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اسماء محفوظ

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اسماء محفوظ اسم سيتذكره التاريخ


هل تتذكرون تلك الفتاه المصريه التي وقفت تتحدى اجهزه مبارك قبل ثلاثه اسابيع في شوارع القاهره


للتذكير شاهد هذا الفيديو



دعت أسماء الى مضاهرات 25 كانون الثاني

شاهد دعوتها قبل الانتفاضه



وهذا ماحصل يوم الخامس والعشرين






وللقصه بقيه لاتنتهي فهناك اخت لآسماء في كل بلد عربي

رحمه الله عليك يابو عزيزي فقد جعلتنا نعيش عصر اسماء

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Egypt's 'Heroes With No Names'




By FOUAD AJAMI WSJ 12/2/2011






The bargain with Mr. Mubarak was not a brilliant, unalloyed success. American officials managing the Egyptian-American relationship had not been entirely in the dark about the workings of this bargain. Several years ago, in the aftermath of the decapitation of the Saddam regime in Baghdad, the administration of George W. Bush had made a run at Hosni Mubarak: They wanted him to open up his country, give it a badly needed dose of reform. They had taken notice of the anti-Americanism and the antimodernism of his regime. He had belittled the Iraq war and declared it a project of folly. He had spoken openly of Iraq's need for the heavy hand of a strongman. Democracy was not for the Arabs—not now—this autocrat of the barracks proclaimed.


Mr. Mubarak waited out that American moment of enthusiasm. He appealed to his country's nativism. He didn't have to worry. The Bush administration would soon abandon its "diplomacy of freedom." It had done heavy, burdensome work in Iraq, and it would now leave well enough alone. Mr. Mubarak then smashed a nascent challenge to his tyranny: a fragile liberal movement whose name alone summed up the alienation between pharaoh and his people: Kifaya, "Enough!"





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