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Guest Mustefser
A). Are there many Baathist ( primarily Sunni?) who were employed in the various Ministries or as teachers and other civil servants INCLUDING THE MILITARY who were ONLY Baathist members JUST to have jobs?


First they are not Sunni.. Kurds are Sunni, Baathes might be any.. You might say most are from the traingle.. Who are better called Nomadic Arab sunni..

The fun of call them teachers! I first heard this from Amer Mousa of Arab leage then from Mr. Ibrahimee.. Indeed these are not the true teachers, these are the seceret police that controll the teachers.. I personally graduated from Baghdad university and experienced what these are.. They are Baath secert police agent who got rewarded by granted scholarships despite of their low academic records.. Then got planted within the education centers to control the system.. After the war most of them escape because they were envolved directly in criminal acts.. The starnge thing is that you keep hearing about the need for them though any one in Iraq would confirm that there is absolutely no shortage in the education system for teachers. On the contrary , thousands of teachers who had been dismmised by the Sadam regime are still enqueue every day to return back..There is no need for more teachers!


As for the Military.. That is the funnies part of the game! Give me a break.. As if some one say the best to rule Germany is to bring the Natzees back..

I can assure you that after the announcement by Mr. Beremer that some of the Baathies are comming back, there was a shock within the Iraqis that I talked to..


(B.) If answer to (A.) is yes, Was it a mistake to disband the ARMY & other SECURITY APPARATUS ( read police here) by trying to reconstitute them with out ANY Baathist members who were in previous command positions?


The answer is NO


(C.) Is there any option left in Falujah except to belatedly go in with Military force and remove the remaining "resistance" terrorist?


As started to emerge , Those who fight in Falouga are of the old regim and Alqaeda arab fighters"including Kurds".. This is the best opportunity for Iraqis to capture them.. Need to be very careful in isolating the civilian and not harmming them.. Most of them are turning against the insurgents

(D.) Is there any option left except to go in and capture or KILL the Shia Cleric Muqtada al-Sadr where he is hiding (including Mosque or in any Holy City?

That exacly what the Terrorists wanted


(E.) If the answer to (D.) is no other option, how will majority of Shia react? ( and Sistanini's advice would be?)


There is a growing upset by Shia against Alsader and his army.. Let things heat up by the people.. But keep the pressure on him.




F.) If the answer to (D.) is yes, how do you negotiate with a murderer of a fellow Cleric and now provocateur of suicide bombers which will most probably kill more innocent Iraqi’s (left to fester over time) than the coalition forces will by taking him out?


First of all there is no proof that he was involved.. He is a suspect.. Without a legitamte Iraqi justice system , it would be very hard to convince people that this is not a politically motivated call.

Any how assume that this is a legimate one, then the question why you don't start the trail by such legitimate justice system ,of those who killed the nation.. Why Americans still protect Saddam from Iraqis.

(G.) IS this a catch 22 ? damned if you do, damned if you don’t?


my personal opinion to (G.) it is a catch 22 so TAKE HIM OUT NOW!! but I am

interested to hear others opinions (especially Iraqi's)



As above

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