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Alchalabi أحمد الجلبي

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The only thing I know for sure about Chalabi is that Harith Al-Attia is exactly correct that he deserves a lot of the credit, or a lot of the blame (depending on your view), for the US policy change on Hussein's governance from "Containment" to "Regime Change". And he is right that this official change of policy occurred during the Clinton administration, but was only acted on under Bush in light of 9/11.


Chalabi worked tirelessly, organizing and empowering the world-wide Iraqi dissident community to speak out about the horrors of Hussein's brutality in Iraq. He did not just lobby the US government, but others as well. Without the efforts of Chalabi and other like him, people like me could only guess about what was happening in Iraq.


I do not know if all the information Chalabi provided to the US Congress was accurate, or if his group provided inaccurate intelligence about WMD programs. But, I do know there are hundreds of thousands of dead bodies piled in mass graves around Iraq, torture chambers all around the country, and that rape and child abduction appear to have been institutionalized tools of Hussein's government. Chalabi surely deserves some substantial credit for working to see that these horrors are finally ended in Iraq, I hope forever.

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Guest Guest_Mutergem

Translating Tom Penn's

ترجمه تعليق توم بن


الشء الوحيد الذي انا متاكد منه حول الجلبي هو ان حارث العطيه كان مصيبا تماما من ان الجلبي يجب ان يعطى الفضل الاكبر , او الملامه الاكبر, سمها حسب الزاويه التي تقف بها" بالتاثير على سياسه امريكا تجاه حكومه صدام حسين من نضريه الاحتواء الى تغيير النضام. وانه كان مصيبا من ان السياسه كانت قد تغيرت ايام كلنتوزن ولكن تم تنفيذها ايام بوش بعد احداث ايلول.

لقد عمل الجلبي وبدون كلل من اجل حشد وتجميع العراقيين المعارضين حول العالم لكي يتكلموا ويرفعوا اصواتهم ضد همجيه صدام. انه لم يكتفي بالتحشيد داخل الحكومه الامريكيه ولكن مع الاخرين ايظا. بدون جهود الجلبي والاخرين من امثاله , الناس مثلي لم يكن باستطاعتهم معرفه ما كان يحصل في العراق.

انا لااعرف اذا كانت كل المعلومات التي قدمها الجلبي دقيقه ام لا ولكني اعرف ان هناك مثات الالاف من القتلى في المقابر الجماعيه في كل انحاء العراق, غرف التعذيب في كل مكان والاغتصاب و التعدي على الاطفال التي كان يمارسها صدام.

نعم الجلبي بالتاكيد يستحق مثل هذا التكريم لكل ما قدمه من اجل ان نصل الى نهايه لهذا الرعب في العراق, الذي ان اامل ان يكون للابد

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Guest Guest_Tajer

Commenting on the above link

Not trusted by the CIA and with only a 30 percent approval rating among his 24 colleagues on the Iraqi Governing Council


This would might give him credibility by Iraqis.. Who always thought od CIA as the one behind all their sufferings.

In addition to running Iraq's postwar intelligence service, known as the Information Collection Program, he now heads the Governing Council's economic and finance committee.


Indeed , he was so active on both.. Some thing that Iraqis would consider veryimportant .. Security and economic recovery..

He has placed relatives and cronies in key slots in the new bureaucracy. Promissory contracts totaling some $400 million for Iraqi reconstruction projects have been allocated to Middle Eastern and American business friends.

As for CPA, Alchalabi have no controll, give one name of relatives.. As for crinies, that is expected.. All parties are doing that and Chalabi is no expection. The question is , if any is not elegibale.. Most of those are well educated professionals.


Heedless of his critics' mounting concern, Mr. Chalabi also grabbed the reins of the De-Baathification Commission where he decides who gets purged or rehabilitated from the ancient regime


Indeed this is the most chalaging job.. others tried to accomodate the crimibals.. He got a lot of critics because of that by all those who whish free Iraq to stop. Iraqis look to this as a lovely one.

The agency's Iraqi analysts began to suspect Iraqi military defectors had been coached by Mr. Chalabi's INC organization to beat the polygraph and lie about Saddam's nonexistent chem-bioweapons of mass destruction


If this is true , why they didblevieved him in the first place..

Some 1,300 intelligence reports flowed from ICP to the U.S. military through January 2004, much of it actionable, including most of the 55 most wanted Ba'athists. ICP also delivered a list of foreign corporations that had been in the U.N. sanctions-busting business to trade with the Iraqi military


Other wise they might be lost as so many others would..

The former governor of Jordan's Central Bank, Mohammed Said Nabulsi, told this reporter, "Chalabi was one of the most notorious crooks in the history of the Middle East."


Mr. Nabulsi better to defend his rule in conspirsing against Albetra on behalf of Al rarabi Bank , the real palesitian competotor ..

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Guest Guest_tajer

Simple math:

If US went there because of Chalabi's defector allegation, then they are dam wrong


Better than blaming Chalabi for doing his best for his countryit is better to be proud of liberating a great nation such as Iraq, Blaming would not buy those folks any thing..

It might be true that Chalabi and all other Iraqi anti sadaam groups have all the right to exposes his crimes, but I don't think a great country such as US would be solely driven by such..

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Guest Guest

^^ bump ^^

Simple math:

If US went there because of Chalabi's defector allegation, then they are  dam wrong


Better than blaming Chalabi for doing his best for his countryit is better to be proud of liberating a great nation such as Iraq, Blaming  would not buy those folks any thing..

It might be true that Chalabi and all other Iraqi anti sadaam groups have all the right to exposes his crimes, but I don't think a great country such as US would be solely driven by such..

It might be true that Chalabi and all other Iraqi anti sadaam groups have all the right to exposes his crimes, ...


This from a blogger that has reentered Iraq as a journalist.

this is an old blog entry ;Chalabi to U.S.: "Thanks, suckers."


Actually, it was released yesterday that Chalabi's group had its $345,000 a month support stopped.


It was also said today that the oil for food investigation may have come into play as well as Chalabi wanting to use the system to become the next Iraq president.


IMO, an outsider would only be viewed as an American puppet regime.

It's best left for the Iraqi public to decide political canidates without external ties.


There may be a place for Chalabi over the next eight months but certainly not asw all powerfull president. He needs internal supporters to step up as contributers on the campaign trail.

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Guest Guest


مقال مهم في الييورك صن حول اسار الخلاف بين الجلبي والمخابرات الامريكيه

عندما فاز الرئيس الأميركي بالإنتخابات الرئاسية ورث بفوزه هذا أخطاء وكالة المخابرات المركزية الأميركية، والتي إرتكبت منذ حرب الخليج الثانية عام 91. لقد عكست حرب العراق الأخيرة هذه تغيراً جذرياً في السياسة الأميركية مقارنة بسياسة الإحتواء التي كانت متبعة من قبل. هذه السياسة الجديدة لم يعقبها أي تغيير في الطريقة التي تنظرالوكالة من خلالها الى الملف العراقي. هذا الفرق بين السياسة المتبعة والنظرة التي ترى بواسطتها الوكالة العراق هو السبب الوحيد للحملة الأخيرة على السيد الجلبي. ولكن على الرغم من هذا الفهم الخاطئ للوكالة للقضية العراقية، فأن البيت الأبيض لحد الآن لم يستطع أن يفهم شروط العمل في محيط ما والذي الوكالة لا تفهم مواطنه الحساسة أساساً.


An Article in Newyork Sun about al chalabi.. I failed to find the english link

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Guest Guest




Chalabi Reportedly Told Iran That U.S. Had Code



Published: June 2, 2004



ASHINGTON, June 1 — Ahmad Chalabi, the Iraqi leader and former ally of the Bush administration, disclosed to an Iranian official that the United States had broken the secret communications code of Iran's intelligence service, betraying one of Washington's most valuable sources of information about Iran, according to United States intelligence officials.





The general charge that Mr. Chalabi provided Iran with critical American intelligence secrets was widely reported last month after the Bush administration cut off financial aid to Mr. Chalabi's organization, the Iraqi National Congress, and American and Iraqi security forces raided his Baghdad headquarters.


The Bush administration, citing national security concerns, asked The New York Times and other news organizations not to publish details of the case. The Times agreed to hold off publication of some specific information that top intelligence officials said would compromise a vital, continuing intelligence operation. The administration withdrew its request on Tuesday, saying information about the code-breaking was starting to appear in news accounts.


Mr. Chalabi and his aides have said he knew of no secret information related to Iran and therefore could not have communicated any intelligence to Tehran.


American officials said that about six weeks ago, Mr. Chalabi told the Baghdad station chief of Iran's Ministry of Intelligence and Security that the United States was reading the communications traffic of the Iranian spy service, one of the most sophisticated in the Middle East.


According to American officials, the Iranian official in Baghdad, possibly not believing Mr. Chalabi's account, sent a cable to Tehran detailing his conversation with Mr. Chalabi, using the broken code. That encrypted cable, intercepted and read by the United States, tipped off American officials to the fact that Mr. Chalabi had betrayed the code-breaking operation, the American officials said.


American officials reported that in the cable to Tehran, the Iranian official recounted how Mr. Chalabi had said that one of "them" — a reference to an American — had revealed the code-breaking operation, the officials said. The Iranian reported that Mr. Chalabi said the American was drunk.


The Iranians sent what American intelligence regarded as a test message, which mentioned a cache of weapons inside Iraq, believing that if the code had been broken, United States military forces would be quickly dispatched to the specified site. But there was no such action.


The account of Mr. Chalabi's actions has been confirmed by several senior American officials, who said the leak contributed to the White House decision to break with him.


It could not be learned exactly how the United States broke the code. But intelligence sources said that in the past, the United States has broken into the embassies of foreign governments, including those of Iran, to steal information, including codes.


The F.B.I. has opened an espionage investigation seeking to determine exactly what information Mr. Chalabi turned over to the Iranians as well as who told Mr. Chalabi that the Iranian code had been broken, government officials said. The inquiry, still in an early phase, is focused on a very small number of people who were close to Mr. Chalabi and also had access to the highly restricted information about the Iran code.


Some of the people the F.B.I. expects to interview are civilians at the Pentagon who were among Mr. Chalabi's strongest supporters and served as his main point of contact with the government, the officials said. So far, no one has been accused of any wrongdoing.


In a television interview on May 23, Mr. Chalabi said on CNN's "Late Edition" that he met in Tehran in December with the Iranian supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, and the Iranian president, Mohammad Khatami. He also said he had met with Iran's minister of information.


Mr. Chalabi attacked the C.I.A. and the director of central intelligence, George J. Tenet, saying the agency was behind what Mr. Chalabi asserted was an effort to smear him.

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Guest Guest

Iraq's Chalabi Denounces Outgoing CIA Chief Tenet

Posted by: Editor on Thursday, June 03, 2004 - 03:04 PM


By Suleiman al-Khalidi

NAJAF, Iraq (Reuters) - Iraqi politician Ahmad Chalabi launched a bitter attack on George Tenet Thursday, saying the outgoing CIA chief was to blame for false information on Saddam Hussein's alleged arsenal of banned weapons.


Chalabi, who enjoyed the support of Pentagon officials for years but has long been regarded with suspicion by the CIA and State Department, has been accused by some U.S. officials of passing on false information on weapons of mass destruction to push the United States into invading Iraq.


Officials in Washington have also said Chalabi is alleged to have told Iran that the United States had broken secret communication codes used by Tehran's spy service.


But speaking in the Iraqi holy city of Najaf after hearing that Tenet was resigning for "personal reasons,

" Chalabi denied the allegations and placed the blame on the CIA for misleading President Bush.


"The resignation of George Tenet is an internal matter for President Bush and his government," Chalabi told reporters.


"However, the effects of George Tenet's policy in Iraq...have not been helpful. He continued to make coups against Saddam in the face of all possible evidence that this would be unsuccessful. His policies caused the deaths of hundreds of Iraqis in these futile efforts," he said.


"He provided erroneous information about weapons of mass destruction to President Bush which caused his government massive embarrassment in the United Nations and his own country."


Chalabi said accusations that he had supplied sensitive intelligence to Iran were unfounded.


"Tenet was behind the charges against me, that claimed that I gave intelligence information to Iran. I denied these charges and deny them again, and I am sorry that he will not have the chance to appear before Congress now to decide whether this information he provided is correct or not," he said.


"I challenge him to bring the evidence."


Last month the Pentagon cut off the $340,000 a month stipend it paid to Chalabi's Iraqi National Congress, citing doubts about the intelligence the party provided ahead of the war.


Chalabi, a secular Shi'ite Muslim businessman, was once touted by U.S. officials as a possible Iraqi leader once Saddam was toppled. But he was left out of a new Iraqi government announced this week by the U.S.-led administration in Iraq.

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وافاد المسؤولون الأميركيون بانه قبل ما يقرب من ستة أشهر أخبر الجلبي مسؤول محطة بغداد في وزارة الاستخبارات والأمن الإيرانية بان الولايات المتحدة تقرأ الرسائل الصادرة والواردة إلى دائرة الاستخبارات الإيرانية، التي تعتبر واحدة من أكثر الأجهزة براعة في الشرق الأوسط.

واضاف هؤلاء المسؤولون إن المسؤول الإيراني في بغداد الذي كان يبدو وكأنه غير مقتنع بصحة معلومات الجلبي بعث برسالة عبر الكابل إلى طهران يخبر فيها رؤساءه بتفاصيل محادثته مع الجلبي، مستخدما في رسالته الشيفرة نفسها التي تمكن الأميركيون من فكها. وهذا ما ساعد الأميركيين على اعتراض الرسالة وقراءتها ومعرفة أن الجلبي كشف عملية فك الشيفرة الإيرانية

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Guest Guest_tajer



مقابله مع الجلبي .. بالقبس . الجزء الاول

الـجلبي يفجر خلافه مع الـ «سي آي إيه» ويكشف 8 ساعات من الأسرار 1

Jun 19, 2004

بقلم: اجرى اللقاء: د. جمال حسين

في حوار الساعات الثماني، قال كل منا ما يستطيع قوله ولم تمر دقيقة واحدة في هذه الساعات دون أن يقول الدكتور أحمد الجلبي رئيس المؤتمر الوطني العراقي وعضو مجلس الحكم المنتهية أعماله قبل فترة قصيرة، أشياء مهمة وجادة، في مظهرها وجوهرها.

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