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  1. A quick suggestion for Baghdadee and the other site Admins…


    (I would write this in Arabic, but the virtual keyboard is very slow)


    It would probably be a good idea to only allow registered members to post, and restrict unregistered users to read-only privileges.


    The topic of Iraq is an a contentious issue in the US with many hard-line opposing viewpoints. The way I understand it, the concept of the Baghdadee forums is to allow for a direct exchange of information between Iraqis and others around the world. This forum will probably get busy really quickly as news spreads about its existence… It takes a lot of effort to translate from Arabic to English and vice versa (especially for long posts), so it doesn’t help matters if users start getting into partisan flame wars between themselves rather than engaging in civil discussion with Iraqis.


    Allowing unregistered users to post opens up the forums to mischief and a higher level of flame and antagonistic behavior. If users are required to register before posting with validated e-mails, that may curtail some of the uncivil discourse.


    Just my 2 cents or equivalent Iraqi currency. :blink:

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