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  1. Hello Tajer, Yes, the relatives say Syria is turning back Iraqis from their border. We had a cousin who drove around Fallujah to get to Syria this spring and made it here to US fine, but said the ride was very dangerous even to get to Syria. The problem now in Baghdad according to our people is finding a taxi driver brave enough to drive them to the Jordanian border. Apparently the taxi drivers are too scared at this time. Not even the road to Baghdad airport is safe. There are still Jews left in Iraq. But most do not practice openly. It is very difficult to arrange transportation out of Iraq. There are still some practicing Jews that live on Bataween street. And the Kurdish areas of the north are still some Jews. Here is a good site about Iraqi Jews: http://www.samba.co.il/iraqijews/
  2. thanks Tajer, good article. my wife also enjoyed reading it. My wife just got a call from Baghdad today. Some of her cousins are attempting to make a run to the Jordanian border through Fallujah. They say the Syrians are turning back Iraqis at their border. I suggested going to Iran instead. Any thoughts on a safer route out of Baghdad?
  3. Shukran my friend. I too long for the old days of good. Yes I agree that Iraqi stocks do seem to be a good value. Real estate I would love to buy some in Baghdad but right now is difficult to travel. Maybe after January elections things will get better. It is good to hear from someone with a sense of Iraqi history.
  4. What I meant was are there any people here stocking up, buying Iraqi dinars in hopes that the dinar will increase in value? I heard US soldiers were buying millions of new Iraqi dinars thinking they will make lots of money once the dinar enters the world market.
  5. Are there any Iraqi dinar speculators here?
  6. Salaam, Shalom brother. I inquired with the Iraqi embassy here in Washington DC this summer about obtaining a passport. It seems possible to get an Iraqi passport as long as you or your parents were born in Iraq. The embassy worker, a Lebanese man, questioned what my religious affilation was. I asked why. The worker stated by your questions I thought you were an Iraqi Christian! It did seem like the Iraqi embassy was trying to avoid at all costs to issue passports to Iraqi nationals who are not Muslims. Also a problem is developing concerning the Iraq vote in January 2005. According to the embassy Iraqis must be in the country of Iraq to vote. That means all Iraqi exiles, even with Iraqi passports cannot vote unless they go to Iraq. There are at least 4 million Iraqi nationals outside Iraq, most of whom are Kurds, Christians or Jews. I am begining to question the sincerity of the Iraqi interm government on allowing expatriates of all religions back into Iraq. I also see the Christian community suffering the same kinds of persecution that our fellow Iraqi Jews suffered in 1948. I hope all turns out well.
  7. Libya now is welcoming back its Jews, what about Iraq? http://www.jewishtimes.com/News/4245.stm
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