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Baghdadee بغدادي

Baghdad 2020

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It might be your wish to have such future for Iraq


But I am sure that the sacrifices of American and Iraqi brave young men and women, will make such hope way far from your sick immagination


Have fun with your web site, I wish to see it after 2005, when Iraq becomes the first free full democratic constitutional nation in Middel east.

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Baghdad 2020?


... if thats the case, your living in a seething DUmpster of an ancient past.


Deal with it the fact your party lost in 2000,

lost in 2004.


:rolleyes: 2008.... going for the three-pete ?? :lol:


I found -->diana777 's "good side" pic.








"The Sorry Everybody" Link



:P last but not least.. :ph34r:



Could this one will define "oxymoron" <-- ?




Is diana777 the boards first troll ? ;)


bye troll

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Guest Mustefser

The current negotiation between the wining political slates is one of the most interesting scenes in building democracy in ME.. People are watching different Iraqi parties discussing their future without any interference by UN or USA authoroties.. This sends a very strong message to people in ME that this is not an American made scenario, it is Iraqi made. Surprisingly all of those who were warning that hthis is no more than American one, and propose so many suggestions aout what would happen next, are just kept their mouth shut off. Because they don't know what would be good for Americans and what is bad.. All choices are accepted.

I heard a lot of Arabs friends changing their mind about what is going on I raq , they admited that it looks the Americans are serious with their claims of building democracy


Some told me that it was not only the brave Iraqi voters who impacted them, but watching American soldiers gaurding voters for islamic parties. If Americans accepted the free choice of Iraqis for a governement that is dominated by Shia Islamist , then they for sure, would accept any governemnt choosen by the will of people in other countries.

I think that is the real impact that made Hamas go for the political process and join the next ellections.. Same in Egypt by the Islamist.. Tomorrow we will see the impact on Hizb Allah in Lebanon!


I heard today the coalition had already agreed with the kurdish parties to form the new governement. Something that would set the corner stone for the next steps..


Never had such thing , and never believed that it might happen in our life time.!

Some Iraqis thought it took too long, about seven weeks,. Others thought it is better to agree on the details of the political agenda of the governement before forming it.. It is not the seats that matters it is the agenda.


My question to Diana717, were do you fit the above in your cinama movie?

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Guest Mustefser



Any one had the chance to watch this movie, seems intereting..

After seeing images of the Iraq war on the nightly news, I knew there was much more to the story than the mainstream media was telling us. I decided to go to Iraq myself to meet the people and document what was going on first-hand. The media only shows bombs and press conferences, the world deserves more.


- Mike Shiley, Director

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Guest Mustefser

Another blow to Diana777..

Hizballah and other Libanies political parties are calling for ellection and asked for the ammending of the ellection procedure as per Altaef agreement and to immitate the Iraqi one rather than the current one that is based on factions..


In a discussion about that call , the caller went to say , from what we saw in Iraq , this might be the best model for Arab countries with a big problem of minorities..


The funny thing , is that one of the Arab nationilist who used to accuse the Iraqi process as a factionist based, refused this model for Libanon. He thought it is not good because in Libanon the system is based on factions and this model is not suitable!!!

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Guest IR Forever

Diana is not far from the truth that the zionists are indeed planning on this scenrios with blood and oil money. That is why there must be a resistance to take back what had been stolen. Long ive the IR forever.

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Guest Mustefser

If the Zionists are the one who is targeted by your IR , so why not tageting them else where? why only in Iraq.. why killing Iraqi young men and women is the only way? Is n't it same policy of Saddam who fought Zionists by killing more than million Iraqi in the Iran war, by invading Kuwait destroying the income of more than one million Arabs and getting Iraq into this situation?


Same mentality, same reasoning.. !

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