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Baghdadee بغدادي

Al jaafree and alChalabi

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The announcement of Aljaafree as Pm might came as expected for some observers outside Iraq, but it was not for many in Middle east and inside Iraq.

During the last days before the announcement ,the competetion was so tight , that some anti Chalabi wrote yesterday " It was a a nightmare that we lived into during the last days".

The fight was not between the two, it was between those who like Chalabi and those who don't .. Not inside Iraq alone but through Arab governments also. Some of the governemnts declared it , others let their media propaganda to express it.

Among Iraqies, the race was very rapid. The more Arab media propaganda against Chalabi possible nomination , the more the balance was shifting increasingly to faviour of Chalabi, while the repect to Jaafree was kept consistant.


Mainly among Shia , Chalabi was felt as the only exit solution. With his firm stand and concrete plan to root out the terrorists, and removing of Sadamees from the new police and Army institution, people found him a very promising.. On contrast, his rival Dr. Jafree was considered to be soft hypothatical moderate stratigest. Something that they beleived as non appropriat to deal with such brutal enemy.


Aljaafree, was a rather theoritist than being a politician.. His islamic back ground and his record of opposing the removal of Saddam by Americans made a lot of Iraqis to look to him as non realistic expatriot .Aljaafree Dawa branch party had almost lost his supporters inside Iraq. On contrary, though very harmed by the CIA/Jordanian accusations of corruption, Chalabi was steadly and calmly building his roots among non politicized Shia Iraqis, who turn to be majority. Most of them looked highly to his role in liberating them by his practical approaches.


Over the last ten years , Chalabi was lobying the Americans for his project "Iraq act" , while Jafree was sitting in London issueing a theoritical analysis of how dangrous removing Saddam would be on the hands of forgien powers.


Today and after the announcement, most of anti Chalabi felt relief specially in some Arab capitalls, however most of the Chalabi supporters start drawing plans of how he will get back to power in the second run lately this year.. They felt very upset of having what they call the forgien factor to decide the final race.


I personally think he will be the hotest one, having in mind that Jafree will get all bad of the next months, while Chalbi will sit lobbying Iraqis

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