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words from iraq

Guest brunner

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Guest brunner

Hi all,


I've created a website called Words From Iraq because I feel that most forms of news media available to people are biased. It features web logs from Iraq so that Americans and other people from around the world can hear what the people of Iraq have to say directly, without interference from the news media.


The site can be found at:



If you like the idea, please support it by linking to it on your websites or showing it to friends so more people can take advantage of it.


Long live free speech =D

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Guest Guest_Airedale

I'll give it a look.

But whats up with this link;



This isn't the original "Salem Pax" ( where is raed ) raed in the middle.


I understand he still blogs but under a different name ( which I can't recall ...something very odd )


Anyway, the original "Dear Raed" link;



Does that link jar anybody's memory?

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