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Baghdadee بغدادي
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Alsader up rise

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Tex, Airedale


Interesting blog.. One problem though.. Those poor can't reach the web site.. Need to find ways..

I find the following real story might be helpful..


I remember that during the 70's , I went to the compulsory army service after getting my engineering degree.. After finishing the 40 day excruciating boot camp, my unit was in a waiting period of distribution. Since we had nothing to do, we were expecting to have some relaxation during the waiting period..

On the very next morning, the Sergeant marched us all, a bunch of 120 freshly proud engineers, to the backyard of the camp and gave the military orders to move a large pile of rocks from one place to another, about a 100 meters away. He said that they were planning to evacuate the backyard in order to arrange a nice soccer field. We executed the painful lifting job over a period of five days , faster than expected , so that the officer would acknowledge our great work and grant us an early dismissal.


The next week, after the routine marching in front of the great officers, he steered us toward the same pile of rocks, asking us to return them back.. Saying that they had changed their minds and they need the other space to have a fancy cool garden.. So the orders were; remove the same damn pile back.. That was another great week!


On the third week , our great sergeant was very proud to announce that the head officer was very upset with the decision and he gave his orders to go back to the soccer plan.. Of course we had nothing to do but to follow the sacred orders..

On that night, we came up with a plan that we need to get rid of this cursed pile..There was a stream running just beside the pile.. We sunk in at night and started pushing the rocks into the water .Of course, paying no respect to the environmental code!


In the morning, there was an emergency state, you'd think there was an enemy attack!

Someone had stolen the precious pile! The officers were running in every direction and urgent meetings were held. After a couple of hours , the orders came.. We were surprised with a vacation for two days!!



A couple of years later.. I met up with the officer of the camp who became a good friend.. I asked if he remembered the story and why were the officers so indecisive about that pile.. He laughed and replied.. It is just to keep you busy.. When I asked , why you granted us a two days vacation.. He replied.. We were in need for some time to arrange some thing else and we didn't want you to get together having nothing to do.. So better to send you home

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PLEASE start immediately any project "even dummy" by one of the Iraqi minsteries "Not by CPA" , that would engage as much as low wage workers "kolly" in Iraqi terms.. For example digging a fake trunk or a sand dam to the east of Alsader and north to Shualla.. Also in each poor city.. I know this might go through the berocratic process and people would call it crazy.. But let us learn from Saddam what he had done to engage people.. Keep them busy..That is the secret !


Any one who might be able get this to the desk of any dicision maker? PLEASE.. The cost of any such project would be less that sacrifing a dear sole of Iraqi, American or other coalition forces..


(my note To John via e-mail! --  ----  we DO NOT need to build swiss watches here.... GET more Iraqi contruction/engineering companies building CIVIL FACILITIES to THIER workable standards where possible and MUCH CHEAPER (offices, schools , hospitals etc..and especially ROADS and DRAINAGE) --- I also know this could NOT APPLY to most Oil Infratstructure or Power Plants)



John I think this has great merit. The people in the poor areas have no way of getting many jobs at present and they ARE PAID to demonstrate and otherwise gum up the great work you guys are doing by backing this Al Sadr or Badr brigades. 


Sometimes we can’t see the forest for the trees – please help where you can here



Johns (edited) response


The below reply from John is MY EDIT of his reply, It includes his stated words and intent without outlining some details for security reasons)



Actually, you're right (for) now.”


The Good News


“The public works planned will employ a lot of (IRAQI) workers. Not just skilled but also a lot of the unskilled. (and teach them if they don't have the skill) to give them a J-O-B. We look at projects of not only their merit but also how many Iraqis the projects will employ."


Now, the bad news


"We're (STILL) waiting for all the paper pushers & bean counters (IN WASHINGTON DC) to quit fiddling with the money & contracts!!!!


I am exasperated at how slow DC is. They obviously think this is just another project. I mean, I'm on six months for an important project for the final transition of authority. It' s been working since Sept & I took over in Nov. --- Still - no money. ( my note!!! this means for the Iraqi Ministries to supervise I believe)


(The) Money is allocated (set aside for this spending) but every new Senior Executive Service type from DC wants to re-invent the wheel. Which is another three-four week delay (TO SPEND ANY OF IT). I'm waiting for a briefing with a special DC team on XXXXX. I want to hit this briefing to push the issue.


So, you're right about the employment. We don't need a lot of Cat dozers. We need lots of shovels employing lots of hands. I think that a lot of it will happen when DC unleashes the $18 billion in projects & program." (TO ACTUALLY SPEND ON THESE PROJECTS)





Note! I don't think it wise to deludge his e-mail with more on this topic as he understands and IS HELPING where he can. I DOUBT he has the time to answer many questions, but he does think you have valid concerns already expressed that match his stated mission to accomplish them. According to his latest post on his website he will be unavailable for the next 5 - 10 days anyway. I salute him for his efforts and those working with him.



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Moving rocks B)

That was a very entertaining story salim !

thank you for sharing.


Talk about "make work".

In my area we have highway construction all the time.


In the Spring time; The orange "construction zone" barrels come out on the roads. ( they block traffic )


In the Summertime; They tear open the roads and look at them then they start the repair work.


In the Fall; They rush to finish road repair and they remove the orange "construction zone" barrels before winter sets in.


In the Winter time,: there are heavey snow storms so large trucks plow up the snow and place rock salt on the road surface.

( The snow plows and rock salt are very harsh and damage the road surface )




In the Springtime;-----> The orange "construction zone" barrels come out on the roads :blink: :D :lol:

it never ends !


The president of the United States is upset because Congress passed a a very expensive highway bill ! :o I don't know where the money is comming from either.


Just make sure Iraq gets the money the president was promised.

It will take a long time for that money to fuel your economy but once it starts flowing !!!

good luck.

A couple of years later.. I met up with the officer of the camp who became a good friend.. I asked if he remembered the story and why were the officers so indecisive about that pile.. He laughed and replied.. It is just to keep you busy.. When I asked , why you granted us a two days vacation.. He replied.. We were in need for some time to arrange some thing else and we didn't want you to get together having nothing to do.. So better to send you home


Sounds like your officer would make a very good manager of cement workers.

If he can bring you back to find those rocks you put in the stream so somebody could pull them out and another two or three could then smash them into powder! ;)


That precious pile of rocks will never come back !

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Guest Guest


"If the British invitation results in something, that would be good," said an administration official, adding that he was not sure if it would.


Other administration officials acknowledge, meanwhile, that there was a vigorous debate among Mr. Bush's aides over whether Iran — which Mr. Bush included with Iraq and North Korea as an "axis of evil" two years ago — was playing a constructive role in Iraq.

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Guest Guest_tajer
وصول جثماني عضوين في حزب البعث الى الناصرية قتلا في الفلوجة ضمن اوكار الارهابيين البعثيين


الرافدين - خاص من الناصرية


وصل جثماني اعضاء الشعبة في حزب البعث العراقي المنحل  كل من عدنان مزهر والمدعو وطن من اهالي الناصرية حيث قتلا ضمن دائرة القتال الدائرة في الفلوجة .


والمذكورين مطلوبين من قبل أهالي الناصرية لأشتراكهم في جرائم القتل والأعدام وترويع العراقيين ويبدو انهما ألتجأ الى الفلوجة للألتحاق بأوكار البعثيين والأرهابيين فيها .





Two of leading baath party division of Naysria "south of Iraq" killed in Fallouja fight.. The two escaped Nasria as were being look after by people for their criminal acts.

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Guest Guest



Still, if it sticks, the new agreement appears to have blunted Mr. Sadr's attempt to upstage Iraq's more moderate Shiite leaders, who have largely tolerated the American occupation. Indeed, the agreement seemed to reflect the desire of Iraq's mainstream political and religious leaders to rid themselves of Mr. Sadr, evidently fearing that he would threaten their chances at the ballot box in elections next year..




Did the Sayatani tollerated the occupation.. He is the only religious figure that refuses till noe to meet Bremer as symbol of occupation.. As a time the Sunni religious learship "Haeat Ulama" were so happy to hag him in front of the media, at same time of supporting those who keep killing Iraqis

Peace in Najaf would end a dangerous confrontation for the Americans, whose use of lethal force in the two holy cities of Najaf and Karbala alienated many Shiites, even those who did not care for Mr. Sadr's radical brand of Shiite Islam. For the Americans, the agreement to allow his army to simply disappear rather than disarm may offer a way out of a persistent and embarrassing problem before they hand sovereignty back to the Iraqis on June 30.


The writer is making a big deal of Arams, seems he don't know that the light meapons that those Medhi army members are using ,, are being sold on shelf in Iraqi markets at $25.00 a peice.. and that there is more than one million of such arms disappeared after the collaps of Sadam.. The reall issue is not this light arms, but the heavy and more sophistaicated arms arsenal in Falaouja, that the American allow some anti freedom to keep holding and have access to.

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Just found two articles today,June 6th, on Al-Sadr

the first is a link to some sort of a United Nations website?

It sounds like,if true, today was a big day for the future of Iraq;

Moqtada's militia fails

6 June 2004

Ref: 589


Sadr's militia defeated: US



THE US military said today it had defeated the outlawed militia of flamboyant Shi'ite cleric Moqtada Sadr across central Iraq, and denied that there was any truce with the radical preacher.


"The Moqtada militia is militarily defeated. We have killed scores of them over the last few weeks, and that is in Najaf alone," Brigadier General Mark Hertling, one of the top US commanders in charge of Najaf, told AFP.


"Over the past several days,


Moqtada's militia has lost much of their stomach for fighting," he said, also declaring victory in the central cities of Kut, Diwaniyah and Karbala, dogged by fighting over the past two months.


"We have also destroyed their weapons stores and their offensive capability," he said.


"What remains of them, which is a very small force, will take advantage of the governor's announcement to disperse if not disband."


Hertling praised Najaf governor Adnan al-Zorfi, appointed last month, for playing a political role in the defeat and stressed that US patrols and checkpoints were still active around Najaf and its twin city of Kufa.


"There is no truce between the coalition forces and the militia ... We have not conceded anything to Sadr. We have told him that when we encounter any armed forces, we will destroy them. We have done just that," Hertling said.


"We have not pulled back from anything. We are conducting the same patrols we have already conducted, and we are executing checkpoints in Najaf and Kufa right now."


Calm returned to Najaf late yesterday after Zorfi announced that Iraqi police would patrol in sensitive areas around the shrines, which include some of the world's holiest sites in Shi'ite Islam, the US military said.


"That was a brilliant move on his part, because it was one of the things the militia was asking for... (and) made it possible for the militia to lay down their arms and leave town," said Hertling.


"The governor has taken his city back under control, in an unbelievably historic and courageous act. He has re-established his police force, and we are helping them train and we are helping him to arm them.


"Bottom line, yesterday was a good day for Najaf. The militia have been defeated, or have left."


Hertling denied any similarities to what was seen by Iraqis as a US defeat when marines withdrew from Fallujah, leaving the troublesome Sunni Muslim city in police hands after weeks of fierce fighting in April.


"The people of Najaf did not ask us to leave; in fact, many of the businessmen and moderate clerics have asked us to help them get rid of Sadr's militia," he said.


The firebrand cleric unleashed a deadly uprising against US-led coalition forces in early April after the coalition shut down one of his newspapers for inciting violence and arrested one of his key aides.


The US military has repeatedly insisted that he face justice for his alleged role in the murder of a rival cleric last year, and a warrant for Sadr's arrest has been issued.

Iraq Net

6/6/2004 1:39:21 AM



The above story may have been overshadowed by the death of Ronald Reagan and events in France on the 60th D-Day anniversary.

I am sure if True...it should break early this week in the main media.

It may not be true that he gave up the uprising.



This is the 2nd article with a different spin ( from a US military site I suppose )

Same story,different spin?


Calm Reigns as Sadr Meets Sistani

Source: www.uniraq.org


The radical cleric Moqtada Sadr visited Iraq's most influential Shia leader, Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, in Najaf on Saturday.


The senior cleric "blessed the efforts" of Mr Sadr to resolve the stand-off in Najaf, said Mr Sadr's spokesman.


Late last week,


Mr Sadr agreed to withdraw his Mehdi Army fighters from the holy cities of Najaf and Kufa in tandem with a withdrawal by US forces.


Shops and schools are reopening in Najaf as Iraqi police move back in.


Residents expressed relief that a measure of security was returning, weeks after the closure of his newspaper and the arrest of a key aide prompted Mr Sadr to launch an uprising against occupation forces.


"We heard there is a truce now. Thank God," Mohammed Abdul Amir, owner of an electrical store, told Associated Press.


The agency reported that by midday Mr Sadr's militia had withdrawn from all but the most sensitive religious sites as Iraqi police took up vacated positions.


However, violence continued in Mr Sadr's stronghold in Baghdad of Sadr City. Two US soldiers were killed in a roadside bomb, and the US said several assailants had been killed in earlier fighting.


Shia 'approval'


Mr Sadr's spokesman, Ahmad al-Shibani, told the Qatari satellite station al-Jazeera that Mr Sadr had visited Ayatollah Sistani to update him on "the developments of the uprising, the peace initiatives and the agreements that took place... the entire picture".


Ayatollah Sistani had, he said, "blessed the arduous efforts exerted by Moqtada Sadr personally to resolve this issue peacefully. These results are good".


He said the meeting had lasted about half an hour.


The spokesman called the visit "very normal", but correspondents say it reflects Mr Sadr's heightened status and puts the Shia establishment seal of approval on the peace deal.


They say Ayatollah Sistani had previously not bothered to conceal his disdain for the upstart cleric.


Meanwhile, the US appeared to soften its demands that Mr Sadr turn himself in on charges of murdering a cleric last year.


While insisting Mr Sadr must still face justice, coalition spokesman Dan Senor reportedly said it was for Iraqi leaders to decide the timing.


Meanwhile, the appointed Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi told al-Jazeera would be dealt with by "judicial authorities" and said US forces would operate in agreement with "the sovereign Iraqi government" set to take power on 30 June.


Both articles seem to point that

Al-Sadr uprising is winding down.


The next day or two should clear up this discrepency.

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Guest Guest

I saw a transcript of an announcement by Kimmett about it, but now I've lost it and can't find it again. He stressed that while he had seen and approved the agreement between al Sadr and various important shi'i to leave the holy cities, and while the agreement did say that US forces would also leave, he had not agreed to anything and would continue to patrol the cities as usual. He had not agreed to anything at all, including delaying al Sadr's arrest, but he refused to say when the first attempt would be made to detain al Sadr, implying that it might be delayed. He implied that after al Sadr's army is disbanded perhaps one in six of its members might be allowed to enlist in the government defense forces, and there would be attempts to find jobs for the others.


The demand was still that the militia must be disbanded and al Sadr must surrender to stand trial, nothing had changed except that the militia had retreated from the holy cities and left the US military behind.


I am concerned that the arab groups that negotiated with al Sadr might have believed that Kimmett was agreeing to meet the conditions the document said he would meet, and they will take this as him breaking his word. That would be bad.


In that transcript or another a reporter pointed out that Kimmitt had previously announced how many militia members it had killed each time, and now he didn't do that. They asked why. He said that it was always sad when young men point guns at you and you have to kill them, and he didn't want to talk about how many of them there were.



In this link Hertling mentions in passing that over 1000 militia members were killed in Najaf, Karballa and Kut.

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