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Baghdadee بغدادي

Iraq Must Unify Or Face 'Disaster,' Premier Warns

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Alawee is mixing papers

No one had called for removing Bathist from government offices.. But to remove those who had role in commiting crimes against people.

Allawi also said he regretted not having conclusively ended the broad policy of de-Baathification. "I still believe very strongly that de-Baathification should be a judicial rather than a political issue," he said. "If you corner people, even if some of them are innocent, if you corner them, they will fight back. There is no other way."


I found his comments about the role of Systani as non accurate and of bathee style of manupolating facts, and just to give excuses


Asked if he resented the influence of the Iranian-born Sistani in the elections, Allawi, a secular Shiite, paused. Careful not to personally criticize Sistani, he still lamented the impact of the ayatollah and, as important, his vast network of representatives. In the elections, Allawi's list reportedly polled best among older voters and in more secular urban areas such as Baghdad and Basra.


"They have a lot of money," he said. "They had also the support from Sistani, and Sistani's representatives in the provinces and the villages were very vocal. And not only supporting the list of the alliance but in undermining my personal list, our list."


He went on: "Frankly, I know in the south we have a lot of good Iraqi people who wanted to vote for us, but they [sistani's representatives] told them that their wives would divorce them, they would be sent to badWord."

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