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Baghdadee بغدادي

Ramadan Karem

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I was on the phone with my sister to greet her on Ramadan.

She told me that I should come and look it my self , it is differet. I asked her if it is OK with all explosions in Baghdad.. She replied that " I feel Ramadan as if for first time" When I hear in the national TV, the President Alyawer congradulate the Sunni on Friday and the Shia on Saterday, I feel realy happy that I am a citizen.


I agreed with her and remembered those days where we were affriad asking about the day of Ramadan start, because this might be explained as not trusting the government Saddamee Alaoqaf clergy .. We used to follow an indirect way, calling to some one that we trust and wait , if he congradulate us, then it is Ramadan, if not then it might be the next day..

Hope you get all the best and have a great Ranmadan!

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