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Finally , Alfayha A "real" Iraqi Satalite station

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After long wait listening to all those anti Iraqi freedom such as Iraqi factionist or Arab westren channels, Iraqis now can watch some real genioun Iraqi news station .. It is still under experimental broadcasting from Dubai, but the finance that come from Iraqis, and the management that is expatriot "real" Iraqis, assure listeners that they would have a fresh air. Finally we are breaking the ice wall..

The world deserve having another story about Iraq, a real one!

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Guest mustefser




Monday, August 23, 2004


Appeasment and impatience.

This afternoon there was a discussion on a program at the new Iraqi satellite TV channel, Al-Fayhaa, and they interviewed the state minister for provinces affairs, Mr. Waa’il Abdul Lateef. It’s worth mentioning that this newborn channel (which is run by Basrawis and based in the UAE) is attracting big audience in Iraq although the transmission goes only for few hours every day. This is mainly due to the daring nature of its programs and the freedom provided for the participants (mainly Iraqis calling from inside and especially from the south) to voice their opinions in the channel’s discussion programs. The people running this channel are obviously open minded with a clear patriot spirit along with high level of objectivity.


The discussion in today’s program was about the situation in Najaf and related events in other Iraqi cities and the calls coming from inside Iraq were a lot more telling and informative than most news reports we get from other channels and the phone calls together with information provided by the minister clarified many points that were considered dark spots for the public opinion. For example, the reason why people in Sistani’s office refused to receive the keys of the shrine was because Sistani’s office found out that many ancient artifacts were stolen from the shrine, and they refused to take responsibility of the shrine until the missing pieces are returned. It’s well known, and as the minister stated that the Mehdi army (or people saying that they are members of Mehdi army as the minister said) stole many priceless ancient artifacts from the safes inside the shrine, as well as huge amounts of cash.


Another reason that I think is behind Sistani’s decision is that Sistani wants the government to take responsibility for protecting the shrine while Muqtada’s assistants insist that they (Mehdi Army) do that or that an armed group that belongs to the Hawza should be formed to carry out this job. It’s obvious that Muqtada want the treasure to remain under his custody and Sistani knows that if it’s left in the hands of the Hawza, Sadr’s followers would terrorize them and get control again, this time indirectly.


Back to the discussion, the minister asked his host to broad cast some pictures from the latest press conference for the minister of defense where he showed pictures for guns and ammunition boxes (made in Iran) smuggled to Iraq and confiscated by the IP and the ING. With pictures for some Arab and non-Arab fighters. The minister confirmed also that those foreign fighters together with gun men from Muqtada’s militias released hundreds of criminals and suspects from some prisons in Iraqi southern cities and supplied them with guns and money to use them as paid fighters.


The host and many of the Iraqis who participated in the discussion showed their impatience with the “double standards of the government” and the host was very direct and forward in his questions especially when he criticized the “awkward attitude” of the government in managing the crisis in Najaf and the “shy statements” for some of the high officials in the governments saying that they tend not to call things with their real names using flexible statements when firm ones are needed and that they hide whenever troubles happen.


The host asked the minister about the credibility of some news reports that were talking about Iyad Allawi planning or threatening to resign. The minister confirmed that these reports are far from being true and that Allawi is determined to continue with his mission to the end. Yet he (the minister) agreed that there are some parties in the government that are using double standards when dealing with Sadr, and he named the Islamic parties on both sides. He said, “It’s a shame that we are still appeasing terrorists when we should have learned something from the past. It’s this kind of appeasement that made someone like Saddam control Iraq for 35 years and claim himself as the only leader and the legendary hero that Iraq cannot afford to lose”.


It’s also worth mentioning that the “House of She’at” is calling for a general strike tomorrow as a sign of protest against the “bombings and military operations in Najaf”. I’m not sure how many people will respond to this call but I’m sure it’s not going to be a major one.


The host, together with many Iraqis who called, showed disappointment in the government’s performance. The host went as far as saying, “We understand that people of Najaf and Basra are afraid to speak their minds and oppose Sadr in public fearing revenge from his followers, but are you, officials of the government afraid of him too? Or are you afraid of Iran? I say this because most Iraqis seem to think that Iran is moving Sadr behind the scene”. Then he added, “When are you going to get the minister of defense and the minister of interior out of the fridge? When are they going to do their job?”


In the end, and despite all the worries and fears, I felt optimistic when I saw a TV channel and many Iraqis support their government’s effort to go on with the democratic process, yet they were so critical of the way it (the government) has been dealing with Sadr’s issue. There’s a sense of enormous impatience among the majority of Iraqis especially those who live in areas were Mehdi Army is functioning.

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Guest Mustefser

After the great successes in fighting terrorists and calling for building of new Iraq by Alfaiha Iraqi satellite news stattion, UAE refused to renew their lieces for another year to broad cast from Dubai.. This acts will endanger the future of a great station that had a great role in fighting terrorists. Alfayha can't broadcast from Iraq because terrorists will do all what they can do stop it..


Please support the Fayha station by calling to extend it's broadcasting liscence..


The writer of the article is accusing the Jordanian wife of the one of the princes of UAE of being behind it.. What about the Salafees who have a big say in the UAE ministeries?


الفيحاء ضحية العهر العربي


كتابات - جمال الخرسان


اطلت علينا دبي بلافتته كبيرة جدا من الشعارات والمبادئ الانسانية والحريات في الاعلام كي تكون ( كما كان في تصورها ) قبلة جديدة للاعلام العربي والعالمي واستطاعت في البداية سحب البساط من تحت اقدام مدينة الضباب ( لندن فالحق يقال حيث استقطبت مجموعة الـ ( m.b.c ) بما في ذلك قناة العربية، اضافة الى بعض وسائل الاعلام الاخرى.




استبشرنا بتلك المنطقة الاعلامية العربية وكنا نتصور انها سوف تكون قلعة للاعلام في الشرق الاوسط كما هو الحال ما وصلت اليه مدينة دبي على الصعيد الاقتصادي حيث تشكل تلك المنطقة كتلة اقتصادية قوية جدا لايمكن تجاوزها بكل تاكيد.




لكن تلك التصورات كانت مجرد اوهام مخادعة واحلام يقضة نسيت ان كل شئ يمكن ان يتغير في ظل الحكومات العربية الا شئ واحد هو مجال الحريات وخصوصا الحريات في الجانب الاعلامي، لان ذلك منطقة حمراء لايمكن التنازل عنها بأي ثمن.




وهذا ما وقعت ضحيته قناة ( الفيحاء ) تلك القناة ورغم جميع ما يلاحظ عليها، اصبحت الوسيلة الاعلامية الناطقة باسم اغلبية بقيت صامتة لوقت طويل، في حين يملأ الاخرون فضاء الاعلام العربي زعيقا باسم العراق، لقد ابلغت الجهات المسؤولة في دبي ادارة الفيحاء بعدم تجديد عقدها مرة اخرى وبالتالي عليها الرحيل، والذريعة جاهزة هي تاجيج الوضع من قبل الفيحاء حول انفجار الحلة ضد الاردن ..




لا اعلم هل تغير العالم العربي واصبحت كل دولة عربية حريصة على سمعة الاخرى ام ان زوجة ولي العهد في دبي هي من حرّك هذه الالتوائة المفبركة من الامارات ضد الفيحاء وهم يعرفون جيدا ان لها جهور كبير جدا في العراق ؟ لقد مثلت ( زوجة ولي العهد ) دور زوجة لوط تلك التي اخبرت بني قومها عن ضيوف زوجها فكانت سببا في نزول العذاب، فوضعت دبي مرة اخرى في موقف لاتحسد عليه في هذا التضييق الفاضح لحرية الاعلام.




الاردن خرج من باب فضيحة انفجار الحلة ودخل من شباكها، اذ ارادت تلك الممكلة الصغيرة معاقبة جميع من ساهموا في الدفاع عن فورة الدم العراقي المشروعة ضدها في العراق، انهم يريدون امتصاص الدم العراقي بخليط من شمبانيا العهر العربي والنفاق السياسي البغيض.




لقد اثبتت الامارات ان العرب لازالوا لا يرغبون في عراق مستقر، لازال الجميع يراهن على ضعف العراق وعلى الدربكة السياسية والامنية التي يعيشها العراق هذه الايام، ولكنهم تناسوا ان الايام القادمة ستاتي بغد افضل للعراقيين وان هذه المواقف المخجلة من اللا اشقاء العرب سوف تساهم في اعادة هيكيلة اعداء واصدقاء العراق في سلم جديد.




العراق ورقة ذهبية في هذه المنطقة ورقم صعب حتى في اصعب ايامه ولايمكن لاحد ان ينسى ذلك، ان التاريخ يسجل مواقفكم ولن نكون شعبا سريع النسيان هذه المرة تجاه تلك الاحداث




وان غدا لناظره لقريب.




كاتب عراقي






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Isn't AL Jazeera state sponsored and supported ?

I think they still are but I remember reading that the government funding was supposed to be cut.

But about this issue;

...the new Iraqi satellite TV channel, Al-Fayhaa

UAE refused to renew their lieces for another year to broad cast from Dubai..

Is it legal for people to own a sattelite dish antenna in Dubai, UAE or are all transmissions government controlled ?



Sounds like what may be needed is a boycot of whatever products are advertised on Al Jazeera.

Just a thought, sending e mail to the comercial sponsors tha advertise on Al Jazeera, informing them of a boycot of their products as a result of a government decision to deny a license to a rival network.


But you have to start an E mail chain letter inorming people in those markets to SPAM the advertisers about boycot.

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Guest Mustefser

Indeed Aljezera is sponsored by Qatar governemnt not UAE

Unlike Qatar, UAE is a free media country, but not for honest Iraqi progressive broadcasting.

They found Alfayha meaasage as un appropriate!!

May be because it the only station that openly and intellegently fight the Qaeda idiology!


Scanning through all Arab private and government sponsered stations, Alfayhaaa got it's unique reputation in Iraq for its openness and deep discutions about Iraqi matters.


It is running by an Iraqi team who used to live in London but then moved to UAE because it is dangrous to have their offices in Inside Iraq.

Even in UAE, I asked a freind of mine that is living in UAE, of how to personally conact one of a friend editors working for it .. He told me that he is hidding, as Salafees are looking after all Alfayha workers.!!


I don't think any email scam to bycott Aljazera can stop UAE officials from their decision.. I think an American notice might do better.. I agree that we need to start an email scam to put a presure on UAE to comply with its rules of free media..

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A trip into the recent past;


MEMRI TV Project Special Report: Dubai TV - A New Platform for Arab Reform

Dubai's official television channel has been overhauled. Approximately one month ago, it was re-launched with a new logo and a new program lineup. Its new approach is modern and open, and it is a platform for reformist political and social messages

July 21,2004 article


Did internal pressure from clerics put an end to the experiment of offering alternative points of view over the only source of accepted as the only truth ?




Indeed Aljezera is sponsored by Qatar governemnt not UAE

I may be mistaken. I think a story about Al Jazeera office in Dubai led me to think Dubai was their 'home office'.


In other countries of the region, the rulers of Kuwait allow Al Jazeera to be broadcast I will guess.

I will have to search for the article about govt assistance to be reduced in Qatar


I found this recent article at MEMRI on recent news from Kuwait;

Progressive Kuwaiti Intellectual Ahmad Al-Baghdadi Requests Political Asylum in the West

On March 21, 2005, progressive author and lecturer Ahmad Al-Baghdadi, who teaches political science at the University of Kuwait, published a request for political asylum in the West in the Kuwaiti liberal daily Al-Siyasa. This move was in response to being sentenced by a Kuwaiti court to three years on probation on 2,000 dinars [$6800] bail, with violation punishable by a one-year prison sentence, on charges of contempt for Islam.


In a June 5, 2004 article, Al-Baghdadi responded to reports that the Kuwaiti Education Ministry was demanding that private schools increase Islamic education classes and allocate time for rote Koran learning. As a result, private schools would have to reorganize their curricula, and one ministry official suggested removing music classes to make way for the additional religious studies.




I will have to see if Al Jazeera even mentioned this story.

Seems the leadership in the many middle east countries are disturbed by events in Iraq.

Will Iraq be able to remain secular and progressive with the heavy pressure the Islamic influence puts on the new leadership ?

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When it comes to opening new doors for developing new sense of Iraqi identity which is independent of the assumed collective identity of Arabs, obviously Arabs rally to close the doors that may instigate the ripple of changes in their own countries. Al Fayha seems to be, as described in Baghdad, opening and addressing real concerns.


I think Iraq is becoming a real threat to the rotten Arab regimes. Iraq seems to be responsive to the possible changes that may take it beyond the rotten thoughts of arabism and the old fashioned definition of patriotism

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Guest Guest

The new Iraqi satellite TV channel, Al-Fayhaa is, indeed, one of the faithful channel discussing the Iraqi's affaires. Concerning this discussion, one question arose to my mind: Why Basrah citizins refused the state minister for provinces affairs, Mr. Waa’il Abdul Lateef as a governor for there town just after few months from his appoinment?

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