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Baghdadee بغدادي

Iraqis visa to US

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U.S. Expands Visa Program for Iraqis function getSharePasskey() { return 'ex=1374724800&en=3d5e50c4e9bff996&ei=5124';}function getShareURL() { return encodeURIComponent('http://www.nytimes.com/2008/07/25/world/middleeast/25visa.html');}function getShareHeadline() { return encodeURIComponent('U.S. Expands Visa Program for Iraqis');}function getShareDescription() { return encodeURIComponent('The 10-fold expansion of a system to help threatened Iraqi employees obtain U.S. visas and ultimately citizenship comes after criticism over delays.');}function getShareKeywords() { return encodeURIComponent('Visas,Immigration and Refugees,United States Armament and Defense,Iraq');}function getShareSection() { return encodeURIComponent('world');}function getShareSectionDisplay() { return encodeURIComponent('International / Middle East');}function getShareSubSection() { return encodeURIComponent('middleeast');}function getShareByline() { return encodeURIComponent('By ALISSA J. RUBIN');}function getSharePubdate() { return encodeURIComponent('July 25, 2008');} <LI class=yahoobuzz>http://buzz.yahoo.com/article/new_york_tim...252F25visa.htmlBy ALISSA J. RUBINPublished: July 25, 2008



What about visiting visas for Iraqi-American families members, business or tourists? What about student visas?

Till now the US visa authorities deals with Iraqis , same way the did during Sadam era. Till when they keep looking to Iraq from the hostility front window. I don't ask for big change, please deal with Iraqis at least the way you do with Afghans, Iranians, Lebanese, Syrians not mentioning the Suedes or Jordanians !


A 65 years old friend of mine who is a professor and dean of one of the Iraqi university colleges , is waiting a visiting visa to attend wedding of his niece for three months. Another businessman friend who wanted to visit some US firms , was denied visa for no clear reason.

Iraqis have to go to Neighboring countries to apply at a time the biggest US embassy is in Baghdad !!!

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