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  1. Is the project "Books for Iraqi Universities" still going on?
  2. I found this article very interesting, but do not know enough to evaluate it. Does anyone else have anything to say about it?
  3. I am an American living in England. I am very interested in learning about what is happening in Iraq today. Everything we read in the "official" press is very confusing! Is Iraq going to become a Shia theocracy? Is Moqtada al Sadr very popular? Is there any chance at all that Iraq will become a multi-faith democracy, although acknowledging Islam as the main inspiration for its laws, and that economic prosperity will come to it? And -- is there anything that we in the West can do to help you?? Doug
  4. The latest issues of two magazines read widely by the British and American intelligentsia may be of interest to members of this Forum. [1] New York Review of Books, 11 August 2005, which has the following articles: --- Peter Galbraith, "Iraq: Bush's Islamic Republic" --- A review-essay on 5 books on jihadis, by Max Rodenbeck --- A review by Brian Urquhart of Richard Haaass's book, The Opportunity: America's Moment to Alter History's course --- Christopher de Bellaige, "New Man in Iran" [the newly-elected Ahmaninejad. Their website: www.NYBooks.com [2] Prospect August 2005 which has the following articles: --- "Dying to Kill -- Interviewing a British Jihadist" Much more than just the usual 'we want to cut your throats' stuff -- the interviewee talks about the background and motivations of the current generation of suicide bombers. --- A critical review of "The Power of Nightmares" [reprinted from The Nation]. --- Two other articles on Islam in Britain and --- An article by Tamara Chalabi [a relation?] on the problems of the people working on Iraq's new constitution. Their website: www.prospect-magazine.co.uk I would be interested in how accurate these articles are, if anyone who lives in Iraq would care to comment. Doug
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