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Baghdadee بغدادي

The Lamp of magic ..

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The Lamp of magic ..


By : Salim Baghdadee


More than three years ago President Bush declared a victory, he was right and wrong. It was victory on Saddam regime, however it was not yet on the front of building the new stable prosperous Iraq battle .

The question after such long bloody four years , Are we closer to achieve the later?

Two months ago, we might not even find the question as a realistic one . Today there are some who might be willing to discuss possibilities.


For some one who lived every moment of Iraq over the last forty years of history, I had to come to one resolution: Iraq is just like an electric bulb, either in ON or OFF state . During the early Seventies of last century, Iraq had its hard times of dictatorship, poverty and corruption. All of a sudden, after the 73s oil crises , Iraq turned to be one of the most open fast growing economic power houses in ME. Schools, factories , hospitals, universities and other social and political activities were every where.. I recall people from all over the world pour in to Iraq , the land of opportunities. What was making Iraq preferred over other ME oil rich countries? Other than financial opportunities ,it was the people. Open, warm and easy going kind of relations with foreigners is something one can easily figure out.


Then all of sudden, later Seventies, Saddam took over . Abandoning other political rivals including his closest Baath party comrades. Saddam brutally tortured and executed more than half of the higher leadership council during his first week of taking over, the new leader also prohibited all parties other than his version of Baath party . He blocked all public free social activities and political achievements. Lunching the eight years long war on Iran, the light bulb was just turned OFF for more than nine years.. During these years , we thought that there would be no end to our sufferings.


Once again, the switch was back to ON on the day of Aug. 8th , 1988. The war ended over night , Saddam regime changed attitude , business flourished and the boarders gates were open again ! Baghdad streets came back to life and people started to manage their affairs bit away from the full control of the regime.


The fuel was not enough to feed the bulb more than two years though, to turn the switch off on Feb Aug 1990. Saddam prohibited the travel abroad five minutes before announcing the occupation of Kuwait on the radio on that Morning where I was just about to pack my bags heading to UK to persue my higher studies ! Back to square zero...


On April 2003 with the fall of the statue, many Iraqis thought it is the day that their destiny switch would be turned ON for ever . Unfortunately it was not the case as they woke up on something called Alqaeda that turned it OFF, sparking their first car explosion couple of months later.


Back to the question.. Are we wittnessing the new round of Iraq electric bulb shining again.? Who knows, may be. Let us wait and see .

Have in mind that the story of Aladin lamp is an Iraqi . The lamp that had the magic of making the wonders !

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I can’t agree more .... I just had a glimpse of what’s on the news today:

- Opening some roads in Al-Kadhimiya-Baghdad. Calls from Kadhimiya (Shias) and Adhamiya (Sunni) neighbourhoods to open the bridge that connect the two suburbs.

- People in masses walking the street of Baghdad celebrating the Eid (Hajj Feast).

- Sunnis & Shias in Rahmaniya marching the street celebrating unity.


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Got this assesment from a friend.. I found it very accurate..



> Dear Friends,

> I just got back from Baghdad after spending 16 days there. Some quick impressions made:

> * Security incidents far less in number but still at least one car bomb per day. Iraqis say it is 80% better!

People are generally more bolder in going out in the evenings. Still assassinations are taking place and innocent people are being beheaded and bombed mainly by AlQaeda or former Saddam forces. Izzat Aldouri is actively leading former Baath party members in Diyala and Salah El-Din.

> * Many Iraqis seem to have lost confidence in the political forces presently in power, and they are still afraid and worry.

> * Baghdad is cleaner than two years ago and a bit more organised

> * Corruption is very rife at all levels but I can still see many decent and clean people in key positions. But other key members of government, parliament, officials and political party activists are clearly abusing their positions and some openly taking bribes and/or enjoying undeserved benefits

> * Business confidence is slowly picking up but no major private investment

> * The electricity supply situation is still very bad in Baghdad (better in other provinces) but water supply is better > * A real gap has developed in many government departments as a result of the departure of many middle tier officials posing serious threat to future development. Mismanagement is evidenced in many places.

> * Incredibly and in spite of what happened in the last four years, I still met Iraqis with a lot of hope in the future. Some people are really trying to make a difference in spite of the situation.

> * "Cantons" are in effect in areas such as Saydia, Adhamia, Bayaa, Jamiaa, Ghazalia, so there is some separation between Sunis and Shiaas. However other areas are still mixed and inter-marriages between sects are still taking place although less than before

> * Many people are still afraid to go back to their homes or have lost it to occupiers. My own house is now occupied illegally by a former Saddam intelligence officer.

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