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How to love


by: Alyaa Majeed

March 2018







          Just like everyone is unique in their ways of thinking, behaving or reacting to certain circumstances, we are different when it comes to the way we express our feelings, like love. It also changes shape, taste and color as we mature. So each stage has its own way of expressing it, or so people think. When we are young and delicate, love is so intense, controlling and loud..sometimes it feels like a giant, a gentle one, of course. As we get older and wiser, we learn some techniques to tame that giant and help him exercise so he becomes more resilient and in shape.


          Ideally, I can be available when my partner in love is; I can laugh at his jokes even if they don't make sense. I know how to make him smile, even when his tears are burning his eyes off; I can look him in the eyes and tell him I love him wether he hears me out or not. I can listen to his heart and he can see it in my eyes..we sooth each other even when we both suffer, or are devastated; we always put each other first and at ease.

                 It is great when both lovers are verbal, expressive, and ready to lend an ear and move those lips. The problem, though, is not every one is able to communicate. And even when we can communicate, sometimes we are just too busy to do it.  I love my husband to pieces. There is a tiny problem though! Priorities to me, have a slightly different approach than what they are for him. For me, every task no matter how small is important and needs to be taken in consideration, when thinking of time management.

               I am a person of routine. Things need to be done every day the same way, otherwise I get uptight and can not function very well. As for my sweet heart, things have no priorities. The only priority is our love..the time we spend together alone, and the way we show love to each other and expect to be reciprocated at any given time. What that means is I am guilty on daily bases. Either for following my routine, which means not complying with my lover spontaneous gestures. Or being on the same page with him, and neglecting the rest of my priorities, only to end up rushing or putting off things and not being at ease with myself. However, at the end of each day, and when our eyes meet with passion, we make sure to tell one another: 

I love you :)

             It takes two willing people to make a relationship works. Unless both are on the same page, one can read the sentence ten times, but the other one still won't see it. We can all agree that there is no perfect couple. There is sometimes a perfect match. Nevertheless, even a perfect match needs nourishment. People change, get tired, become moody, and often give up. Remember that giant! It is ok to allow him to be free and excited. Let him be loud, strong and controlling, once in a while. You will be surprised how content he can make you, if you let him be. Love is like a new born. They both are beautiful, appealing and precious. It's up to us to enjoy them and expand their quality life cycles as long as we could...


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