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Baghdadee بغدادي
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Angle ..short story

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By Alyaa Majeed

Dec 24th, 2017


           The word almost, when it comes in a positive outcome, strikes us all. We often say: we almost got hit by that truck, I almost fell off the stairs, my baby almost rolled off the bed, he almost spill the hot tea on me, and the list goes on from small everyday things to huge life time incidents or moments. Sometimes , it could be people whom I would like to call the almost ones, or life saviors. And that happens when they intervene to stop that big truck from hitting, the baby from rolling off or you from hurting.

            When I count my almost moments, they seem to be significantly low, yet  intense and dramatic.  And they appear to be saved almost the same way every time, or rather by the same figure. As a child, a young adult, or even a grown person, I always went by the rules;  did the expected, hardly taken an adventure that I would applaud myself for. Thought, lets say, yet never acted outside the box. A few years ago, I unwillingly decided to defy my  character.

             The fatal decision was doomed from the beginning, however I did not let my instinct lead me or stand in my way. Or maybe the opposite. Those instincts were what led me to take that dangerous leap without consulting my brain first. I have seen characters on movies taking crazy moves. Some might consider brave, or appealing, but not me; the norm is what I liked to go with... until that day!

            Riding a roller coaster was never really my thing,  or I should say was not till the almost incident. Venturing around at a theme park, was where I decided to test my limits. Strolling my little one while my other two walking next to me, we saw the entrance wide open. Without hesitation, I suggested to ride. The three of them were thrilled. The type of mother they have, this seemed a one of a kind opportunity! The line was awfully short that did not give me time to reconsider. Strangely, the line guard was too distracted by the heat and lights, that he did not bother checking my younger one's height.

            We all got escorted, one at a time, secured with the belt, and wished for a fun time. A second later, my one time trans passing kid realized that he had lost his stuffed animal somewhere else. He started wailing and pushing so hard that he managed to get himself off the belt, right when the cart was about to move. The pressure was too high on the belt from all of us buckled that I could not budge it to include my free one in. My other two started yelling and crying in a panic mood. I was still trying to hold tight onto my little one with one hand while trying to wave to the guy with the other. 

         While still desperately trying to get somebody's attention to get the guy not to press the button to start what would have been the worst journey of my life, he appeared. My almost guy has arrived. All  my life, it feels, he has been standing between me and what could hurt me. Sometimes it's only an inch away from what could be a disaster. It's like having an angle over my shoulder that was sent to save me. On that very day, he saw me. He felt my pain, he heard my voice, and he saved me from me. The button, which would have sentenced me, had stopped. He put an end to my sufferings. He saved my life. The angle in the shape of human did it again.


            We all feel grateful to have those moments or those angles once in a while. Life is full of good moments that we take for granted and let pass by unappreciated. Life itself is an adventure; and we take it everyday unconditionally. A split of a second, determined my very only life to be and stay the same.

          Probably everyone has an almost experience to think of or hung on to. As for me, I will always remember my " Almost" . 


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