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Mission and passion
Short story
By : Alyaa Majeed


June 4th, 2017
     There is a common phrase that some often use when they don't get to experience things the way others do, and it states: You don't know what you're missing.
       Hi, my name is Haneen. I am a fifty year old woman who was kidnapped for thirty three years. My mean warden  managed to steel away a very important aspect of my life. He managed to change me from that seventeen years old care free and full of life soul, to a confused heavy hearted stranger. He took away my mission in life; my happiness.
       By the way, there is a small detail to the three decade tale I forgot to mention:  I am a wife and a proud mother of four beautiful children and four precious grandchildren. Well, don't be alert! My warden  wasn't that cruel all along. He had very unique features which helped him keep me close no matter how far I go and how long I stay away.
       He was cunning and aggressive, yet kind and gentle. Was he bipolar ? Possibly. Zemen would let me go; allow me to spend time with my friends,  get intimate with my husband, sometimes long enough to send an unborn child to school.  Nevertheless, Zemen wouldn't  let go of the key to my cell...
       Three weeks ago, something rather unusual took place. Something that changed my life....It's that thing that you don't know you have been missing  until you find it! Even though, Zemen had tried his best to let me lead normal life every now and then  and whenever I asked for, yet the prints of his chains were clearly marked on my wrists, until that special day.  I had thought for the longest time of my life that living in Zemen's shell was the norm. I did not realize that I was a prisoner until that day. something that brought me back to the mission of life; Happiness.
       Upon waking up that Friday morning, I had no idea that my life was going to take a new path. A path that I truly wish everyone would take, at least once in their circles of lives.  It's totally worth taking.
 I had lost the address, or so I thought, until I found that very place.The beauty of this place  is though far and novel yet  did not require a navigator  to locate.  And my awakening moment was extraordinary.
    A very unexpected phone call came in,  on that special morning. I would like to refer to it as "Destiny".  I had no doubt that Zemen wanted to take it, so I went looking for him. His eyes were open, he was breathing, however he did not respond! I examined his face with my fingertips  yet he did not blink. In total disbelief, I called the emergency line. Zemen had gone into coma. What?! How? When?  And for how long? No one could have given me an answer to the one million dollar question! But guess what, that coma of his, opened the door that I never knew existed until that day.
     That day, I found my  long lost mission, I found my true love. And awwww what a love. A love that moves every single vein in my heart. A love that sings with every beat and every breath I take...a love that makes me feel the happiest human on earth...love that takes me away from all my surroundings.. a love that makes me live to love!
     At that point, I realized that Zemen had deprived me all those emotions; he had stolen all those years of my life. I wanted to hate him. But all this love in me left no space to any other emotions to share with.....
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