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Baghdadee بغدادي

Happy New Year (soon)

Guest Tom Grey

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Guest Tom Grey

As a Christian, I'm proud of the Christmas celebration. But it's very understandable if other religions put a much smaller, or no, emphasis on it.


I sincerely wish all readers, and all non-readers, the happiest of days.



1) Do Iraqis have a custom of giving gifts to each other on a holiday?


2) When do Iraqis celebrate New Year's?

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Guest Guest_Mutergem

Translating Tom's:

انا مسيحي وفخور بعيد الميلاد. ولكني اتفهم عدم اهتمام الاديان الاخرى به.

اتقدم بخالص امنياتي لكل القراء وغيرهم بهذه المناسبه


1- هل لدى العراقيين عيدا يتبادلون الهدايا به

2- متى يحتفل العراقييون بعيد راس السنه

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Happy Chrismas and new year for all.

As for Islamic view to the Chrismas, you may look to



For your questions:

1- Yes, Iraqis Muslims are doing such thing on the two Eid celebrations , Ramadan and Haj. Christaians in Iraq have same tradition on Chrismas.

2- Moslims in Iraq don't have the tradition of celebrating new year. There is a symbolic celebration on the Islamic year which is a luner one on first of Muharaam month..But this is not a popular one and have no deep roots. It is a holyday thoght!.

Kurds and some Arabs celebrate the old Arian year "Naorooz" on March 21st.

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