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By Alyaa Majeed

April 16th, 2018



          There were two of them. When they showed up on my porch unexpectedly, a strange feeling aroused into me. Usually when someone knocks at your door, or rings the bell, your first impression is: am I waiting for a guest, or do I have an appointment with somebody? Or it could be a person who is in need, and you do what you feel right to do. Or even the kind where  it's a persistent sales person who is not welcomed! But this was a totally new feeling...it was  a very pleasant warm and satisfying one. It was more like the feeling of yay horary.


           They let themselves in through the side door. They picked a spot, tiny, yet visible and strategic in my yard. They seemed hesitant at the beginning about the location, yet determined to overlook  my permission to settle in.  The conversation felt very serious between the two of them, and the decision eventually  was made before my wondering eyes, for them to stay! Surprisingly, it did not bother me at all. On the contrary, I loved it. I enjoyed watching them move their stuff one by one....well, they knew exactly what they were doing;  So they were very focused, organized and quietly working. And soon they started building their place, and they were talking about staring a family right away too!


         It happened on my watch, and I let it gracefully and happily. They chose to stay at my place, I thought. Normally, people are peculiar about their properties. It is not common to let someone  intrude and borrow or take something that does not belong to them without asking first. We even teach our young kids to ask before attending anything, let alone strangers. Then why on earth did I felt privileged for this couple to come in, start a family, and settle in my property without questioning them? Funny thing, I even gave them some privacy and asked my own family not to bother them! Can you imagine how special this couple is?


            I have a feeling anyone would have done the same thing, had been in my shoes. In fact I am certain, a lot of people would have done it happily. I have told a few friends about the whole thing, not to brag about my hospitality or anything. Specifically, I wanted to share how special I feel that those guys chose me to shelter them. They trusted my home with the most precious thing in their lives; they relied on my family to protect theirs! 


          Every morning, I like to carefully approach them to whisper good morning, not to disturb their sleeping babies. It's so amazing to see them slake. We will host them, watch over them, and make sure they know that we got their back, until the day they decide to take off. It is going to be hard to see them leave. From day one, we knew they were going to be with us temporarily.

         They never said it, but we scene it. Once their kids are strong enough to stand on their own, they will let them go. And they will realize that their mission is accomplished and complete. They will move out soon after that. Flying is what they do best. So they will fly. The nest that those beautiful birds built with sticks, leaves and cotton to keep their youngsters warm and fuzzy, will be empty... we will miss them ..however, that nest witnessed a lot of beautiful memories, care, hope and love. It taught me that big and great achievements are possible, no matter how hard they look, when your goal is known and set. It gave my family as well as theirs, an interesting new prospective look of our lives.

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