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Baghdadee بغدادي

For that who writes in Engish plise

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Guest Guest_Mutergem

smeell the coffee people :الاتستيقظ وترى الحقيقه

On the run: يهرب


اما الاخيره فلا اعرف المقصود , تعتمد على الجمله

sells paper:

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Guest Guest

Smell the coffee people -

in the morning a person is sleepy and does not think well until he starts to go about his day. When he "smells his coffee" the sleepiness goes away and he can think clearly. The phrase has been expanded to mean "open your mind new possibilities, think clearly about them, and realize the meanings of these new ideas".


Sells paper




On the run -

someone is chasing a person and he assumes a defensive position where he looks for hiding places or ways to escape.

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A long time ago somebody posted a link to a site that would translate english into arabic.

you could paste a few sentences at that site and they could translate what you pasted,

then simply copy what they translated and past it to your post.


this site should have a permanent link to such a site as that translation page

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translation site - ترجمة موقعة



الآن إن فقط هذا ترجمة موقعة استطاع كنت سمة يضاف إلى ال "جواب" صندوق كعمل آليّة.


كان أمنية [إي] '[بوتر] [جك



yes, right between the Add Reply and Preview post button

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Please, teh arab readers of Baghdadi can not understand some english terms because they are difficult for us, like:


Smell the coffee people

"Sells paper'

On the run

"[سلّس] أوراق"


أنا سأستعمل العبارة في جملة.

هو طبع المادة يعرف أنّ يبيع هو "أوراق"


أنّ استطاع عنيت سيهمّ الناس كنت أن يستمرّ بعد قصة.

أو ، إصدار شعبيّة

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"[سلّس] أوراق"


أنا سأستعمل العبارة في جملة.

هو طبع المادة يعرف أنّ يبيع هو "أوراق"


أنّ استطاع عنيت سيهمّ الناس كنت أن يستمرّ بعد قصة.

أو ، إصدار شعبيّة


This translation is just like reading a text backword! Thanks your effort and help though..

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Just come to my mind to have this post as a place holder to help people who wanted to learn more about english and arabic and specially Iraqi slung "Aameia"


Any interest?

A "sticky" thread?


So this thread will always remain at the very top of the forum?

That sounds like a good idea especially with new members.


You could create a sticky thread with links and important information.


Also, the thread could be "locked" so it wouldn't grow very long.


So my Arabic translation was pasted "backwards"? :rolleyes:


I noticed that when I tried to copy a line starting at the far left side,

it wouldn't copy. :)

I figured it had something to do with arabic is written

right to left and english is written

left to right


Thanks for the feedback on my attempt to translate.


:lol: guess that website won't "sell papers" with the backward translation flaw :lol:


Or I need to try better next attempt.

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What is that meaning?


As for the Arabic/English.. Let us put a stick in the ground.


Iraqi slung might be not understood by a lot of Arabs , specially other than the gulf region.

Even inside Iraq, Mosul slung is different than Baghdad , than south.

As usual some statements/words might have diffrent meanings in different arab countries. For example "Hama" in Jordan and other countries means the mother or father in law, while in Iraq means sister and brother in law. I remeber the funny situation when my wife mentioned to some of her Jordainaian friends that she has four male " Hama"s !

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Arabic is written from right to left

The alphabet and the statement construction is like english.

For example letter A ia almost pronounces as the letter "Aaa"

Letter B as the arabic letter Baa

There are some arabic letters that don't have equivalent in other laguages, such as "Thadt" which is not read accurately as I wrote it here.


Verbs in arabic are past present and future, in difference to english they come first in the statement

Verbs are writen with sligh addition when used for female

Thahab alwalado , means the boy went

Thahabat albinto, means the girl went


In Iraqoi slung , rahaa alwalad , and rahat alibnania


So it is much different between the slung and the standard Arab language , which by the way no one in Arab world is using, every region has it's own slung..

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