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  1. Translating article above:

    My dear uncle

    forgive me for i have not had the chance to write to you in the past few days and perhaps abu hussein has already

    told you about the american soldiers confiscating my computer after they had searched our house, even though they found neither arms nor a large amount of money.

    This event has had a tremendous impact on me...why such cruelty? We did not interfere with them at all.

    At any rate, this is the case of every house..they go inside it whether it is owned by the rich or the poor and whether they have wealth or own nothing at all. This is why writing is very hard for me, with things being so rough. There is no gas or electricity and in some cases i used to borrow my uncle's car and go either to Abu Hussein's or a friend of mine in order to write but a few days ago my uncle's car was stolen, as he was mugged by thugs in the street.

    As for taking a cab, forget it. One stands for 30 to 40 minutes in order to get a cab that will transport them, and the prices are sky-rocketing.

    Please don't get ideas that i am lazy but the the circumstances force you to behave in a certain way. I am fulfilling all of my duties to the best of my ablility.

    However, I will go back to wrting starting next week, God willing.

  2. Mickey

    Im glad to see that you are interested in Iraqi cuisine. I hope that we will be seeing Iraqi restaurants in the states soon, as well.

    Regarding your questions, yes we do usually have dinner much later than Americans do. In my experience, that is due to the fact that Iraqi people tend to come home from work a little later than Americans do ie. 7:00-8:00. As a result, lunch is served a little later too. We do snack between lunch and dinner, for instance, we eat "leblebi" this is chickpeas soaked in hot water and we add salt to it. "burgul" is indeed what you would call "bulgar". We also eat Tabooleh but that is mainly a Lebanese dish. Mostly we eat a tomato and cucumber salad. Babaghanooj (im not too sure how to spell it either) is also very common. These dishes are mainly from Lebanon and Jordan. However, Iraqis have thier own dishes. I cannot think of many arab foods for the moment.

    Im not sure if we are talking about the same Buffalo. The one we have in Iraq closely resembles a cow, only it is much bigger in size and is black all-over. It is usually found in farms, same as a cow.

    gravy is indeed sauce but it is not the typical thick amercan gravy. In the case that we are talking about it is the sauce of the vegetables mixed with meat. By adding tomato paste to it, it turns red. Then we add water so as to make it less thick and stir it over heat. Some people like to add spices to it but others prefer to salt it only. It really depends on the kind of vegetable for the "sauce" one makes. Some people add onion and garlic to make it taste better. We use vegetables such as okra, eggplants, and zuchini and kidney-beans.

    Im glad you are enjoying reading about human experiences in Iraq and i hope i have answered your questions.

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