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  1. Salam everyone, It's amazing how people can twist the reality 360 * and still pretend that they are telling the truth...and it does not require much of a knowledge to say whatever you want in Chinese if 90% of your audience don't speak it. Imam Husien did not represent shia versus sunni as (CNN) claims nowadays, he symbolized and still; Islam, faith,good, belief, and purity versus; blasphemy, sin, evil, and correption which represented Yezeed(Hissen's killer) who thought killing people would end their aim of life. Sunni and shia never had or have or will even have any problems if left alone or stayed in good hands. Please peace lover; stop listening to the same people who are trying to play the same game played in 1991 which slaughtered half of the Iraqis and left the other half bleeding forever... A peacelover,
  2. Our food consists of meat, rice, vegetable and gravy. A fancy dish we have is "Qousi" a whole lamb stuffed with nuts, rice, onion and garlic, it is baked in the oven for several hours. Another typical Iraqi dish is "timan Bagela" which constists of rice, peeled fava beans with dill and it is to be eaten with yogurt and lamb gravy. Also, there are all different types of "Kouba" which is a meat/burgul/potato/rice shell stuffed with cooked minced meat and onion and almond or pinenut. For casual dining, we have meat and any type of vegetable gavy with tomato sauce, eaten with rice. For drinks, we have "sherbet", (juice). Pommegrante, apricot, plum, grape. There are all kinds of restaurants in Iraq ranging from fast food to very stylish and fancy restaurants, with music bands. They serve all kinds of food, from American burgers and fries to italian pizzas and pastas to typical Iraqi food. They usually open really late, (around 2AM). For breakfast, typically , we have cheese, eggs and milk. Occasionaly, we eat a creamy dish called "ghemar" and it is a layer made out of buffalo's milk. It is to be eaten with molasses or honey and bread. Also, on weekends, we have "bagela wa dihin" which consists of dry fava beans, with fried eggs, bread and lemons. For lunch, we have rice, meat and vegetable gravy. For dinners, we have "Kouba" , with fried potatoes, salads and yogurt. For snacks we eat cooked beets, watermelon and cantelope, dates with cucumbers and yogurt, and cooked turnip. Mealtimes vary but mostly they are from 7:00-9:00 breakfast, 1:00-3:00 Lunch, and 9:00-11:00 Dinner. That is in the summer. In winter it is usually earlier than this. I hope I have answered all of your questions and sorry for having taken so long to do so.
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