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  1. The reason the United States invaded Iraq and took out the former Dictator was because we need to reshape the Middle East for our own protection. The attack of 9/11 happened because we failed to respond to all the attacks before that. We are not a war mongering nation, we would rather not fight anybody. You must understand that to understand how high the threshhold is to ignite our anger. Saddam was dangerous. Taking him out and establishing a functioning democracy in the middle of a tyrant infested area sends some clear messages from the US. 1. Our patience is at an end and we will now use whatever means we have to protect ourselves. 2. If you are our friend, we can work together to build strong economies and lasting relationships, if you choose to be our enemy, we will hit you hard. 3. We will not subordinate our own security to any other nation or group of nations especially those who can demonstrate no moral authority over us. 4. Syria, Iran, and North Korea are clearly in our sights now and one way or another we will protect ourselves from them as well. and most important of all - - - 5. We can do it!!! We no longer care if others think we are arrogant. That bothered us prior to 9/11, it does not bother us any longer. If the 9/11 attack had not occured, Saddam would still be in power and we would have no interest in fighting with any other country. To put it very bluntly, Most Americans are thoroughly pissed off and we want someone to thank us for our gifts to the world not seek creative ways to kill us. We are not wealthy because we steal from others, we are wealthy because we are free. God gave us and everyone else that same freedom. It is only when man and governments take freedom away from individuals that poverty ensues. These are the meager mumblings of a middle-aged American from Fort Wayne, Indiana. I hope they can help to partially answer the question why we liberated Iraq. John Smith Fort Wayne, Indiana
  2. It is so great to see the Iraqi sense of humor. Greetings from Fort Wayne, Indiana. Our best wishes go out to you. John Smith
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