرْ الضياء في عشها خير لك أهداها لكْ رب السماء ابصرتها من قبلك أسميتها أنا سناء
  13. You Short story by: Alyaa Majeed Recording ​ May 19th, 2017 After a long weary day, my eyelashes were trying to kiss each other goodnight, when they got interrupted by a loud unavoidable quarrel! It was about a person, a special human, a gentleman inside and out...a very unique character. The two parties were relieved to see a third side who could help them put an end to this dispute, each assuming she was right! Miss. H and Miss. M both claimed that they love that special man and ultimately each of them wants not to share him with the other. While those ladies were trying to convince Miss E to take their sides, their mom walk up annoyed, not being able to settle down for the night. Not knowing the cause for the disagreement, she demanded an explanation. Figuring out who that person was, she claimed him too. Being in shock to realize that her sweetheart is shared with Miss M. (The mind), Miss. H. ( the heart) and now Mrs. B. (The body), Miss E (The eyes) couldn't help but cry . YOU made those ladies selfishly fall in love with YOU. They all had the same soul and yet they couldn't stand solidarity when it came to YOU! How do you expect me to share YOU with any other person, even if that person is YOU!!
  14. Mission and passion ​Short storyBy : Alyaa Majeed June 4th, 2017 Recorded There is a common phrase that some often use when they don't get to experience things the way others do, and it states: You don't know what you're missing. Hi, my name is Haneen. I am a fifty year old woman who was kidnapped for thirty three years. My mean warden managed to steel away a very important aspect of my life. He managed to change me from that seventeen years old care free and full of life soul, to a confused heavy hearted stranger. He took away my mission in life; my happiness. By the way, there is a small detail to the three decade tale I forgot to mention: I am a wife and a proud mother of four beautiful children and four precious grandchildren. Well, don't be alert! My warden wasn't that cruel all along. He had very unique features which helped him keep me close no matter how far I go and how long I stay away. He was cunning and aggressive, yet kind and gentle. Was he bipolar ? Possibly. Zemen would let me go; allow me to spend time with my friends, get intimate with my husband, sometimes long enough to send an unborn child to school. Nevertheless, Zemen wouldn't let go of the key to my cell... Three weeks ago, something rather unusual took place. Something that changed my life....It's that thing that you don't know you have been missing until you find it! Even though, Zemen had tried his best to let me lead normal life every now and then and whenever I asked for, yet the prints of his chains were clearly marked on my wrists, until that special day. I had thought for the longest time of my life that living in Zemen's shell was the norm. I did not realize that I was a prisoner until that day. something that brought me back to the mission of life; Happiness. Upon waking up that Friday morning, I had no idea that my life was going to take a new path. A path that I truly wish everyone would take, at least once in their circles of lives. It's totally worth taking. I had lost the address, or so I thought, until I found that very place.The beauty of this place is though far and novel yet did not require a navigator to locate. And my awakening moment was extraordinary. A very unexpected phone call came in, on that special morning. I would like to refer to it as "Destiny". I had no doubt that Zemen wanted to take it, so I went looking for him. His eyes were open, he was breathing, however he did not respond! I examined his face with my fingertips yet he did not blink. In total disbelief, I called the emergency line. Zemen had gone into coma. What?! How? When? And for how long? No one could have given me an answer to the one million dollar question! But guess what, that coma of his, opened the door that I never knew existed until that day. That day, I found my long lost mission, I found my true love. And awwww what a love. A love that moves every single vein in my heart. A love that sings with every beat and every breath I take...a love that makes me feel the happiest human on earth...love that takes me away from all my surroundings.. a love that makes me live to love! At that point, I realized that Zemen had deprived me all those emotions; he had stolen all those years of my life. I wanted to hate him. But all this love in me left no space to any other emotions to share with.....
  15. عوده الصبا تسجيل صوتي ان جاء يوما لائمٌ يرجو النوى حبيبي يعدو جارياً صوب ألهوى يلوذُ في مَقرِبَهٍ يضُمَني يكادُ يرقصُ قلبَهُ من الجوى اما أنا بوِدِهِ هائِمًهٌ كالطيرِ يخفقْ جِنْحَهُ حيث ارتقى والطرفُ يَجدي جَفَنيّ يُداعِبه والوسنُ حامَ حَولُهُ قد إرتَجى ووجنتي تَضُمُها أنامِلُه كعش طيرٍ فرخَهُ قد احتوى والروحْ من دَنِوه تَواقَهٌ كَناعسٍ اجادَ لَيْلاً اذ سَجَى ًأشُمُ من رَحيقِهِ عِطْراً عَذِبْ تعْجَزْ جَناني وَصفَهُ بما ترى في عينهِ حُسنٌ اذا ما انتابَني كضامئ مِنْ لُجَهٍ لن يُرتَوى فتَنْتُهُ سَقَيتُه من مُهجَتي كالثَمْرِ صار يانعا اذ استوى وثغرُهُ يُبهِجُني اذا بَسِمْ كبلسم صاب عليلٍ فشَفى رَغَبتُهُ رَجَوتُهُ تِمْتُ بِه كتائهٍ دربَ الرَجا قد ابتغى ناظَرتُهُ لامستُهُ عانقتُهُ ونادتْ النفسُ حَبيبي قَد أوى وقال صاحبٌ له مُستَغرِبا كيفَ السبيلُ للعُلا بعدَ ألسَهى اوفِدْ ليَّ بوَصفَهٍ بَرهَنتَها رابِحَهٍ تَعودُ بي ذاكَ الرُبى ياصاحبي معذره قال له ناشدتني بلهفةٍ عن الشجى سالتُ نفسي حينها ولم أزلْ ماكانَ لي في أمرهِ أي سَعى لو كنتُ أدري وَصفَهً لطاجِني ماكنتُ أجهَيتُ بِها عَنْ الوَرى أحاطَ بي كَبْدَني كَسا البَدَن كالبرقُ صابَ مُقلتي ثم ًإستَوى عهِدتُهُ وكان لي مُنذُ الأبد ظننتُهُ من عالمي قد إختَفى أحسَستُه والشوقُ سادَ خاطري فبات أمري عِندَه مِنَ ألقَضى ========== حنين صفاء ​سان هوزيه حزيران 18 , 2017
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