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Ba'ath party back

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<H1 class=title id=view_title>Iraq: The writing is on the wall, the US wants the Ba'ath party back


Since 1979, the Ba'ath party has mainly been led by Sunni leaders, but this has not always been the case. During the early years of its formation, the Ba'ath party comprised a mixture of Shiite and Sunni leadership and policy makers. During the 50's and up to the 1963 coup d'état when they first came into power, most of the political leaders in the party were Shiite. They included the founder of the Iraqi Ba'ath Party, Fouad Al Rikabi and the leader of the CIA-organised coup d'état in 1963, Ali Salih Al-Sadi, his second in command Hani Fkaiki, and many other leaders. I have covered this issue in more detail in several of my previous articles.[2]


By the 1979 Ba'ath conference, the Saddam wing of the party succeeded in ousting all of its opponents within the "Iraqi Command" of the party. This was the milestone which turned the party into a sectarian organisation, utilising the state as the main sectarian tool against the Shiites and Kurds. It is important to emphasise that the Iraqi Sunni community were not to blame on this issue.


The Iraqi Ba'ath party was then split into several factions after the March 2003 US/UK occupation of Iraq and the arrest of Saddam Hussein in December 2003.


From studying the history of the past fifty years, we see that the Iraqi Ba'ath party was frequently used as an instrument for accomplishing US and UK policies in the Middle East and Gulf region. The overwhelming evidence is that the CIA used the Ba'ath party in order to achieve US objectives and that the CIA and the British MI6 were behind the 1963 and 1968 coups d'état which twice brought the Ba'ath party to power.[3]


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