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Baghdadee بغدادي

Example of possible sleeping cells in US

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In Arabic.. American sponsored Radio Sawa, in a rear interview with a non radical opposition Jordanian , Mr. Alalee talking from USA.

Very intersting and need to be translated.

He accused the Jordanioan intellegence of indirectly supporting the violance groups in Iraq specially the Sadammists and even the Qaeda's Zarqawee network.


When asked how it is possible that USA with it's intellegence not acting against such alleegations, he replied that htis might be because the Jordanian governemnt is playing two face game of democracy that it would be very difficult to trace such support.


He also confirmed that democracy in Iraq is a real threat to the royal dictatorship in Jordan.. He confirmed that there is a group puplic demands for real democracy in Jordan after the Iraqi ellections..

He said that the political game in Jordan is strictly rulled by the Palace and the intellegence appartus.

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Did you see this story :


Jordanian soldiers on a United Nations mission overseas


AUSTRALIAN soldiers drew arms to protect themselves from Jordanian peacekeepers after a Digger blew the whistle on other Jordanian soldiers' sexual abuse of East Timorese boys.



Is such behavior acceptable in Jordan or by the followers of Islam ?


Is it a story best left untold in Jordan ?

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Guest Guest_Tajer


That is very intersting story.. This have nothing to do Islam which like other Ibrahimic religions, strictly prohipt such conducts.


However this might be of some traditional specific behaviour in the Jordanian society..This might be going deeper in their history.. Don't forget that the people of prophet Lot were living in Jordan thousands years ago.! The prophet who was fight such conduct by his people.. Something that Islam is strictly condemed..

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Guest Mustefser

In response to the above scandel, an Iraqi writer was calling to stop all the police officers training in Jordan. He thought it would be unhournable to have our new policemen be trained under supervision of such type of people.. This would be against our morals..

Jordan is paid about 40k USD per head for six month training, more expestive than Harverd school!

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Guest Mustefser



The award of George washington phd to King of Jordan..

One of the resons is his commitment to democracy.. Can any one tell me what the king had added since get into power.?

Another issue was his firm stand against terrrorist.. Jordan today the biggest nurturing society to feed Alqaeda terrorists and their affaliat Alzarqawee.. Today Iraqis every day are demonstarting their condem to terrorists , they are the one who suffer on daily bases,. There main slogans are accusing the king of exporting terrorists to Iraq because he is affriad of democracy to reach the unconstitutional dictator kingdom of Jordan.

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Guest Guest_tajer



ARABIC CNN report that one the main aids to Jordanian Alzarqawee, that was captured in Iraq months ago , is an Jordanian/American citizen and had lived in USA for long times..


This is to highlight the danger of underestimating Jordan as a nurturing place for terrorists. I understand that The king is proposing himself as the best friend to the West by helping in redirecting the terror to Iraq, but I think the war against terror should go way behind such narrow mind of making Iraq the santury of terrorists.. They might turn back as had happened to their friends in Qatar..!

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