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Baghdadee بغدادي

Alzaerqawee letter وثيقه الزرقاوي

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From the article;


...But America did not come to leave, and it will not leave no matter how numerous its wounds become and how much of its blood is spilled.

It is looking to the near future, when it hopes to disappear into its bases secure and at ease and put the battlefields of Iraq into the hands of the foundling government with an army and police that will bring the behavior of Saddam and his myrmidons back to the people. There is no doubt that the space in which we can move has begun to shrink and that the grip around the throats of the mujahidin has begun to tighten. With the deployment of soldiers and police, the future has become frightening.


Third: So Where are We?


Despite the paucity of supporters, the desertion of friends, and the toughness of the times,. ...

, we have been the keys to all of the martyrdom operations that have taken place except those in the north. Praise be to God, I have completed 25 [operations] up to now, including among the Shi`a and their symbolic figures, the Americans and their soldiers, the police and soldiers, and the coalition forces. God willing, more are to come.

What has prevented us from going public is that we have been waiting until we have weight on the ground and finish preparing integrated structures capable of bearing the consequences of going public so that we appear in strength and do not suffer a reversal. ..... As the decisive moment approaches, we feel that [our] body has begun to spread in the security vacuum, gaining locations on the ground that will be the nucleus from which to launch and move out in a serious way, God willing.


Fourth: The Work Plan


After study and examination, we can narrow our enemy down to four groups.


1. The Americans



2. The Kurds




3. Soldiers, Police, and Agents



4. The Shi`a

He's a real nowhere man,

Living in his nowhere land,

making all his nowhere plans

for nobody


Doesn't have a point of view.

Knows not where he's going to

Isn't he a bit like you

and me.


Nowhere Man- The Beatles

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التّرجمة الآليّة,



هو رجل قليل الإنجاز حقيقيّ,

العيشة في ملكه ليس في أيّ مكان أرض,

عمل كلّ ملكه ليس في أيّ مكان خطط

للا أحد


ليس لدى وجهة نظر .

يعرف ليس حيث يذهب إلى

ليس يحبّك قليلاً

و أنا .


رجل قليل الإنجاز - بيتليز

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الى الزرقاوي :

امن ذكر ليلى انت باكٍ وجازعُ

وتنفذ من ذكر العراق المدامعُ

فما من نزير ٍبعد ان طالَ هـَمُنا

وتبكي اذا قـُصّتْ طيورٌ سواجعُ

يقولون ارضٌ لم يعد فيها المُنى

وتردي مرارا ً في البيوت مدافعُ

احقا ً عباد الله ان لستُ ناظرا ً

ضِفافَ فـُراتٍ اوخـِيام تـُرفـَعُ

فيا راكبا ً اما عبـَرتَ فبلغن

اهالي من بغدادمن كان يـَسمَعُ

جزى اللهُ قومي بالعراق ملامة ً

صريحهم ظـُلما ًوآخر يـَشفعُ

بَلـّغْ سلامي تـُربة ً في جوفها

دِماءُ رجال ٍ اهرقتها المطامِعُ

دماءُ اناس ٍ غطت الأرض كلـّها

فلا حُرمة ٌتـُرعى ولايُرعَ جامِعُ

وبلـّـغ بنوالزرقاء عنـّّي تساؤلا ً

بجدك هل تعلم بما انت زامعُ؟

اترمي نساءً وتـُقتـّلُ صبية ً بقول

ابن مالك ام تقولُ الشوافعُ؟

امن حـَنـَفٍ ام من كلام ابن حنبلٍ

بأن تاكل الانسانَ صبرا ً قواطعُ ؟

اتأتيَ ادبارا ً وتذبح عزلا ً باسم

الهٍِ ام باسمكَ تـَدفعُ؟

فما لك والاسلام فيه تدنسه

امجاهدٌ انتَ وعنهُ تـُدافعُ ؟

فلو كنت في الاسلام ما كان

دأبك تسمم اطفالا ً الا تتورعُ؟

ولو كنت من عربٍ اتقتل كا

عبا ً وتبـَقرُ بطنيها ًبذاك تنطـّعُ

ولو كنت حقا ً كالمجاهد ما

حوتك من القوات خوفا ً مقابعُ

فما انت الا فرمة في حائض ٍ

اونكَ لوطيٌ لرجليه يرفعُ

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