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  1. I wish you luck, salim and all Iraqis. May Allah guide you and keep you free. hogan
  2. Interesting 60 Minutes report on the Isreali/Palestinian situation. People used to say Arabs were incapable of democracy, their culture is just too violent. But Iraq is showing that all people are capable of peace and freedom. People are saying that Israelis and Palestinians are incapable of living in a two state solution. My hope is they will be proven wrong too. Isrealis must believe they can give up all their holy lands on the West Bank for peace and Palestinians must want a bright future more than they want the destruction of Israel. I believe Obama will empower moderate voices and forcefully oppose extremism fairly on both sides .
  3. If the Isrealites and Palestinians must own the same land there will never be peace. If the Palestinians can believe in a two state solution, there will be peace with honor in the future.
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