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I found the below comments as very interesting.

US policy makers might need to deeply think of these good point by Amy proctor. I don't know who the writer is and of what back ground, but we might need to get out of the steriotype US main media style of thinking of bad and good , real life is a complex mix.


Shall we expect another "Sahwa "awakening ?. This time , might be by the US policy makers ! Sunii insurgents are not the only milestone, Sader and his poor gangs need to be accomodated to.



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Iraq: Whither Sadr and the Mahdi Army?


Ayatollah Fadhil Al-Maliki issued a fatwa in which he openly called on police and army to abandon their duty, adding that operation Knights' Charge is not targeting criminals but an aggression against "the majority of the Iraqi people." Although there is news about a handful of soldiers and policemen abandoning their posts and joining the militia, this fatwa is not going to have a significant effect on operations. However it's a reminder that there are still people who bet on fatwas as long as some are willing to offer allegiance to the sect instead of the country.

The article by Omar might expose the extent of complexity of Iraq situation and so the ignorance by some who claim close watching up. First of all Fadhil Almaliki is a preacher " rawzakhoon" and not a sholar "ayatoulah", so no way he can issue a fatwa.He has absolutely of no religouse influence by any means.

Second, he was talking from Quom-Iran to the media where he used to live over the last thirty years, he keeps to stay even after the fall of Sadam. His call is not against the Iranian, but against the classic Shia marjiea of Najaf led by Iranian born Ayatoulah Alsystani. Fadhil Almaliki is an engineer who feld the country long time a go to join the SRCI after get married to the duaghter of Ayatouls Bakir Alhakim. He is of same tribe of PM Almaliki and from same town of Tawareej.


We need to be very careful reading through bloggers.

As for Alsader, one needs to remeber that that the PM AlMaliki and his government had never claimed their mission to be against Alsadrees in Basrah. They went after corruption and criminal groups. A statement that is usually recieved in Basrah to refer to the religous parties who took control on the official positions, ports and other oil industory facilities where Sadrees has no rule as the they didn't participate in the last mincipal ellections. Almaliki, after the Sader's call is moving very fast toward other criminal gangs beloging to toher parties.. Yesterday miltary troops dismissed all police personalls working at both main ports. Also burned the small ships used by oil smugllers.. It is an operation in process.



The above article is no more than reflection to the propaganda " Alsharkia tv as example" which for some reason trying to put PM ALmaliki in front of Alsader. It had succeeded to raise the Sadrees doubts about the Basrah's campaign. It was Muqta who was really aware of that so he issued an order to raise olive branches at the beginning of the campaign then finally issued his order to remove all armed forces. A move that was greatly recieved by most Iraqis.

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what could be done to help decoupling poor youth and the radical stands?


Today the only way that had proven effect was to enlist them in the regular monthly pay as it was the case with Sunni insurgents through enlisting them in Sahwa .But here we have problems


1- There is no way to enlist more than one million unemployed persons.


2- Such massive employment might put the current armed forces balance in danger . Some thing that will be resisted by other political parties of all sects and races, specially competitive Shia parties to Alsaderees who currently have upper hands on the police in the south and have less popularity in the poor communities.


3- The Americans might have their restrictions too as it might not concide with their plans.


4- There is no need to have large number of them in the south as there is no real enemy to fight as the case with Qaeda in the westren parts..


However, pushing such large number of unemployed people away from their only opportunity , as most of them were ex Sadam low rank army personals, is doing nothing but to provide radical groups with more man power.


The government had some plans to hire some of the unemployed and there are programs to support small businesses. Unfortunately all of these plans are either insufficient to swallow the huge numbers or being mismanaged by the current government corruption . It ends to create a fake employment that would be worse than the unemployment itself.


I thought of the following proposal:


In Iraq today there are more than 4000 mine fields with more than 25 million mines. Such huge number of fields needs more than ten years of hard work , each mine excavation is estimated to cost 250 dollars. The question is , what if we direct that man power into such activity. Here what I found


1-training of mining personal is not a very big task. We can follow the AFRICAN example


2-there are a lot of international organizations that are ready to help but lack access to Iraq


3 such work will be of great benefit to the country specially if we put in mind that most of these fields are around the oil candidate fields. I am sure many countries like Japan are ready to give help on such project also Oil companies might be willing to have these fields cleared of mines.

5- The problem of corruption within the Iraqi government might be solved by having such activity be on per mine pay and not per salary. The UN might be of great help here to manage such project.

6- These fields are in the rural areas, which means that these young men will be pushed away from their local influences

7- These fields are distributed all over Iraq, so men from different backgrounds can benefit it. For example, it can accomodate the extra Sahwa personals too.

8-These fields are today a major source of immintion to the terror networks, putting them under control is of great value in fighting theses networks.

I know that such project is not an easy to bring into action, but I think we need to at least give it a shot




There is a great Chinese say: rather than condemning the dark, light a candle

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The official represensative of Muqtada Alsader , Shiekh Salah AlObiadee, accused Iran to collaborate with US adminstration on the long term Iraqi-US treaty.

He said in news confrence that Iran didn't show any real objection to the negotiation about this treaty.


See the official Sader web site below



On another front, the same speaker denied the NT's report that the Coalition Shia "mainly SIRI and Maliki's parties" legistlators are in Iran to negotiat with Mugtada on the current violance. The speaker accused some in the coalition are leaking such news to claim that Alsader is controlled by the Iranian at a time they they know that Muqtada is not in Iran.


Such remarks by alsader rep might reflects two things. On one had the main Sader's base is not happy with any close relation to Iran, so the rep was very fast in denying such report. Second is that he is trying to send strong signal to Iran that the Sadree's are not happy with Iran support to their competitors.

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التيار الصدري: سنمهل الاتفاق مع أميركا عامين إذا كان فيه نفع





Very interesting news, Alsader rep in Kufa_Iraq gave one of most important indication that they will support a two year withdraw plan if the government assure Iraq interests. I think with this, if turn to be real, the US-Iraqi is ready to get Iraqi Parliament. Sunnis will not block it as they have there best times with US presence, so Alsadrees are the only significan Iraqi poltical group that might bring problems..



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Guest kreem
we cant take any right decision becuse iraq under US

occupation....so dont blame iraqies for all negative thinks,.

even when america leave iraq the CIA is there,and will play its poletical role in Iraq.

Do you think USA will allow for another Islamic republic?


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الصدر في مقابله مع قناه الجزيره



المقاومه السياسيه ليست خيارنا الوحيد

احاول الفصل بين المقاومه السياسيه والمقاومه العسكريه

ساتعامل مع الاطراف السياسيه الاخرى بمنطق السياسه

لم اتفاجئ بالنتائج لان قاعدتنا الشعبيه هي الاكبر ولولا الضغوط لكانت نتائجئنا اكبر

لم ينتصر المالكي على جيش المهدي فقد جمدنا الجيش

اتصلنا بحارث الضاري للمشاركه سويه في الانتخابات السابقه ورفض الاشتراك

هيئه العلماء الحاليه لاتشكل شئ في العراق

اكثر السنه يميلون للجانب العلماني

اتصلت بهيئه العلماء بعد السقوط عارضا التعاون ولم استلم جواب

لدينا مايزيد عن الف معتقل متهمون بالمقاومه او بالطائفيه لم تثبت عليهم تهمه

المالكي يكذب الكذبه ثم يصدقها

اعضاء من حزب الدعوه عرضو علينا ورقه المعتقلين

في الاستفتاء الصدري لم ارد ان يكون الفائز من الصدريين

اتوقع ان يفوز احد الجعفرين

نريد هويه عراقيه غير طائفيه لرئيس الوزراء

يعجبني ان يكون المرشح من خارج اللذين كانوا في الخارج

احاول ان لايكون هناك فيتو

القواعد الشعبيه لديها فيتو على البعض مثل المالكي

ولكن السياسه لها احكامها

لايوجد فيتو على علاوي ,لكن ارفض قربه من البعثيين

المالكي لديه نزعه للاستفراد


لعل علاوي يطرح موضوع نصف الوزاره للصدريين. وعلى الاكثر عرض علينا ذلك

تشكيل الحكومه يجب ان لايكون على اساس حزبي او طائفي وبعيده عن البعث والاحتلال

عليها ان تكون قريبه من الشعب وان تكون موحده فاذا وصل الكردي مثلا الى موقعه في الوظيفه العامه فعليه ان ينظر الى المصلحه العامه قبل الكرديه

اعتبر الاتفاقيه من انجازات المالكي الفاشله

العراق سيكون محرر عندما يخرج الامريكي

اتفاق اهل العراق بحاجه الى معجزه

يجب ان لايتعدى التدخل الخارجي مستوى النصيحه

امريكا وصدام سوونا "ملطشه" وصدام لم يرفض الدخول الامريكي وانما سهل لهم ذلك واذا لم تقتله امريكا كنت ساقتله وهو مصير كل دكتاتور وخائن

الاولويه هي لخروج المحتل و الوحده والابتعاد عن العنف فالشعب تعب منه

وان يخدم المنتخبين شعبهم وذلك بالبدء بعمليه البناء وايقاف السرقات

اقدم نفسي وقاعدتي الشعبي لرئيس الوزراءالقادم اذا خدم الشعب العراقي


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