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The Battle of Baghdad (Law Enforcement)

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"I call on the Arab states, the Arab League and the United Nations to stop this government and withdraw its support from it. Otherwise, the disaster will occur and the turmoil will happen in Iraq and other countries," said Sheik Harith al-Dhari, who heads the Association of Muslim Scholars.


Aldhari is talking after having a long visit to the office of Egyptian intellegence head .. While praising Alqaeda, he called for withdraw of the recognision of the Iraqi ellected government. Just to complete the mission of Sadamists who execute the operations on ground.

He said, other wise, a turmoil will happen. In other words "either you return back to the old system or his Qaeda and Sadamists will make a turmoil situation..


The question is how come he used American allies countries as a base to send such support message to terrorists..? Are the Egyptians working against their friends , or WHAT?

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Those who wanted to know more about the most debatable figure in Iraq, Moqtada, I would suggest the following story.


The quots below are the most important points that westren readers usually don't hear about.

He is a nationlistic homegrown, anti Amercian, anti Iranian and most important anti Qaeda

If the Americans are smart to the level that they can understand his movment and find out those points of common interests , they might end up with a great ally. Some one that would never be proud to indentify himself with such relation though!.


My call migh seem very strange , but have a look around you . US has allies such as Mubarak the dictator of Egypt, or Abdullah the Khaleef of Suadi, what would make him a diffrence! US need to open doors and listen to him, something that they never did since the invation at a time they open doors even to those who were proud to praise Qaeda " Like Aldharee". Not to the extent of encouraging him, but to the extent of sending a warning message to the Sadamists and Qeada narturing communities" if you don't stop your killing to new democratic free Iraq, we might end up assign it to him to deal with you" !

Such a message would dramaticaly change the course and dynamics of current violance in Iraq. These terrorists are under the impression that more chiotic Iraq is , more chances they would have to take over. If they feel it other wise , we might end up having a complete diffrent situation..



Sword of the Shia


Sadr needed a new strategy, however. He wasn't strong enough to defeat the occupier head-on, nor could he eliminate his Iraqi rivals. So he took up what he calls "political resistance"—working from within the system. Chalabi played an important role here. Washington's favorite Iraqi had found that he had little popularity in his homeland, so he was seeking alliances. Chalabi also felt, as did many other Iraqis and Americans, that it was better to bring Sadr inside the process than to have him trying to destroy it. "Sadr is respected because of his lineage and because he speaks for the disenfranchised, the scared and the angry," says a Chalabi aide, who did not want to be named because of the sensitivity of the subject. "In that sort of situation, it makes absolute sense to try to get


The movement may now be more important than the man. Sadr "is faced with a common problem," says Toby Dodge of the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London. "He can't control the use of his brand name, the use of his legitimacy." Some elder followers of Sadr's father have broken away, disillusioned with the son. And some young toughs seem to be freelancing where they can. Renegade factions could eventually threaten Sadr's power. If he were to fall, "you'll end up with 30 different movements," says Vali Nasr, a scholar and author who has briefed the Bush administration on Iraq. "There are 30 chieftains who have a tremendous amount of local power. If you remove him, there will be a scramble for who will inherit this movement ... It's a great danger doing that. You may actually make your life much more difficult."




Yet Tehran's main Shiite clients in Iraq are rivals of Sadr, who is often critical of Persian influence. Sadr worries that Iran may be trying to infiltrate his movement, and he's almost surely right. Fatah al-Sheikh, who is close to Sadr, says the boss sent a private letter to loyal imams around Baghdad in the past two weeks identifying 10 followers he believed were suspect. They had been using the Mahdi Army name, but Sadr believes they're really tools of Iranian intelligence, says Sheikh.


He urged a top Sunni sheik to issue three fatwas: one against the killing of Shiites, another against joining Al Qaeda and the third to rebuild the shrine in Samarra



Now diplomats speak of trying to keep Sadr inside the political system, hoping he can tame his followers. He's a militant Islamist and anti-occupation, they say, but he's also a nationalist, and not as close to Iran as some of his rivals. Nobody knows whether Sadr is dissembling when he speaks about Iraqi unity, or preparing for all-out war. What is clear—more today than ever before—is that it's time to stop underestimating him.

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Other than the above article which indirectely mentioned Alsader's call for a religous fatwa to forbid joining Alqaeda, I failed to follow any appropriate coverage in the main stream western media for such very important call by a religous figure. It is the first time that some clergy ask for such Fatwa. Usually most clerics issue condemnation to terrorists acts but never never be specific.


It might be understandable to have Arab media not covering that call by Alsader to the extreemist Aldharee for many political reasons, but why did the westren media follow same ignorance.. ?

May be they don't want to show that Qaeda is anti islam too. I don't know, but looks to me that the main stream media doesn't want to give such credit for some one that this media is trying get rid of. If this is the case then there should be at least a push on other "Friend" governments who have full control on their clergy, to send similar call.


The smart couragious Alsader's call came to emphasis to his followers that the Qaeda actions in Iraq is no thing but part of big plan and those who cry from its acts might be envolved in supporting it.. I don't know if this is true , but the reaction by the media to his call was telling a lot.



Today the US friend "King Abdullah" gave Alqaeda-friend Aldharee a special support: meeting him in Amman as a representative of Iraqi RESISTANCE.. He never asked him to forbid the joining of Qaeda, rather the king of Jorden praised the cleric stands..


In Iraq the Sunni Arab parties denounced Aldharee call to withdraw from governement, also the brave Anbar up rise tribes had a big attack on Aldharee Qaeda bases killing more than 45 personals and arresting others.. The sever fight came one week after Aldharee called them robbers who are fighting the RESISTANCE and his Qaeda in Iraq..

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President Bush was very accurate in describing the violence in Iraq. In his speeches today , he pined point the issue of the neighboring countries Syria and Iran. He said that he has no objection to have the sovereign Iraqi government engaging with them to secure Iraq boarders and stability, but USA is not going to give the Iranians such opportunity before disbanding their NUKE programs.


I think this is to achieve what we call in Arabic " One stone to kill two birds".. From one side it give the Iraqi elected government a boost by giving it more authority to deal with Iraq issues, on other side it never give those who bargain with the injured Iraqi pains a chance to get benefits.


I think Maliki-Bush meeting will have critical results.. Let us wait and see..

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While most news are talking about sectarian violence , I choose to talk about the sectarian unity.

Today one hears horrible stories by both Shia and Sunni around Baghdad, however, never hear a story where a Sunni would blame a Shia neighbor or A shai point to a sunni neighbor.. Both are talking about criminals , call them terrorists , call them Militia, but never call them THE Sunni or THE shia.


I have some real stories that I would like to share

A shia Friend who used to live in Alamirai , sunni majority west baghdad, had finally got the warrant to leave two weeks a go. After serving the community for long time he is enforced to leave over night. He drove his family with any light luggages , shaking hands with his Sunni neighbors with normal Iraqi tears of goodbye. Leaving his other car and furniture to be moved by his Sunni truck driver later.

Next day, his neighbor called him, telling him that the criminals had came later and stole his car. He immediately called one of his Sunni friends to go and settle in the house. The sunni friend did that risking his life. The terrorists came later and had a very tough stand asking to leave the house as this belong to a Shia . He claimed that he already rented the house. There was a big shouting that other neighbors witness the rent contract. Under pressure the terorists group left.


Another incident, is with my sister. She is a lone with here two daughters in Aljameaa sunni majority neighborhood. No one till now asked her to move. When I asked her to think about it, she said we feel safe having out neighbors Abo Sinan guarding us. Abi Sinan is a Sunni from Tikteet.

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Bush vows to keep forces in Iraq, rips al-Qaida


I can't agree more.. The real fight is not between Sunni and Shia, it is between those who want to build free democratic Iraq and those who RESIST such option.

Alqaeda and Sadamists are doing all what they can to ignite a civil war..

Those who portrait Iraq violence as sectarian based are no different than those Terrorists who make the AQaeda terror as a conflict between Islam and the west..

Qaeda terror in Iraq is no difference than Alqaeda terror in USA.. Same goals , same acts and should be dealt same way.

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My friend Texas Gentleman posted the NT's Hardely "claimed" memo..

It is important to go through that memo, being authentic or not. There are a lot of very important points.


he impressed me as a leader who wanted to be strong but was having difficulty figuring out how to do so



Despite Maliki’s reassuring words, repeated reports from our commanders on the ground contributed to our concerns about Maliki’s government. Reports of nondelivery of services to Sunni areas, intervention by the prime minister’s office to stop military action against Shia targets and to encourage them against Sunni ones, removal of Iraq’s most effective commanders on a sectarian basis and efforts to ensure Shia majorities in all ministries — when combined with the escalation of Jaish al-Mahdi’s (JAM) [the Arabic name for the Mahdi Army] killings — all suggest a campaign to consolidate Shia power in Baghdad

sensitive reporting suggests he is trying to stand up to the Shia hierarchy and force positive change. But the reality on the streets of Baghdad suggests Maliki is either ignorant of what is going on, misrepresenting his intentions, or that his capabilities are not yet sufficient to turn his good intentions into action.



Steps Maliki Could Take


Maliki should:


¶Compel his ministers to take small steps — such as providing health services and opening bank branches in Sunni neighborhoods — to demonstrate that his government serves all ethnic communities;


Bring his political strategy with Moktada al-Sadr to closure and bring to justice any JAM actors that do not eschew violence;


Shake up his cabinet by appointing nonsectarian, capable technocrats in key service (and security) ministries;


¶Announce an overhaul of his own personal staff so that “it reflects the face of Iraq”;


¶Demand that all government workers (in ministries, the Council of Representatives and his own offices) publicly renounce all violence for the pursuit of political goals as a condition for keeping their positions;


¶Declare that Iraq will support the renewal of the U.N. mandate for multinational forces and will seek, as appropriate, to address bilateral issues with the United States through a SOFA [status of forces agreement] to be negotiated over the next year;


¶Take one or more immediate steps to inject momentum back into the reconciliation process, such as a suspension of de-Baathification measures and the submission to the Parliament or “Council of Representatives” of a draft piece of legislation for a more judicial approach;


¶Announce plans to expand the Iraqi Army over the next nine months; and


¶Declare the immediate suspension of suspect Iraqi police units and a robust program of embedding coalition forces into MOI [Ministry of the Interior] units while the MOI is revetted and retrained.

What We Can Do to Help Maliki


We should be willing to:


Continue to target Al Qaeda and insurgent strongholds in Baghdad to demonstrate the Shia do not need the JAM to protect their families — and that we are a reliable partner¶Encourage Zal [Zalmay Khalilzad, the American ambassador] to move into the background and let Maliki take more credit for positive developments. (We want Maliki to exert his authority — and demonstrate to Iraqis that he is a strong leader — by taking action against extremists, not by pushing back on the United States and the Coalition.);


¶Continue our diplomatic efforts to keep the Sunnis in the political process by pushing for the negotiation of a national compact and by talking up provincial council elections next spring/summer as a mechanism for Sunni empowerment;


Support his announcement to expand the Iraqi Army and reform the MOI more aggressively;


Seek ways to strengthen Maliki immediately by giving him additional control over Iraqi forces, although we must recognize that in the immediate time frame, we would likely be able to give him more authority over existing forces, not more forces;


Continue to pressure Iran and Syria to end their interference in Iraq, in part by hitting back at Iranian proxies in Iraq and by Secretary Rice holding an Iraq-plus-neighbors meeting in the region in early December; and


Step up our efforts to get Saudi Arabia to take a leadership role in supporting Iraq by using its influence to move Sunni populations in Iraq out of violence into politics, to cut off any public or private funding provided to the insurgents or death squads from the region and to lean on Syria to terminate its support for Baathists and insurgent leaders




This approach would require that we take steps beyond those laid out above, to include:


¶Actively support Maliki in helping him develop an alternative political base. We would likely need to use our own political capital to press moderates to align themselves with Maliki’s new political bloc;


Consider monetary support to moderate groups that have been seeking to break with larger, more sectarian parties, as well as to support Maliki himself as he declares himself the leader of his bloc and risks his position within Dawa and the Sadrists; and


Provide Maliki with more resources to help build a nonsectarian national movement.


• If we expect him to adopt a nonsectarian security agenda, we must ensure he has reasonably nonsectarian security institutions to execute it — such as through a more robust embedding program.


• We might also need to fill the current four-brigade gap in Baghdad with coalition forces if reliable Iraqi forces are not identified.


Moving Ahead


We should waste no time in our efforts to determine Maliki’s intentions and, if necessary, to augment his capabilities. We might take the following steps immediately:


¶Convince Maliki to deliver on key actions that might reassure Sunnis (open banks and direct electricity rebuilding in Sunni areas, depoliticize hospitals);


¶Tell Maliki that we understand that he is working his own strategy for dealing with the Sadrists and that:


• you have asked General Casey to support Maliki in this effort


• it is important that we see some tangible results in this strategy soon;


¶Send your personal representative to Baghdad to discuss this strategy with Maliki and to press other leaders to work with him, especially if he determines that he must build an alternative political base;


¶Ask Casey to develop a plan to empower Maliki, including:


• Formation of National Strike Forces


• Dramatic increase in National Police embedding


• More forces under Maliki command and control


¶Ask Secretary of Defense and General Casey to make a recommendation about whether more forces are need in Baghdad;


¶Ask Secretary of Defense and General Casey to devise a more robust embedding plan and a plan to resource it;


¶Direct your cabinet to begin an intensive press on Saudi Arabia to play a leadership role on Iraq, connecting this role with other areas in which Saudi Arabia wants to see U.S. action;


¶If Maliki seeks to build an alternative political base:


• Press Sunni and other Iraqi leaders (especially Hakim) [Abdul Aziz al-Hakim, the leader of the Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq, a Maliki rival] to support Maliki


• Engage Sistani to reassure and seek his support for a new nonsectarian political movement.

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While reading through the memo details, A question enforced itself : " Why do we need to support Maliki government?"


The memo didn't went that far but I assume the answer would be very simple:

It is the last hope to have a unified Iraq .


The issue is not Maliki himself , the issue what this elected government represents. Maliki was not of any potential figure just six months ago. Today his government and leadership is the only hope.

Looking through the political map, all those who stood behind Alqaeda and Sadamists are working hard to make it a fail, all those who stood firm and paid the high price are trying their best to make a success.

It is not Maliki who is going pass or fail, it is Iraq. Both parties knew that they are playing their last game, either defeating Qaeda and dictatorship in ME for ever, or we need to go way back.


Looking through all those recommendations, I would figure out one main point: how to keep Iraq away from felling a part. I liked much the point of forming a moderate political base to support him , I think Iraqis who are fedding up with all secterian slogans, will go so much with it. Of course not those who might feel it as killing to their dreams of canceling the political process and jumping over the Iraqi pains. Not for those who have their opportunities playing the sceterian game.


Maliki is willing to succeed, we need to help him. This memo recommendations are just what any good Iraqi would think of.. I think Maliki would feel so encouraged tomorrow meeting President Bush, if this leak was meant to send him a pre meeting letter..


A strong message after the Bush-Maliki meeting to emphasis these points would send the criticly needed message.


On other front Alsaderee's move did a great help to Almaliki announcing their hault of their parliament and government posts . On one hand it gives MAliki a push to ask for more in the meeting, from other side it distance him from them..Both are working good for him.The way I see it, it is just a politicle move, they will come back later.. In it's turn, Sunni Tawafug Alhashimee vice president expressed concerns of keeping up with the governement. I think both of them feel the pressure of Maliki is just about to take over his authorities as PM. Not mentioning the extreemist Qaeda-friends of Aldharee association. They see no value of the meeting and they clearly expressed thier hopes that maliki government should be removed and the old regime of sadam Army and intellegence should take over,.Shikh Alfaidee , deputy to Aldharee told Alarabia Suadi financed station..

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According to Nahrian website , which is close to the Iraqi Shia coalition slate, Maliki was the one who canceled the arrangement to sit with the Jordanian King in the three pole meeting. According to the site sources , Maliki was showing his objection for what look like the Jordanian King approaching Bush of the need to have a rescue government and to cancel the political process. A demand already raised by qaeda -friend Aldharee three days ago after meeting the King. It was noticed that Jorden didn't deal with Maliki as per the protocols. He was wellcome at the airport by a debuty PM and not by the Jordenian PM. The King in his speech to the perliament yesterday never mentioned the support to the Iraqi elected governemnt when he showed his support for Iraq.."A language used these days by many anti New Iraq". I hope the King didn't mean it.. Iraq need all the help and playing with secterian cards would make thing much worse. Today a consultant to the Suadi governement told the a news paper that Suadi will support Sunni Iraqi with weapons and money if the American leave.


In other development, a Jordanian source claimed that Alhakeem told The King of Jorden that " Iraqi SUNNI Arab will be a losser in any civil war " in their meeting earlier yesterday.. Alhakeem spokesman immediately denounce such claim saying that the the royal source was un accurate. He said that Alhakeem told the King that all Iraqis will loss .

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The White house is confirming my reading to the memo..



In an unusual move for a White House that typically refuses to discuss classified material, the White House did not dispute the accuracy of the memo. But a senior administration official said the document, taken as a whole, was an expression of support for al-Maliki. “You have a constant reiteration of the importance of strengthening the Maliki government, the need to work with him, to augment his capabilities,” the official said.


He added that Bush and al-Maliki have a “personal relationship” that allows them to “talk candidly about the challenges.”


Another official, also speaking anonymously because of the classified nature of the memo, said it was not “a slap in the face, but it’s, ‘How do we grow his capability?’ “



Also some thing about the Iraqi cancelation to the three dinner meeeting. The article nailed it to another reason of including the Isreali-paletinian issue. This is not a convincing reason as every one already knew that the King is planning to have the opportunity to raise his concerns, he already told his parliament yesterday.

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Good coverage of the news confrence and the meeting.


The impact on the anti new Iraq propagandists was so huge, one wrote in Suadi sponsored Elaph " Almaliki won, bye bye Iraq!"

Another political writer who is known for his anti current political process, wrote a long article expressing his frustration with the results of the summit. Many Qaeda-friends were ecouraged by huge Arab media propaganda that this meeting is to retriet from the support of the democratic Iraq toward new American policy of a magic strong military governemnt " Sadamist officers one".. It was a big frustration to them seeing the summit is nothing but to strenghten the unified elected governement.


In his reply to a question, Maliki denounced those dreams of getting Iraq back to the darkness of old days. His tough unsmiling face might tell a lot.

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Maliki: Iraqi Forces to Take Control in June


"My position is clear. I reject and refuse any militia within the state," he told ABC News.


"Are you saying to me that the al-Sadr brigades should be disarmed and you will set about to do that?" Gibson asked Maliki.


"Definitely. And the government is doing that with all militias, with no exception. There will be only the arms for government troops," he said



The Iraqi leader insists he did not snub Bush.


"It was not anything like that. We have all the respect for the president and we have all the respect for his majesty," Maliki said. "We had bilateral meetings with his majesty, we discussed affairs between our two countries … so in our judgment there was no need for a trilateral meeting


Almaliki , in his news conference in Baghdad today sent a very strong criticizing remark to the Alsadrees reps who withdraw from the parliament and the government. The language he used was very careful but sending a clear message that it was an irresponsible move.


Many Iraqis felt so relief by Maliki move of not attending the tri dinner meeting.. Over that couple days the media closed to the King were sending a very strange message that encourage sectarian division specially when the King wellcomed the Qaeda-friend Aldharee who is heading a campaign of qaeda/sadamists to demolish the current political process, calling for the return of the old Army and intellegence thugs.


The Jordanian media propaganda went so odd when al arabia TV quoted a royal official source " Alhakim warned that Sunni Araqi will be the loser in any civil war". A statement that turned out to be not true. However, it ignited a strong sectarian feelings and replies just hours before maliki meeting with Bush. The Royal office didn't denounce the statement untill 24 hours later. It was a shame that the Jordanian high level officials go in such dirty sectarian game. It seems they tried to approach the Iraqi Sunni to assign them to talk on their behalf. Jordan had a long history of playing broker rule.

I think all this made Maliki go with his decision of showing his objection to the suspicious behavior of the Jordanians. Renting a reception room, doesn't mean giving the renter opportunity to direct the meeting agenda!

I hope I am not going too far.. But the Jordanian political advisors went too far over the last week..

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العراق: كابوس القاعدة يطارد بوش

Alqaeda nightmare chaising Bush





In Arabic. Interesting article by Mr. Abdul Bari Atwan , editor of London based Alqudos Alarabi. He is a Palestinian known Sadamist with deep pocket of oil coupons that helped in building his propaganda business .

Mr. Atwan thought that the Maliki-Bush meeting would the last one. Americans are defeated by Qaeda in iraq and it will be no long to witness their run away at the hands of the BRAVE Qaeda who planned this defeat by dragging the American legs into Iraq. "SHikh" Usama Bin Laden had spoken to him about the need of such trap in 1996 when the writer met him in Afghanistan.


I am not here to comment on his views, I just wanted to high light that Mr. Atwan positive comment on Qaeda is the second by a known political figure since the awful remark by the Iraqi Sunni extremist Aldharee last month .After Qaeda crimes in Iraq and other Arab countries , Arab writers usually are not giving Qaeda any direct credit. They rather refer to what is called RESISTANCE as an indirect way of praising the terrorists acts.


I have the feeling that Mr. Aldharee comment was to open the doors for new era to polishing Qaeda as a RESISTANCE group rather than the current image of being a brutal terrorist group. That killed hunderds of thousands of Muslims.

I think the call of Alsader to Aldharee of publicly forbidding joining Qaeda in religious terms, is very important. With full due respect to all those who think Alsader is no different that Qaeda, some thing i don't agree with, Alsader call needs to be looked in separation. Today, asunni religous group in Iraq issued such fatwa in respond to Alsader call. We might end up with more qaeda -friends polishing its ugly face if this new phase of extrimists propaganda is not faced. This article would high light how much important the Iraq success is. Any fail in Iraq is a huge boost to Qaeda.A success is real death to the terorr.


Back to the article, it seems the great supporting message that Bush had sent through the Amman summit was so troubling to these who would like to see iraq as a fail. The plans to transfer more control to the Iraqi government was a shock for them. They know for sure that the poison is best to cure from



A criteria to witness your credibility, need to issue a fatwa to forbid joining Alqaeda


-Alsader message to Aldharee


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The proposal of 80% solution that the Washington post referred to, is of critical interest. It would send a very strong message to those who thought that the open doors policy is a sign of weakness. Those who know terrorist mentality might agree that such sign is a recipe of encourage rather being a path of solution. One thing that I don't agree of, it should be called the 95% solution. Today absolute majority of Iraqis are with firm stand towards criminals from all sects and factions. These criminals are no more than 5% , even if we considered the nurturing communities.


I fully aware of that policy by US ran in Iraq to bring as much as possible to the political solution and the new Iraq . It would be for Iraq bright future and stability that as much as possible people brought along., However that policy is firing back. Rather than successding in joining more groups in, it get more groups out. People started to find their ways to protect their communities away from law and order.Today large percentages of Iraqis and through ME are blaming democracy for all of Iraqi suffering. we need to show them that democracy is not weakness, have look to USA.


It is not Shia and Kurd against Sunni solution as some writers put it, it the 95% of Iraqis against forces of darkness, call them the way you like. The message that such solution would sent is very simple: if you don't disband your criminal acts, America has no more time waiting for you to come back and join the path that Iraqi people chose. You might better left to be dealt with by Iraqis who know how to do the job. !

If the Americans sent this message through to the Sadamists in clear wording , we might see a very quick change in near future.







A criteria to witness your credibility, you need to issue a fatwa to forbid joining Alqaeda


-Alsader message to Aldharee


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There is a lot of relief in Baghdad after Maliki Bush summit in Amman. Many encouraging news, some political analysis's started to talk about new era. Yesterday, Almalliki in talk to the tribes leaders of Sader city "Alsader city is a tribal based society" was in a different mode. His other face was exposed to it's limit. A strong tough leader that gave me a strange feeling that answered some of my wondering of what does the Americans officials find in him to make President Bush so confident of this no-body politician just three years ago. It is very clear that he finaly got his hand free to deal with the security file. He sent a clear message that those who ride a tank and be supported by foreign intelligence, can't steal the Iraqi people accomplishments of free democratic Iraq. He said he is a aware of all those moves and he is ready to crack them down. He said that cracking down terror and out of law should be from now Iraqis job.


President Talabani confirmed that dimension today in his news conference with the congress delegates in Baghdad. He said that Maliki was hand cuffed. Talabani talked so confident about his government ability, stating that they can mobilize hundreds of thousands of forces in Iraqis battle with terrorists. He expected there will be a critical changes in the security file in near future.


Things on ground are not changing and the Baghdad torn discretes are at their worse .. My nephew " Half Shia/sunni" who lives near to Bab Almuatham "Baghdad's center" told me on the phone that there is a change of state each hundreds meters. Where Almidan and Alfadil "neighboring "are controlled by Qaeda terrorists "specially the egyptians" and The Health ministery and Medical city hospital is under national guards. Just couple of meters away, an artry hitted a middel school of Gharbia injuring ten students. My sister who is a shia living in Aljamiaa " west baghdad majority Sunni" told me that used to do shopping from Alkesra "center of baghdad near bab Amoutham" .. I asked her how this could be. She said at least if things go bad I have my brother to take care of me " Our brother is living in that neighborhood. I asked if it is possible to shop from Alhuria " A shai majority just neighboring Aljamiaa" , she said that she dont dare cross Jamia to Huriria because terorist might suspect She is a Shia .


The Sadamist propaganda are changing tone toward Muqtada Alsader, they try to reach him to join their efforts to topple the government. Now Muqtada is no longer death squad leader, he is a possible national figure ! Just couple of days ago they were trying to convince the Americans of priority of wipping out Alsader..Iraqi legislator Almutlec , a former Farm manager to Sadam's wife, told Suadi sponsored Elaph news website that his slate " 3 seats" are moving to establish a coalition with Sader, Alawee and Alfadheela in addition to some radical clerics and former Sadam army officers. He said that it's main goals will be the withdraw of the American forces and to form a new NATIONAL government.! I don't know to what extent he was serious in bringing such uncorrelated groups together. Alsader condition was clear " to denounce Qaeda and forbid joining it" some thing that some Sunni radicals consider as red line. Alawee is anti American, how that would work? Too much bazaar.. But this was to show how fast Sadamists are changing colors just to reach the wild card " Alsader".. Almaliki is reaching Alsader reps too asking them to disband their halting stand. I think such a move is necessary. the final fight with terrorists needs all hands

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