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Guest Guest_safaa

wanted to share this comment that I got from an American friend


اجببت ان اشارككم هده الملاحظه التي وردتني من صديق امريكي

A bit surprised to see it too. I doubt it was a success due to some foreign policy. It is a victory for human spirit and dignity. For a country such as Iraq, people are far too intelligent and proud to divide themselves based on race and religion...


كانت فيها شي من المفاجئه الساره لي ايظا

انا اشك ان مثل هدا النجاح هو وليد العامل الخارجي

انه انتصار لروح  وكرامه الانسانيه

لبلد مثل العراق, يبدوا ان  شعبه  اكثر دكاء  ورفعه من ان يقسموا انفسهم بناء على دين وعرق

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Guest Guest_tajer



The people have won.

We would love to share what we did this morning with the whole world, we can't describe the feelings we've been through but we'll try to share as much as we can with you.

We woke up this morning one hour before the alarm clock was supposed to ring. As a matter of fact, we barely slept at all last night out of excitement and anxiety.


The first thing we saw this morning on our way to the voting center was a convoy of the Iraqi army vehicles patrolling the street, the soldiers were cheering the people marching towards their voting centers then one of the soldiers chanted "vote for Allawi" less than a hundred meters, the convoy stopped and the captain in charge yelled at the soldier who did that and said:

"You're a member of the military institution and you have absolutely no right to support any political entity or interfere with the people's choice. This is Iraq's army, not Allawi's".

This was a good sign indeed and the young officer's statement was met by applause from the people on the street.

The streets were completely empty except for the Iraqi and the coalition forces ' patrols, and of course kids seizing the chance to play soccer!



We had all kinds of feelings in our minds while we were on our way to the ballot box except one feeling that never came to us, that was fear.

We could smell pride in the atmosphere this morning; everyone we saw was holding up his blue tipped finger with broad smiles on the faces while walking out of the center.



I couldn't think of a scene more beautiful than that.

From the early hours of the morning, People filled the street to the voting center in my neighborhood; youths, elders, women and men. Women's turn out was higher by the way. And by 11 am the boxes where I live were almost full!

Anyone watching that scene cannot but have tears of happiness, hope, pride and triumph.


The sounds of explosions and gunfire were clearly heard, some were far away but some were close enough to make the windows of the center shake but no one seemed to care about them as if the people weren't hearing these sounds at all.

I saw an old woman that I thought would get startled by the loud sound of a close explosion but she didn't seem to care, instead she was busy verifying her voting station's location as she found out that her name wasn't listed in this center.


How can I describe it!? Take my eyes and look through them my friends, you have supported the day of Iraq's freedom and today, Iraqis have proven that they're not going to disappoint their country or their friends.


Is there a bigger victory than this? I believe not.


I still recall the first group of comments that came to this blog 14 months ago when many of the readers asked "The Model?"… "Model for what?"

Take a look today to meet the model of courage and human desire to achieve freedom; people walking across the fire to cast their votes.


Could any model match this one!? Could any bravery match the Iraqis'!?

Let the remaining tyrants of the world learn the lesson from this day.


The media is reporting only explosions and suicide attacks that killed and injured many Iraqis s far but this hasn't stopped the Iraqis from marching towards their voting stations with more determination. Iraqis have truly raced the sun.


I walked forward to my station, cast my vote and then headed to the box, where I wanted to stand as long as I could, then I moved to mark my finger with ink, I dipped it deep as if I was poking the eyes of all the world's tyrants.

I put the paper in the box and with it, there were tears that I couldn't hold; I was trembling with joy and I felt like I wanted to hug the box but the supervisor smiled at me and said "brother, would you please move ahead, the people are waiting for their turn".


Yes brothers, proceed and fill the box!

These are stories that will be written on the brightest pages of history.


It was hard for us to leave the center but we were happy because we were sure that we will stand here in front of the box again and again and again.

Today, there's no voice louder than that of freedom.


No more confusion about what the people want, they have said their word and they said it loud and the world has got to respct and support the people's will.


God bless your brave steps sons of Iraq and God bless the defenders of freedom.


Aasha Al-Iraq….Aasha Al-Iraq….Aasha Al-Iraq.


Mohammed and Omar.

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Guest Guest_lepash

I applaud the courage of the Iraqi people.


The question I ask is, "will the insurgents heed the words of the majority of Iraqi's, stop the killing and allow the country to grow and prosper? I am a 65 year old American. I am still not sure if this war was righteous, but we are where we are. My sincere wish is that Iraq will be for Iraqi's, and that as soon as possible all foreign soldiers leave the country to its people.



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Guest Guest_salim
لاما.. سلاما.. سلاما




رضا الصالح




ســـــــلام على هضبات العراق  ____________ على الشط والجرف والمنحنى


على النخل ِذي السعفات الطوال_____________ على سـيد الشـــجـر المُـجتنـى




الحمد لله ولي كل نعمة


نجح شعب العراق العظيم و سقط الارهابيون..


سلاما ً.. سلاما ً.. سلاما ً لشعب العراق


سلاما للعرب والاكراد و التركمان والاشوريين


سلاما ً لشهداء المقابر الجماعية و المفارم البشرية و شهداء حلبجة و انفال صدام


سلاما ً لشهداء العراق الذين غسلت دماؤهم ارض الوطن بأيد الارهابيين البعثيين السلفيين.. سلاما ً لشهداء الحرس الوطني والشرطة


سلا ما للشهيد الاعظم محمد باقر الصدر


سلاما للشهيد الامجد محمد صادق الصدر


سلاما للشهيدة الخالدة بنت الهدى واخوات جهادها المجيد


سلاما للشهيد السعيد عبد العزيز البدري


سلاما للشهيد الشاعر وليد الاعظمي


سلاما.. سلاما .. سلاما


سلاما للمسلمين والمسيحيين و الصابئة ولكل عباد الله من اي دين


سلاما للنساء والاطفال والرجال وهم يتحدّون الارهاب ويضعون في صناديق الاقتراع اصواتهم من اجل عراق ديمقراطي


سلاما ً لتلك السيدة العظيمة التي جاءها المخاض وهي عند صندوق الاقتراع


سلاما ً لذلك الرجل المريض حملوه من المستشفى على نقالة الاسعاف ليدلي بصوته


سلاما ً للامهات يصحبن اطفالهن الى مراكز الانتخاب في تحد هائل لعصابات القتل البعثية الزرقاوية


سلاما ًلحزب الدعوة الاسلامية وقوافل شهدائه


سلاما للمجلس الاعلى للثورة الاسلامية في العراق وقوافل شهدائه


سلاما للحزب الشيوعي العراقي و قوافل شهدائه


سلاما للحزب الديمقراطي الكردستاني و قوافل شهدائه


سلاما للاتحاد الوطني الكردستاني وقوافل شهدائه


سلاما للمناضل الصلب الدكتور احمد الجلبي


سلاما لأرواح الجنود الذين سقطوا على تراب العراق من اجل كسر قيد الفرعونية الصدامية و دحر قوى الظلام تاركين احبابهم بعيدا خلف حدود العراق بلا امل رؤيتهم مرة اخرى


سلاما للديمقراطية التعددية الفدرالية


سلاما لعراق واحد يبنيه ابناؤه بمختلف اعراقهم وطوائفهم و احزابهم


سلاما.. سلاما.. سلاما






  30 ‏كانون الثاني‏‏ ‏2005 عقب اغلاق صناديق الاقتراع في العراق في اول انتخابات ديمقراطية عربية عبر التاريخ

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Guest Mustefser

Any one knows if there is any setup to raise fund to the kids of the brave Iraqi Abdul ameer Kahdum who sacrify him self by pushing the terrorist suicider away from the voters.. Leaving two small kids with no shelter.

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