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  1. Reading some of the recent topics, ( I check this site for better up-to-date news on Iraq) , I am struck by the feeling that somehow AL Maliki is prepared to justify both attacking Shia terrorism and Sunni terrorism almost like we attack crime in America. We usually say " A pox on both their houses " to answer media criticiscm on favoritism. It looks like even-handedness, but only in the underbellies of the political favorites is the truth known. I have hopes that relatively logical and pragmatic people will oversee the return to civility and order in Baghdad. Yes, mistakes get made in policing disorder and controlling chaos. But the partnership of Iraqui soldiers and American soldiers should bring this process through to a complete success. I just hope regular people who want peace, freedom and economic success win out in the end in Iraq. Relegious freedom is nice, but I doubt that will be a factor in eventual resolution there. No-one in America thinks Iraq will be perfect. But we all want Iraq to be free and peaceful. Tourism is way better than terrorism for the economy! Have a good safe week.
  2. So Questions of dismissing the regular army when Condaleeza Rice and Rumsfeld were diagreeing now come back to haunt the American administration. With the latest offer from Al-maliki to welcome back to the Iraqui army the former Baathists; does this not become a blank check to Sunni complicities in insurgency. The recent quiet in attacks in Najaf may just be a lever used by Sunni minority to regain some military control ere the Mahdi-ists get a larger political voice. I see the Turkish positions on Kurd insugency in Turkey must bring Iraq to the bargaining table. In my mind, if not for the violence, this could be a wonderful opportunity to lever more support from extremists for the centrist Shia elements in the political process. Getting a hand on the rivalries that undermine the political process is a necessary process in becoming a civilian governing country. If the people involved in supporting the violence understood how much this is costing them, in resources, in overall strength of parties, in unification abilitiies and last, but not least in the real cost of lives that are such an important part of the tapestry of culture that Iraq used to be I have no doub6t they might buy into the political process more. It behooves the media and the public to re-invigorate the search for a constitutilonal melding of the three ethnic cultures involved. I sometimes wish more Iraquis could visit a true democratic country during an election to see how tghis could be done less violently. But good luck integrating Baathists back into the army...might be a bloody process.
  3. I have read this site for more than 2 years and am impressed with Salim, his recent postings show a much clearer view of the situation is visible in both the news and Iraqi commentaries. Yes, the march was on US news, not as much as one would like to hear, but the main commentary from news sources in US was that religious pilgrims were killed on the march. Very little was said about who attacked the pilgrimage. Salim, Americans want Iraq free and democratic. Whatever method works to get there is great. If this new security plan for Baghdad works, it will be amazing how many people come back to the city. I believe there will be a wonderful future in your country if people can settle down and become 'neighbors' again, regardless of who is Allah's favorite group, Sunni or Shia! Freedom is both a tenuous idea and a sometimes bloody prize. Our country has had it's share of dead patriots as yours has now. At such a price I wish more Iraquis would work together. It is a wonderful feeling to hear that your politicians are finally getting their staff together and that Ministries are starting to show some effort at re-building plans and that there is some talk about a firm method to take full control and get America out of this situation that has been so ugly for your people and our military. I know there is talk here is US about how much revenge killings might be done by both Mahdi army and Iraq Army groups. Is there a future where Mahdi army and domestic police forces can be trusted? Is there a future where Wahabbi teachings will be demonstrated to be twisted Muslim tenets? Where those who love Allah, regardless of their teachings can go to a place of worship without fear of strife? This might be a test of what Iraq really wants. Yes, I look forward to hearing great things of the Iraqi nation. A nation where people have come together to take their country back from terrorists, dictators, occupying Americans, (others occupying also), religious fanaticism and corruption. I look forward to that Iraq and will keep on watching this site for your announcement that the last American has left and the next planeload of westerners are tourists.
  4. I really believe a caged Sadam Hussein might act like a monkey. (Throw his defecated feces at those who mock him) I hope He gets stoned by descendants of those who he ordered killed. Any judge who is possibly swayed to protect this fool of a dictator should be removed from the court. Hanging is too good for his end. A proper stoning might allow the populace of those present to expunge their hatred and venom at his death. The only bad part of this trial foolishness is that it is a necessary thing for the world to view the process as 'just'. The Kurd people, the Shiite and even Sunni groups need to end this farce soon and put Hussein in their past. To carry on this way just helps terrorism. The recent murder of 65 police staff was another tragic byproduct of the inablility of the Iraqi people to calm their country and look for peace. Let the trial of hussein get done. Be over him and go forward.
  5. As an american who believes Iraquis can be very free and democratic I believe everyone in Iraq should get rid of terrorists from other countries. There is no happiness in watching friends and relatives dying from explosions and gunfire. I was in Vietnam as a young soldier and didn't enjoy seeing the carnage and death. Where is the happiness of freedom seen in Iraq. Nowhere can one find peace unless the people see a future of peace. The military must bcome united in the faith that one country, one army, one people, (Iraq), one vision and one path will lead to the future. A future where people from all over the world come to visit, tour and enjoy your beautiful country. I say beautiful because one of my college instructors many years ago talked about how beautiful his country was before the dictatorship of Saddam. Yes, I know Iraq expatriates and they all view the future with return as their goal. Talented and intelligent people that know Iraq can succeed. Yes, Iraq could compete with any tourist destination in the world when this insanity is cleared up. What have you gained? A chance at a wonderful future. Good Luck and I will remain reading this forum. Many american people wish you luck and have a great hope for your future.
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