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Baghdadee بغدادي

Continuing CPA regulations

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U.S. administrator L. Paul Bremer has issued a raft of edicts revising Iraq's legal code and has appointed at least two dozen Iraqis to government jobs with multi-year terms in an attempt to promote his concepts of governance long after the planned handover of political authority on Wednesday.



Some Iraqi officials condemn Bremer's edicts and appointments as an effort to exert U.S. control over the country after the transfer of political authority. "They have established a system to meddle in our affairs," said Mahmoud Othman, a member of the Governing Council, a recently dissolved body that advised Bremer for the past year. "Iraqis should decide many of these issues."



As of June 14, Bremer had issued 97 legal orders, which are defined by the U.S. occupation authority as "binding instructions or directives to the Iraqi people" that will remain in force even after the transfer of political authority. An annex to the country's interim constitution requires the approval of a majority of Allawi's ministers, as well as the interim president and two vice presidents, to overturn any of Bremer's edicts. A senior U.S. official in Iraq noted recently that it would "not be easy to reverse" the orders.



  But perhaps Bremer's most far-reaching and potentially contentious order is the election law, which he signed June 15. The law states that no party can be associated with a militia or get money from one. It also requires the electoral commission to draft a code of conduct barring campaigners from using "hate speech, intimidation, and support for, the practice of and the use of terrorism."


The law, signed last week, is intended to establish the framework and policies that will govern next year's national elections to select a 275-member national assembly. But experts in Arab world elections have questioned how the law will be received by the Iraqi people once its terms are widely known. Some predicted that the rules would be challenged and perhaps ignored by the interim Iraqi government.



  Campbell said it would be difficult, if not impossible, to enforce the provision separating militia members from politics since all the major Iraqi political parties are associated with armed organizations. Although the occupation authority has attempted to demobilize militias, most have not yet disbanded.


Juan Cole, a University of Michigan professor who specializes in Iraq, said the appointed electoral commission's power to eliminate political parties or candidates for not obeying laws would allow it "to disqualify people someone didn't like."

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Guest Guest_tajer



In arabic.. Bremer issued an order to dismiss the anti Baathification commitee.. Some Iraqis warnning that this might trigger revengue acts in the Iraq againsyt the Saddamees.. Alchalabi acuased Bremer that he was behind dismmising 30 thousand Baathees at the time he kept many Sadamee's criminals in adminstrations..

The commitee declared that it returned back more than 6000 of them to their jobs.. It also declared that only 1200 Saddamees were convicted to be criminals out of the 2 million baathees..

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Guest Mustefser



In Arabic, very interesting article about the simple leave of Mr. Bremer..


Here below a rough translation:

In his final speach, Mr. Bremer wished that he can have the chance to return back to Baghdad with his grand duaghter Sofee.. He also recited in Arabic some of the Baghdadee peot Ibn Zuraik,[1]:

I am leaving Baghdad that is holding my moon..[2]

In Karkh , [3]

I said goodby and hope if it can grant me my life by not letting be say it..

But that is life



[1] Lived in Baghdad , in the 1000 b.c. , he got to leave his family and move to Spain "Andulusia" and died there.. He wrote only this piece of very valuable Arabic peot..

[2] Sympolic meaning, that Arab use to express a beloved thing

[3] A discret in baghdad


بريمر يودع بغداد بأبيات من شعر أبي زريق البغدادي

بغداد ـ29/6/ ـ تمنى بريمر ان يعود يوما ما الى العراق مع حفيدته صوفي، وعمرها سنتان، وضمّن كلمته أبيات شعر لعلي بن زريق البغدادي، وقد تلاها بالعربية:

أستودع الله في بغداد لي قمرا

بالكرخ من فلك الأزرار مطلعه

ودّعته وبودي لو يودعني

صفو الحياة وإني لا أودعه

وكم تشفّع بي ألاّ أفارقه

وللضرورات حال لا تشفّعه

> علي بن زريق هو بغدادي كان يعيش في الكرخ، هاجر لظروف فقره وترك زوجته.. وعانى الامرين من ألم الفراق في المهجر (الاندلس) وكانت هذه القصيدة اليتيمة له، وضعها تحت وسادته بعد ان نظمها وتوفي متأثرا بالوجد الى زوجته وبلده. 

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Guest Guest

More from the Ibn-Zurak Albaghdzade poet..In arabic



أسـتودع اللـه فـي بغداد لـي قمـرا

بــالكرخ مـن فلـك الأزرار مطلعـه


ودعتــه وبــودي لــو يــودعني

صفــو الحيــاة وإنــي لا أودعـه


وكــم تشــفع بــي ألا أفارقــه

وللضــرورات حــال لا تشــفعه


وكم تشبث بي , خوف الفراق , ضحى

وأدمعـــي مســـتهلات وأدمعــه


لا أكـذب اللـه , ثـوب الصبر منخرق

عنـــي بفرقتــه لكــن أرقعــه


أعطيـت ملكـا فلـم أحسـن سياسـته

كـذاك مـن لا يسـوس الملـك يخلعه


ومــن يصـدع قلبـي ذكـره , وإذا

جـرى عـلى قلبـه ذكـري يصدعـه


لأصـــبرن لدهـــر لا يمتعنــي

بــه , ولا بــي فـي حـال يمتعـه


علمـا بـأن اصطبـاري معقـب فرجا

فــأضيق الأمـر إن فكـرت أوسـعه


عـل الليـالي التـي أضنـت بفرقتنـا

جسـمي - سـتجمعني يومـا وتجمعـه


وإن تغـــل أحــدا منــا منيتــه

فمــا الــذي بقضـاء اللـه نصنعـه

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