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  1. WOW! That sounds really good! I guess it won't be long before we start seeing Iraqi restaurants in my part of the U.S., since Americans tend to soak up any culture they come in contact with. I'll be sure to go. I notice that you guys, like a lot of Europeans, have dinner much much later than Americans do. Do you have a snack between lunch and dinner? Like in France, I saw folks going to pick up their children from school with a croissant in their hands. You also have much lighter traditional breakfasts, same as in Europe (my Scottish relatives thought it was absolutely disgusting that I would fry up potatoes for breakfast to have with my eggs and toast and bacon). What is "burgul"? Is it the same as what we would call "cracked wheat bulgar"? Do you eat what American's call tab-oo-lee salad (I didn't attempt to spell it - I just wrote it out phonetically)? Which is cracked wheat bulgar with mint, lemon, tomatoes & cucumbers? We also eat hummus and baba-ganoosh (another phonetic). If Iraqis don't eat these foods, are they from Iran or the Arabian peninsula? Or are they "made up" Arab foods (like chow mein, a "Chinese" dish invented in San Francisco, California, USA) for the American consumer? HOW do you get buffalo meat? Are we talking about the American Buffalo? Or is it a different animal and you just weren't sure what the American word would be? If so, can you describe this animal? Where it is found and such? When you say "gravy", could that also sometimes be the same as what we would call "sauce"? Gravy, here, specifically means taking the meat juices and fats that come off a chunk of meat when you cook it, and then stirring in (over heat) some flour for thickener and water and maybe milk. How do you make your "vegetable gravy"? Our gravy is mostly just salty and fatty - but maybe some of your gravy has spices in it? Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. I realize they aren't exactly of the earth-shattering, political variety... Still, I enjoy hearing about the varieties of human experience on a day-to-day level.
  2. Greetings! What's your food like? Fancy dishes vs. casual, at-home dishes. What are the desserts like? What are some common drinks? Are there many restaurants in Iraq? What kind of food do they generally serve? Do you have casual restaurants and fancy restaurants? How do they differ? What are typical restaurant hours? What kinds of foods are eaten for breakfast vs. lunch vs. dinner vs. snacks? What are typical mealtimes in Iraq? Hmmm... I'm getting hungry - I think I better go to lunch! (I'm technically at work right now)
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