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  1. Hi there.. I downloaded the translation tool off this site: http://tarjim.ajeeb.com/ajeeb/default.asp?lang=1 hope that was of some help... Wendy
  2. Hi there.. I just joined and first of all I wanted to congratulate you on this wonderful site I will surely check in on a regular basis now. I found this link at another Blog site - I run a support site for family members of soldiers that are deployed to Iraq and always try represent as many views as possible, aside from the main stream media, because that is what people really want to hear... so do I... I am a Czech living in Germany and my better half (a U.S. soldier stationed over here) has been deployed in the beginning of March and will hopefully return sometime next month. So besides my relation to the US forces I also followed up on everything because my folks (Czechs) were involved too, being part of the coalition forces. It did not take long to find out that there is more to Iraq than what the main stream media tends to report, this is how I started to read Blogs in general... and I am glad I found this site - too bad I didn`t stumble over it earlier... I love to learn more about your country and your people.. hope that just didn`t sound to corny... I find all the different posts in here very refreshing... so keep up the good work.. Wendy
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