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Baghdadee بغدادي

Congradulation to the Iraqi football team

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Guest Guest_Tajer

Iraq second team lost to Moroco 2-1



It was really hard following three battels at same time

The game, the confrence and the Sader!

Seems we wins the the three.. CONGRADULATION Iraq..

Let us wait for the next game.. Have a look to the US channels coverage for the olympics


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Guest Guest_tajer







The Iraqi players, who endured extreme hardship simply to reach the Athens Games, have been on a dream run after reaching the last eight of the Asian Cup last month.



They now play Australia in Saturday's quarter-finals, while Costa Rica meet favorites Argentina.



Meanwhile, Italy narrowly avoided the same fate as Portugal after they were beaten 1-0 by an impressive Paraguay in Group B.



Striker Fredy Bareiro headed a 14th minute winner to send Paraguay into the quarter-finals where they will take on South Korea.

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Guest Guest_Tajer


Not only in soccer, look to boxing.. That is Iraq..

When it was over, Ali pumped his fist over his head and jumped for joy while a handful of flag-waving Iraq fans screamed and chanted his name. Just reaching the Olympics was a triumph -- but winning was unimaginably better.



``It's a victory for Iraq and for Iraqis all over the world,'' said Ali, who looks much younger than his 24 years. ``I'm a symbol for a lot of people looking for a good life. I'm a symbol for freedom.''



Ali's victory arrived on the heels of the Iraqi soccer team's wins over Portugal and Costa Rica. The Olympics already have been improbably successful for a nation that was banned from competition last year by the IOC.

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Guest Guest_tajer


Working together works for Iraqi soccer

Team abandons hate to fight for improbable medal

One winning team that has become so big a story that NBC has decided to televise its quarterfinal match Sunday, a scheduling shift as unexpected as the Iraqi team's rise.


(NBC is a partner in the joint venture that runs NBCSports.com.)

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Guest Guest_tajer


Iraqis are in the semi finals!!


Believe it or it.. The first call cogradulating the win was from our neighbor .. He is an American white .. This game is not unifying Iraqis , it also unifying nations..

All forgot the voilance , all think about one thing.. The success story of the team!

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Guest Guest_tajer




One point to remember.. The Australians had funded the training of the team in Austerialia.. Hard-luck Australia.. Hope to get it back to you in some other one.!


Iraqi players are getting a lot of offers to play with The Europian great teams! Bye Bye, the times of Audai finanalizing the deals to his pocket!!

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This must be the "official Iraqi soccer team" thread.

In the United States, we watch a lot of Olympics.Mostly sports like s




Our own American Football season starts in a few weks so we watch a lot of pre season games.


We in the United States are not big soccer fans.

But even in the United States it is quietly being reported that Iraq has advanced to the medal rounds!

Good luck Iraq.

The eyes of the world now have to take notice of your team.

We in the United States will soon be watching Iraqi soccer team play on our TV's !

Even though many Americans do not watch or follow soccer....will will watch and encourage greatness for your team




I wish you much strength and victory

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Translating Airdale's



ترجمه تعليق" ايردل" اعلاه


يستحق هذا العمود ان يكون "الموقع الرسمي للفريق العراقي"


في الولايات المتحده نحن لا نتابع كره القدم الاوربيه ونفضل غالبا



الركض و الجمناستك

كره القدم الامريكيه تبدأ خلال اسابيع لذا فنحن نتابع مباريات التهيئه حاليا

نحن في امريكا لسنا من مشجعي كره القدم الاوربيه

ومع ذلك فقد كان هناك في امريكا تغطيه متميزه حول نجاحات الفريق العراقي بتقدمه للنهائيات نحو الحصول على مداليه


حضا سعيدا ياعراق

عيون العالم تتابع الان انجازاتكم الكرويه

نحن هنا سوف نشاهد مباريات الفريق العراقي من خلال محطاتنا الامريكيه

ولو ان اغلب الامريكان لا يتابعون كره القدم الاوربيه... سوف نقضي وقتا ممتعا لمشاهده الفريق العراقي ونشجعه


حضا سعيدا مع الذهبيه

اتمنى لكم القوه والنصر

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Guest Mustefser

ونحن في غمره النجاح والفرح تبادر الى ذهني اؤلئك اللذين شاركوا في صتع الانتصار ولو انهم لم يشاركوا الاخرين قطف ثماره

المدرب اللاماني الذي كان وراء وصول المنتخب الى النهائيات وحارس المرمى الاصلي احمد علي الذي غيب عن المنتخب بقرار من المدرب ..

لقد كانت خطوه شجاعه من المدرب ولكن الم يكن في هذا القرار قسوه اكبر من ماتستدعب.. لاندري الخلفيات ولكن كنت اضن وجود الحرس الاصلي ضروريا كلما هجم البرتغاليون او الاستراليون

فحارسنا الشجاع والمثابر تنثصه ميزه مهمه الا وهي قصر القامه


حضا سعيدا والله يسترThe trumph of the great performance should make us forgot those who participate in make the story but didn't have the chance to get it's fruits.. The geman coach who get the team up to the finals and the original great goolkeeper Ahmed Ali

who was expeled by the coach Adnan hamad.

It was a great risk by the caoch, but i find some crulity also.

We don't know the details but I was so concerened with the great less experience young gool keeper


Hope he can do his best but he has a lack of high..

God bless our team

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ال المعلق " تحيه لهؤلاء الشباب تحيه الى الرئيس , هؤلاء شبابكم الذين عطفت عليهم برعايتك يصلون الى التصفيات النصف نهائيه"


سينتفض بعضكم سيقولون غير معقول فعراق اليوم لايجرؤ معلق على التملق لرئيس الدوله بهذا الشكل المقرف..


اقول نعم حصل ولكن انتم على حق.. فالمذيع لم يكن عراقيا واللاعب لم يكن كذلك ..

كان شابا مصريا شجاعا اسمه السيد ,وصل الى التصفيات النصف نهائيه بالملاكمه, تبرع معلق المباره بنص الملاكم الى رئيسه وصاحب نعمته .


تسائلت مع نفسي كم تغير العراق!! تحيه لكل من دفع دمائه ثمنا لهذا التغييرThe sportcast was going

"Congradulation to those young men, Congradulation to our beloved president for his support to them."


Some of you would say, that is impposible the sportcast never say something in the new Iraq..


I would say , swear to god he said that.. However you are right, it was not Iraqi one and the player was not an Iraqi too.

It was the egyptian brave boxer Alsaid, who went the smifinals today. The sportcast donate his win to the sportcast master , Mr. president..


I told my self , how much Iraq had changed!!


Salute to all those who paid their blood to change it..

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اتفق معك تماما .. وهذا ما جعلنا ننضر باستياء الى تلك التصريحات المنسوبه لاحد الاعبين .

لاعبي ومدرب المنتخب هم سفراء لكل الشعب العراقي وعليهم ان بعوا هذه المساله

لاالومهم فقد سقط فس هفوه مماثله وزير خارجيتنا الزيباري من قبل عنما اطلق لارائه الشخصيه العنان وهو في موقع مسؤليه ضد فصيل عراثي مشارك معه في مجلس الحكم




I fully agree with you

Indeed this why we had looked to unexpectedly to the reports of some players personal opinions.

All team needs to know that they are empassidors for all Iraqis not for certain faction

I don't blame them though they are young.. Even experienced Forien minister has commited such personal announcement before.

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Guest Guest_Tajer



Another story of success.. Another Syderala story..!!



The crowd embraced the 106-pound boxer's effort, chanting ``Ali! Ali!'' in the fourth round of a bout that came on the same night the Iraq soccer team advanced to the semifinals with a 1-0 victory over Australia.



When the fight ended, the disconsolate boxer was lifted off the mat in a bear hug by Maurice ``Termite'' Watkins, his colorful American coach.



``All of the people were my people,'' Ali said.



Afterward, both Watkins' shirt and Ali's uniform were spotted with Nalbandyan's blood.



``He fought a fantastic fight,'' Watkins said. ``We did this in 10 months, and they've all been getting ready for this for four years. I think of him like my son. I love him very much.''

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