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New general comments ملاحظات عامه جديده

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Guest Achillea
The writer is high lighting the bright side of is happening now and pointing to the fact that Iraq today is the only place in ME that people can express their views freely..

Not the only place, actually. People can do so in Israel, as well.

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Indeed the writer was refering to the Arab states in ME

المتتبعون لتطورات السياسة في العراق يدركون ان العراق هو البلد العربي الوحيد حاليا الذي يحتوي على كل ألوان الطيف السياسي، وحيث

وجهات النظر والمواقف يعبر عنها بحرية وانفتاح، مع التنافس على كسب النفوذ والسلطة على اساس ما تجده الآراء والمواقف المطروحة من قبول وتأييد.


Another quote


ما يحدث على وجه التحديد هو ان التنافس السياسي في العراق الآن يحدث على درجة غير مألوفة من الاحترام، وهو ما لا يحدث حتى في اكثر الديمقراطيات نضوجا. (اقرأوا ما قاله هاوارد دين عن جورج بوش).


Translating: What is happening is that the political race in Iraq is happening with a degree of mutual respect not being used to .. Something that is not happening enev in the well matured democracies "Look to whar Dean had said about Bush"

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Guest تاجر

الاخ محرر الموقع

شكرا للعمود الجديد "المغتربون" انه نافده اخرى تمنحها بغدادب لكل العراقييين في الغربه كي يكتبوا عن تجاربهم الشخصيه في المهجر وهي فرصه عظيمه لمشاركه الاخرين هده التجارب..


ملاحظه: العمود لازال غير قابل لفتح مواضيع.. ارجوا التوضيح

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I am an American living in England.


I am very interested in learning about what is happening in Iraq today.


Everything we read in the "official" press is very confusing!


Is Iraq going to become a Shia theocracy?


Is Moqtada al Sadr very popular?


Is there any chance at all that Iraq will become a multi-faith democracy, although acknowledging Islam as the main inspiration for its laws, and that economic prosperity will come to it?


And -- is there anything that we in the West can do to help you??



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It is impossible to go for an Islamic theocracy in Iraq, mainly because majority of people are rejecting such model.With all the respect by Iraqis to a religios figure such as Alsystani, who is calling for the rule of people rather than clergy, Yesterday there was a big debate on the Iraqi Tv about a suggested cluase in the non-official that pay the respect to the Marjia for it's rule in pushing Iraq to democracy.. Those who were against it , were saying that such comment is not constitutional and might trigger some religios authority.. Thought they expressed their full respect.. Some of them were Islamists!


As for Alsader, this is an old story.. He is struggling to waive the court arrest warrant.. Some media pumped the guy inorder to get him exploded.. I personally don't find any chances by him to gain any major rule in the new Iraq political system..He got some outspoken fellowers but that have nothing to do with impacting main directions.. This is a democratic country with more than 150 newspaper and 15 TV local free channels!

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