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  1. the prblem not in our resourses we have alot but the unjstice makes poverty. Education apportunties make our lives better
  2. Zionists will not consider any us warning its air bubles zionist lobby will do the job supporting Israel to kill the last palestenian. they will expand and expand ... by the american army..thy will use america to last drop.
  3. majority in Iraq choose Islam ,difinitly Iraqies seeking thier fredom,we understand Islam in a diffrent way that the media shows, this is not new in mideval ages, it was shown that muslims belive in a devil has a name of ( MAHON) this is to mention the name of muhamad, today we are terrorist...... Just one question: howmany killed in 1st and 2nd world war ?
  4. a solder went to public bath . each time he goes he claim that somthing had been stolen so the owner of the business will not charge him. he did it many times. at the end the owners decide not allow him to come to any of thier baths. he bacame vry dirty, and tell the bath owner he will never claim even if he is truly stolen, the bath owner agreed, it looks he likes joking, so he took all his clothes except the belt, the shoe and the gun. when the solder finish his bath, he put on his shoe ,the belt and the gun, and said: i will say nothing..but did I come this way!!!!
  5. USA will not care if we are sheaa or sunnah they want: 1- Our valuable resources 2-controll as much as possible of the world 3-safty of the Hebrow nation. To prevent that.....there is one and only one think it is the U N I T Y. whatever your belife there are so many common interests between us that we should take care of. We are in one ship,its safty and direction is very important to all of us. Even these are very broad principles,still it should be clear to evryone. One other important principle: we need leadership, whatever your belife still you need a leader. On my next message I will (INSHAALLAH) give you an example how usa treat other nations,so you will have better understanding for what happen in IRAQ. and what will happen to Iraq....
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