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Baghdadee بغدادي

On the war anniversary

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Have the Americans achieved anything in the fight against terror by hitting Saddam's regime? It is clear that the Saddam regime had nothing to do with 9/11, Aren't they going into the wrong direction, spending much resources in the wrong place?.. Isn't it true that the level of threat that the terrorists pose today, is not less than what it was one year ago? Is the liberation of Iraq worth the sacrifices?


The above are very legitimate concerns, however,I don't agree with the conclusions ! Allow me to explain ..


Assume the Bush administration had decided to liberate North Korea instead of going after Saddam, would the terror reaction to this be the same.? Simply, NOT. Then why? Why did the terrorists choose to fight the Americans in Iraq so severely ?

One might answer , it is a Muslim country and they don't want it to be occupied.. But if this the case, then why didn't they show the same level of resistance in Afghanistan? Why didn't they go as far as, for example, punishing the allies as they did with Spain?


Why didn't the Alqaeda hit the Israelis until now,even though there is a big conflict going on with the occupiers and there are many Qaeda fans over there,? why didn't they hit the Israeli interests in Jordan, or Qatar?

A good answer might be ; those are already occupied territories, Iraq is a new occupation. As for Afghanistan and other , Iraq is more important to them as other places are ..


That is again a reasonable answer.. But wait ;Why did they try to kill Iraqis and especially Sunni Kurds and Shia Arab in order to push the country into a civil war and toward a chaotic state?

Here I might know the clear answer !

They are doing it because they might want to stop the American project in Iraq at all cost. Because they feel that the success of the democracy in Iraq is a fatal threat for them, where the majority are Shia and Kurds , both of which are in extreme opposition to the Salafee theology ..


And here is the catch.. and it might be the answer to the concerns above..

It is not the occupation that they might be afraid of, it is the project and it is the place!


And that is why I fully understand the Bush Administration's decision of choosing Iraq as the right place to fight the terror.. It is the place that the terror would never run away from as they did in Afghanistan, and it is the project that they would never allow to be successful..

Iraq is the only country of two places among the middle east (the hart land of these Salafees) where minority is ruling so aggressively.. It is the place where the fight against the regime would never be considered, by its population, as a war against the country. It is the place where at least 85% of the population are in support of an occupier changing the regime. At the same time they are in great hatred to the Salafee terrorists theology,which is not the case in the other country (Syria)..


It is the right place, the right moment and the right direction.. There is no better place on mother earth that might be better to fight terror than this one!


Any fail or retreat by the Americans in this Iraqi war is fatal to the free world!

Any fail or retreat by the terror is fatal to those evildoers!

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Well, Mr. Clark has shown himself to have very little credibility, his story changes quite a bit. Iraq is considered part of the war on terror because oppressive regimes like Saddam's creates the enviroment that breeds terror. Quite frankly, the solution to end terror is freedom! The unfortunate thing is, freedom requires personal responsibility and discipline. Many here in America cannot even get that right... :( But they should not have to bring down the freedom of the good and rightious! :D

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