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Baghdadee بغدادي

Living in Iraq? What is your opinion?

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My name is Sarah and I am a student studying for my International Master’s Degree in Peace. I am doing a research paper on Iraqi opinion. I have some questions for the Iraqi people living in Iraq. Unfortunately there is little information about what Iraqi people think of the current situation. If you are living in Iraq and would like to participate in my research project please email me back your answers to the following questions. Or, if you know anyone who is living in Iraq would like to participate. If I am able to get enough of a response I will be able to publish my findings. I may ask you additional questions if I want to know more about your opinion. Your help is greatly appreciated! :D


Thanks, Sarah


Please fill out the following:




(example) 35 Female Baghdad


1) What were your perceptions and opinions about the United States before the war?

2) What are you perceptions and opinions of the United States now?

3) Is it a negative or positive to have western products in Iraq, why?

4) Is it negative or positive to have western ideas in your Iraq, why?

5) As a result of the United States occupying Iraq, will your life stay the same, become better or worse, how?

6) What percentage of the American public do you think supports the United States occupying Iraq between 0%-100%?

7) How has your life changed as a result of the war?

8) What is the best thing that could happen to Iraq?

9) What is the worst thing that could happen to Iraq?

10) Do you think there will be a stable government in Iraq in the near future, why or why not?



Please send your answers to ttsadubois@hotmail.com

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Guest Guest_safaa

I got this reply from a friend inside Iraq

He is 55 Iraqi Kurd from Sulaimania living in Baghdad


30 Dec/2005 was a great demonstration against terrorism and all dictatorial regimes in the region, believe me I can not express my feelings when I have plunged my finger inside the ink really it was a great pleasure for all Iraqis people.


Congratulation for all free nations in the world.




Iraqi people facing the death without any hesitation they didn’t care about all probable risks which was expected and they confirmed and proved their nationalistic and patriotism as regards as Iraqi one integrated nation.




I think it was the only option to realize the rights and ambitions of such bold people…INSHA ALLA.



Please find the brief reply regarding your requests.




1-My opinion before the war regarding USA was as a great democratic power based on the violence and adventurous with risk occasionally.


I think USA under the leadership of president Bush will keep continuity due policy of the new or great middle east and Iraqi democracy, personally I do confirm to see Iraq as a  democracy federal state, multiplicity union also as the Iraqi people desires they hope to realize their ambitions and we are so happy for struggling against terrorist.




3-presently there is no opportunity for western products in Iraq due to high prices because the people going to the Asian products because of low prices and after sell services but I think when the circumstance will getting better so the good qualities and western products will be more agreeable in the market.




4-still the people living under the stance of a great shock due to turn over upside down the circumstance.


Currently the popularization western ideas will be inconvenient commonly as regards as the people, but with the time in the future gradually putting forward the western ideas will be more acceptable.




5-Frankly in absolute mean of the life currently its worst than before in the face of security, disorder UN available of life requirements for example electricity, fuel, kidnaps, terrorist, etc….


But I believe this is the value of democracy and freedom we have to pay this as the majority believes.


I think the people will bear all these difficulties and suffering due to above mentioned at the same time USA must confirm and prove his allegations and slogans that was raised before and during the war regarding liberation of Iraq.




6-I think, but I am sure this issue not effectible on the USA strategic and Mr. Bush policy and also have no effect on the USA planning due to Middle East policy so this ratio up and down due to positive or negative statement from Mr. Bush.




7-there is improvement regarding the official salaries and who working with the new Iraqi government and USA military other wise there is a lot of joblessness among youth and other peoples and there is no social services, municipalities and others….




8- Commonly the Iraqi people demand is to create the new democracy government who realize the fans ambitions in democracy, federal and multiplicity.




9-this will lead to dividing the land and killing will be due to identity card and this will lead to break out the civil war between nationalities, faith, ideology, religions, etc….




10-If USA serious for reforming the better life to Iraqis people as a super power in the world in the present time, I am sure that USA has all abilities to create the new typical state in the region with very short period of time, and also should adopt with a new Iraqi government along period conventions which reserve the rights and benefit of both sides as well.






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Guest Guest_salim

Got this from Inside Iraq.. Will try to translate later


Male, 37, Arab

المواليد (1968) / ذكر / بغداد

هل المقصود بالولايات المتحده الحكومه ام الشعب اذا كان المقصود الشعب فرايي لم يتغير ابدا لاني اعتقد ان الشعب الامريكي شعب طيب جدا وشعب حي ودليلي على ذلك انه يحتضن مختلف الاعراق والاجناس لذلك فهو يمتلك جميع مقومات الانسانيه اما اميركا كبلد فهي حلم فئه كبيره من الشعب العراقي الذي يتمنى السفر الى هناك والاقامه ولكن اذا كان المقصود الحكومه او بتعبير ادق السياسه الامريكيه ( واعتقد ان هذا هو المقصود) فاعتقد ان امريكا تعمل وفقا لمصالحها هي وحسب جدول مرسوم وفي هذه المرحله توافقت مصالح الحكومه الامريكيه مع مصالح اغلبية الشعب العراقي فلولا الحرب الامريكيه لما زال نظام صدام ابدا بل ان اولاده كانوا ليتسلموا السلطه من بعده كما حصل في سوريا .. ومهما تكن الاسباب فاني اعتبر امريكا صاحبة فضل على الشعب العراقي لان لولاها لمازال صدام

3- تعتمد على ذلك المنتج فاذا كان المنتج الغربي متفوق على نظرائه من منتجات البلدان  الاخرى فاكيد افضل المنتج الغربي والعكس بالعكس


4- اذا كانت هذه الافكار تطور البلد وتدفعه الى الامام بالتاكيد نعم ولم لا


5- يتنوع حسب المواطن انا بالنسبه لي لم يتغير لانحو الاحسن ولانحو الاسوا ولكن لو استقرت الامور الامنيه ان شاء الله فانشاء الله تتجه نحو الاحسن

6 – اعتقد نسبتهم 40%

7- بالنسبه لي لم تتغير كثيرا لحد الان ولكن على الاقل هناك مستقبل مضيء سوف يراه اولادي ان شاء الله

8- التخلص من الارهاب والطائفيه والعنصريه وسيطرة المعممين على السلطه

9- سيادة الارهاب والعنصريه والطائفيه والمعممين على السلطه

10- في المستقبل القريب كلا ولكن في المستقبل الابعد نعم

لان هناك افكار مسمومه كثيره خلقها النظام السابق وكذلك معظم الانظمه الفاسده في الشرق الاوسط والتي سادت المجتمعات لفتره طويله من الزمن وعلى مدى اكثر من جيل , لذلك لابد من القضاء على هذه السموم وبشتى الوسائل وهذا يتطلب الكثير من الجهد والوقت

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Guest Guest_safaa

Got the following answers from an Iraqi living in baghdad, 40 , graduate , sunni Arab



1- We believed that all most of the Americans are educated peoples and they have mercy and help the others and they were honest in their works. But the governments of USA are looking to the Arabs and Muslims as a bad citizens. They were forget that we have a great education and history for thousands years ago.


2- Similar answer.


3- Neg. because they agree to destroy Iraq.


4- Neg. because we have a different educations and our rules is Islamic.


5- More BAD.


6- 20%.


7- No job, security and democratic.


8- Just release from Saddam's regime and we have satellite receiver and joint the internet.


9- Distroy the Iraqi military forces(army and police) and burning the official buildings and bring a strange leaders outside of Iraq.


10- Now (NO) ,because every one is followed the money and have no idea about political maybe after 5-8 years when they will be a politicals and help the Iraqi peoples.


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Next Step, National Reconciliation


Now that the euphoria of elections day has worn out, many Iraqis sense that the political future of the country is a bit more clear than it was before January 31. Immediate steps should be taken by the interim government, with the assistance of the international community, to arrange an urgent conference for Iraqi national reconciliation.


Invitations should be open to all Iraqi political and social groups, regardless of their repsective ideologies and their current stand from the occupation and the ongoing political process in the country. It is also essential that this conference includes elements of the former political order if possible, provided that they have not committed crimes against Iraqis whether in the past or in the present, as well as delegates from the largest and most influential tribes in the dissident areas and senior clerics from all over the country, encompassing religious and sectarian differences.


Many political groups that boycotted the elections are now softening their tone and are sheepishly asking for a role in the political process, trying as much as they can to save face at the same time. The Association of Muslim Scholars, the Pan-Arab, Nasseri, and Socialist movements, the Khalisi group and the Sadrists are among the first groups to call for such a role. Had there been no elections, this could not have been possible.


There is already a consensus among the different political powers that drafting the permanent constitution should not be done solely by the elected National Assembly. This in order to safeguard the interests of the part of the population that did not participate in the elections and to reassure Iraqis that everyone has a say in their future. No longer will one group, no matter how large its support base, dominate over others.


I truly hope that Iraqi politicians realise this and can work to achieve it, leaving aside their personal interests and differences for one moment, putting the prejudices of the past behind them, and listening to what Iraqis have to say. For it is Iraqis, and Iraqis alone, that are the key to solving this whole mess.


Apart from a minority that would rather burn down the country than see someone else in power, I am confident that most Iraqis are weary of all the violence, chaos and bloodshed. It is therefore the utmost duty of Iraqi politicians, the occupation authority and the international community to seize upon the moment and to quit beating around bushes.


It is time to involve the Iraqis themselves, to give them the final word. Iraqis do not wish for their country to be a "frontline on the war of terror", as Bush recently stated. Iraqis do not wish for their country to be a battleground for reactionary bearded cavemen waging their holy wars. Iraqis do not wish to be fuel for the wars of neighbouring countries. Iraqis want to live and let live. Iraqis want what you have.


# posted by zeyad : 2/9/2005 07:49:33 PM

comments (138)


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Got this from a friend inside Iraq.. Kurd late fourties, living in baghdad, buisnessman


i m sorry 2 being late but im so bussy and i loved 2 answer your questions.

1) i think that the US is agreate country & i want to visit it in the future.this my preception before & after the war.

2) im still like this country & respecte it more than that before the war.

3) it depend up on the kind of this product, it mean if this westren product is +ve for the people then im sure that is +ve to have it&vice versa.

4)also it depend upon this ideas ,like the democracy is the good westren idea, but if u mean the depravation or anything that lead to it , then ithink it is -ve.

5) off course it become more better cause all the domains take more chances after the war,this is about bussinis but when im talkin' about the life ,i think it become worse because of the traffic gam in the st.as aresult of the US troop ,blocks,......etc.& the not safetly life that effort us & other more causes that all the iraqi people suffer from it .


7)my life changed to the best.

8)the freedom .

9)the occupation of the iraq.

10)in shalla it will be stable in the future, we hope so,cause we need the safe &freedom.

i wish that i serve u & your research on iraqi opinions,

kameran bakir 48 baghdad.

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