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Baghdadee بغدادي

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Short story by:

Alyaa Majeed




​ May 19th, 2017




       After a long weary day, my eyelashes were trying to kiss  each other goodnight, when they got interrupted by a loud unavoidable quarrel! It was about a person, a special human, a gentleman inside and out...a very unique character.
      The two parties were relieved to see a third side who could help them put an end to this dispute,  each assuming she was right! Miss. H and Miss. M both claimed that they love that special man and ultimately each of them wants not to share him with the other.

     While those ladies were trying to convince Miss E  to take their sides, their mom walk up annoyed, not being able to settle down for the night.  Not knowing the cause for the disagreement, she demanded an explanation.
     Figuring out who that person was, she claimed him too. Being in shock to realize that her sweetheart is shared with Miss M. (The mind), Miss. H. ( the heart) and now Mrs. B. (The body), Miss E (The  eyes) couldn't help but cry .


YOU made those ladies selfishly fall in love with YOU. They all had the same soul and yet they couldn't stand solidarity when it came to YOU!

    How do you expect me to share YOU with any other person, even if that person is YOU!!
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