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  1. deepSqueaker, please don't worry about it and you're most welcome to share your thoughts in the phillosophy section, i think there is some serious and entertaining discussion going on there and i'm sure it is a good idea to post your previous post there, i think it will add another dimentions to the discussion. see you there
  2. what is magic? could it be explained in a material way?? i always looked at magicians with big surprise doing their tricks, but my question is about the real magic, for example the black magic, i've never understood how it works or its mechanism, how could some words from a spell have all this effect....is there any explanation ? i appreciate comments from anybody who's profisional, interested or somebody who's passed through some kind of magical experience.
  3. good enough Rob i'm wondering if you have your own proposals, i'm not trying to challege or something but i was thinking it could be a good place to post some geniuine ideas, proposals or theories, something that cause interaction of thoughts of different people and at the same time will be entertaining. after all, it was the most fascinating theories that arises from people who did not accept for granted what was considered as a rule. i think lots of people will be interested in posting and discussing their ideas here. before doing that though, it should be checked with the administration of this website whether they have in their policy of the legal copyrights or so.
  4. translating Abu-ahmed's article regarding the claim that iraqis feeling ashamed _seeing their president this way on TV_ arised by some satellite channels, i would like to assure you that this is not accurate at all and those who might felt ashamed are nothing but the former regime followers who were and still dreaming of its return,sometimes by spreading rumers that the one appeared on th TV was one of his doubles and others by saying that he's run away from the prison .... etc. and these actually don't represent the least of the iraqi people and if you want to know the real feelings of the iraqis, you can do that by looking at their delightful faces while seeing him as prisoner expressing their happiness by distributing chocolates and presenting tea and other things for free and unless the electrical power was off and there was a shortage in the fuel and other things, they wouldn't go to sleep and the would continue celebrating for several days. well ... that's the case with the arabic satellite channels which considerd saddam as the God father that he feeded them with faked principles and filled their pockets up with them. Abu-ahmed from inside iraq
  5. hi, sorry to hear that you've lost the game and wish you good luck next time. what time do you usually use the computer so that we can log in together to play chess? and by the way, i'm not a master chess player too.
  6. dear sadok, thank you for replying and i'm happy that like playing chess too, i hope you visit yahoo games - chess also you can try internet chess club, i'm sure yahoo has quick game which does not even need a subscription , you can just click on yahoo games-chess-quick game and you can play online. how are you doing in basketball? are you a first class player? keep in touch aabir
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