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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Iraqi Science Teacher


Obviously, I only write about what gets on my nerves. Even though it's selfish, but I just don't feel like changing what I know is wrong unless it's bugging me. That wasn't always the case, but I guess the constant pressure from living around air-headed people all the time causes that. I don't like someone to prove a wrong point in my presence and impart his air-headedness (I'm just fond of this term ever since Konfused Kid used it with Shatha the Star Academy 4 iraqi contestant).


Anyway, even though I don't put much effort into making people think right, I just can't allow more and more of them getting messed up. I guess people do know now that I'm a 17 year old high schooler. So we have this biology teacher whom I've been really respecting for trying so hard to reach out to all the carefree students and being just dedicated and diligent at what he does, unlike most Iraqis I've known. However, the other day we were studying the brain, and there was this part which our text book said science hasn't figured out what it's good for, the pineal body. So he told students that the pineal body is the place where human souls rest. And he started mixing things up in such a bad way that I snapped out and started making fun of him at first in a way that he didn't recognize and eventually at a way that he did which got me into a confrontation in front of all the class. He started messing with all science saying that scientific knowledge is not constant and that one day we might trust in a theory or a scientist and the other day he'd come up with entirely different conclusions, therefore we shouldn't really trust it, and the only thing we know is constant is the holiest craftiest crappiest shittiest book of all time our holy Quran. He then jumped to evolution which he declared is wrong and shallow and no matter how many scientific proof I kept offering him, he kept clinging to his "Science is not trustworthy" crap and started making fun of how I would be an ape if evolution was true. So I got so mad and told him that it makes a badWord lot more sense than men are made from mud and women from their ribs. So he started questioning my beliefs in front of my entire class, and I had to respond in a subtle way until he asked about the Quran, and whether I believed it's all true and holy and stuff. I had to answer no, because I've been asked it like a thousand times this year and I was done with having to go through the humiliation of saying yes. I'm so done with it now and don't really care what the air-headeds might do next. In the meantime, I won't fear any of them anymore and I will stand for what I believe in.

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