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Baghdadee بغدادي

Iraqi Dinar

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I personally don't believe in this.. Some of my friends do..

I base my judgement on what other similar countries run into.. e.g. Italian lira, Libanies, etc.

Some firends aruged that these countries are not like Iraq.. Iraq has a huge wealth while these are example of countries with industrial back ground or touristic.. In Iraq the wealth is comming by nature.. Maintaining good standered of living , especially with a democratic system where wealth should be better managed, the Iraqi dinar need to be with much better value. My argument is that this is not true.. Better standerd of living might be with better wages and salaries, as the case today with most governmental employees getting 1000% increase.

I think the best investment is in stock .. Specially those companies that have real state value or banking..

I migth be wrong.. It would be Good to hear from an Iraqi Jew.. We missed you guys.. We missed the golden old times in Shurja "Baghdad old market".. The times of Sason Hiskial, the first minister of finance in the history of the state of Iraq. Iraq is in need to all sons, to come up with it's glory!

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